Will Lights Deter Wild Hogs? Valuable Insights!

Will Lights Deter Wild Hogs?

Will Lights Deter Wild Hogs?


Yes, lights will deter wild hogs or wild pigs. There are reasons why that is. The first is that animals of all kinds are scared of similar things. I would think of how fire keeps animals away. Fire provides light at night, heat, and noise.


Any of these aspects that fire brings will frighten animals. Lights illuminate an area that should shock the feral pigs.



Will Lights Deter Wild Hogs?

Will Lights Stop Wild Pigs?


Yes and no. Lights are a great deterrent to wild hogs coming onto your property. They would prefer to go to somewhere else, that is more hospitable to them. But if the hogs are determined and want to come onto your property they will.


Regardless of having a light. Lights serve as a way to prevent and keep them at bay. It is not a one-stop solution to wild hogs.


How To Light Your Property For Wild Hogs


So you have a homestead/land that you want to keep wild pigs off of. I get it! You should make sure you use the lights correctly. I would put up/install flood lights that will provide light to a large area. You want to mount them as high as possible to have the largest area that the light will cover.


If you for example put your lights at a lower level, they will not cover as much space. Which could make having lights to deter wild hogs useless. So how high you put them matters.


If you have less property to protect then maybe you do not need the lights to cover as much. Personally, I would always put them higher up, then lower for the best results.


Motion Sensor Lights


I would go with motion-sensored lights as you do not want lights on for the entire night. Plus if you have neighbors that may not be a good idea. Regardless, motion sensor lights are self-explanatory. If something moves, the lights turn on and in our case, that will be wild hogs.


The fast turn-on of lights will shock pigs. But it’s not the only thing you should do to deal with pigs on your property!


You have to look at your property as a whole and what you are doing.

Will Lights Deter Wild Hogs?

If You Have Neighbors


If your neighbors, live nearby then this could cause complaints about the lights. No one wants lights blasting through their windows at 1:00 am. So be mindful of your particular situation and how you place your lights if you in fact have neighbors.


There is more than one way of dealing with wild hogs.


Will Lights Deter Wild Hogs?


Yes, the light will deter wild hogs. The key thing is to make sure you have motion sensor lights for your lights to deter wild hogs. Will lights alone keep wild hogs at bay? It will depend on your particular situation. Do you clean and maintain your property? Are there things that are attracting the hogs?


Take an overall view of your property concerning the wild hogs and see areas you can improve on.


Hope that helps!


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