You Are Never Off Grid! Essential Guide!

You Are Never Off Grid!


I thought being off-grid is being able to be self-sufficient. That all of your power, food, and shelter needs are provided for. Without the need for any help from the outside world. That’s true! But there is one thing that keeps us part of the grid/world.

When SHTF, Not Be Tracked


The reality is that by most definitions you would be off the grid if you had your own power, food, and shelter. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can not be found. Or where you bug out to.

The world we live in is becoming more and more interconnected. The concept of entirely bugging out is less and less. I know one major reason is cell phones.

You Are Never Off Grid!

Cellphones and Being Off Grid


I know that cell phones track your location. You may say that I turned them off. In reality, they can find your location easily. When I say they I mean anyone able to find devices either government agencies or bad guys. The point I am making is this you have to realize you are connected even when you are “off-grid”.


Do you have a plan in place if your bug-out location is compromised? The ability to track you even when off-grid is there. You may think just because it’s in airplane mode you can’t be tracked.




When It Matter Most


You may think, why does it matter? So what? It matter’s when SHTF. When the world as you know it has changed. Be that as a result of war, catastrophic events, viruses, and the like. When things go south you do not want people to be able to track you.


You put all this time and effort into your bug-out location, only to compromise it with that device in your hand. I am not saying do not have a phone, I have one. I just realize that I am connected, regardless of being off the grid in my bug-out location.


But I Do Not Do This


I know that bringing my phone to my bug-out location is not a good idea. Yes, I have done it before. The point is to realize that we are more connected and a part of the grid than we would like to think. This will become more and more relevant as we continue to become more interconnected through the internet.


Things that Elon Musk is doing, with providing internet around the world is an example of this. It’s going to help many people around the world and change lives. In regards to not wanting to be tracked, it will make it harder.


Ways To Counter Being Untrackable


So you do not want to be tracked in general or when you go to your bug-out location. Or for some other reason. The best ways to do this are simple. Your sim card and taking it out of your phone is one thing you can do.

You Are Never Off Grid!

Faraday Bags For Cell Phones


I think having a faraday bag for cell phones is a good idea. There are many that you can find online in all shapes and sizes. They provide and block all connections.


So having one of these and putting your phone in it, is a way to protect your location. I have two faraday bags specifically for my phone and think they are a great investment. If you are someone who wants the peace of mind of not being tracked then buy one.


They really do work, in hiding where you are.


Keep In Mind


The minute you take your phone out from the bag, it can give away your location.


Do Faraday bags block 5G?


They do, as it would be pointless to buy one otherwise. Do your research when buying. The future is 5G and faraday bags will block all connections including 5G.


Why Do You Need A Faraday Bag To Protect Your Phone?


Privacy is everything and being truly off-grid is tied to privacy. If you are off-grid but are or could be tracked you are not off the grid(100%). Someone could track you by hacking, but this would not be possible with a faraday bag.


You will know that wherever you are, you will not be tracked. The moment you put your phone in a faraday bag, your phone’s signal is out! Leaving you protected.


Now, no one will know where you are!


You Are Never Off Grid!

If Your Phone Or Device Get’s Compromised


The world we live in, is a digital one. Where we can find out a lot about a person online. The same goes for hacking into people’s personal devices. So having a faraday bag in place to shut off signals can make all the difference.


Let’s say you open something that contains a virus and now you are being hacked. With a faraday bag, you can sever the connection to your phone. Essentially stopping what’s happing without needing to know any technical way to “fight” back. This is just an example.



They provide something that’s invaluable and that’s real peace of mind. That whenever you are you have a way to not be tracked and protect your phone or mobile device.


So Are You Ever Really Off-Grid?


No, you are not ever 100% off-grid if you have a cell phone. Now if you use a faraday bag protects you from being tracked. This can make all the difference when you want to bug out. What’s the purpose of having a bug-out location that will be given away by the device that you carry everywhere?



It’s something that is too often overlooked by many preppers. Preppers need to protect themselves on all fronts. In the physical world and the digital. As the digital world can impact your physical world, with unforeseen consequences.


I would make sure to keep this in mind next time you go to your bug-out location. You would be surprised how easy it is to track a cellphone and with it your location. Be smart and protect your cell phone.

Stay safe!


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