Why I Love The Berkey Water Filter! Unmatched

Why I Love The Berkey Water Filter

Why I Love The Berkey Water Filter


I know many things and there are a lot of things I do not know. But one of the things I do know is that the Berkey water filter is the best on the market today. I am going to tell you why in a minute. It is something I use all the time and is so easy to use!


I love the Berkey for various reasons from it being easy to use and clean. It is also durable and lasts for years. I know that the water I am drinking is pure and clean for me to drink.


Why You Should Get One?


I am a big fan of Berkey for many reasons. They do not require a lot of know-how to use it. The instructions are a few simple steps and it’s ready to go.

Why I Love The Berkey Water Filter

What about the maintenance?


Well, it’s not like most filters in so many ways. The main one is that it purifies the water and does not only filter it. This means that when you filter water things(pathogens, viruses) can get through. Berkey doesn’t allow that to occur! These are not normal filters.


The maintenance is minimal, in that you do not need to replace the filters every month. I replace mine every year, so I know without a doubt my water is 100% clean. I clean my Berkey once a month and have never had any problems. 


I am not getting paid by Berkey to say this, this is from my own experience and many other people I know.

You no longer will need to worry about impurities being in your water.


It also comes with a warranty, so why not?


How Does It Work?


The best way to clean and purify water is using gravity. It may be a “slower” process but it really does the job! Berkey uses gravity to get the job done. There are two chambers, one which will be on top for filling with water, that need to be cleaned.


You have to flush the filters, meaning having water run through them once. Then you secure them within the first chamber. And you are ready to go.


The second chamber will collect the now purified water. Then you push the spigot and outcomes, safe clean water.


No Need For Electricity


There is no need for electricity to purify your water. So if you are on a homestead, apartment, single-family home, or anything else it will work without the grid. This is another factor in what makes Berkey so great. As I am a prepper.


Where Should I Put The Berkey?


I put my Berkey near my sink in the kitchen or somewhere on my kitchen counter. This way its easier for me to fill the Berkey up with water.


This Is Not An Ordinary Water Filter


They really is no competitor on the market that has the level that they have. Berkey filters are the best and really provide you with peace of mind that the water you are drinking is the best!


How Often Do You Replace Berkey Filters?


I replace them once a year, so I know that they are working optimally. It is recommended to replace them after 6,000 gallons which is around two years.


These are the Black Berkey Filters.

Why I Love The Berkey Water Filter

Stream Water


Maybe you live on a homestead or are camping. The Berkey will purify the water from a stream for example and make it safe to drink. From dirty water that will make you sick, to clean healthy water. You might want to get the Travel Berkey as it’s smaller if you plan to bring it on the go. Such as camping.


Which Berkey Water Filter is Best for You?


I know how versatile Berkey water filters really are. So it’s going to depend on what your specific needs are. Do you need a water filter to purify 6,000 gallons of water? If you are on the go then a smaller Berkey would be a better choice, such as the Travel Berkey.


So ask yourself how much water you want and what will it be used for. Is it going to be your primary way of ensuring your drinking water is pure or is this for camping trips/travel?


For me personally, I do not have the travel Berkey but have the larger options available. This is because I use the Berkey every day as the main source of cleaning my drinking water.


So look on their website and determine how much you really need.


Is The Berkey Worth It?


It is worth every penny!


I use it every day and am such a fan of my Berkey. It is an investment that ensures your water is clean and safe! There is no other way that I clean my water as effectively and well as the Berkey.


I know the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all the water I drink is safe to drink. I want and have the peace of mind that my water is free of all contaminants.


My Friend’s Thoughts On Berkey Water Filters


He lives on a homestead and uses his rainwater for drinking water. All the water he drinks is through the Berkey because he knows how effective the Berkey really is. In his words:


“It’s great for any survivalist or prepper! But also for anyone who wants safe clean water all the time. If you want to ensure your water is safe for you and your family, the only way to go is with a Berkey. “


Safe Drinking Water


I know and you should know how important it is when it comes to what we put in our bodies. There is a misconception that just because the water is bottled, makes it safe. That is far from the truth!


I like knowing that without a doubt my water is safe. That regardless of anything happening my water is safe. It gives me a lot of peace of mind which is why the Berkey is my go-to choice.


Why I Love The Berkey Water Filter


You should have a good idea as to why I love the Berkey water filter and some of the reasons it’s so great! If you are on the fence about getting one, I would highly recommend making the investment. It’s worth every penny in my opinion.


Stay safe out there!

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