What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?

What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?

What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?



I was asked what exactly do you need to prepare for an apocalypse. Well, there are a few essential things that you are going to need. It isn’t hard and with a little planning, it can give you peace of mind.

You will need to know how to manage, your new reality. So having the correct preparation in will allow you to survive. When most are not.

What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?

Bug-Out Bag


You want to have exactly what you need to survive. If SHTF, you need to have a plan B. It’s not a good idea to rely solely on your first plan of action. Maybe you were going to hunker down in your location.


The reality is that things can change fast, and being able to adapt to them will be essential! So, prepare for them.


That’s why having a bug-out bag ready to go is so important. It should have everything you need to get you to your bug-out location. You should have at least 72 hours’ worth of supplies.


I would add to that if it’s going to take you longer than 72 hours to get to safety.


What To Have In It


It’s essential that you have the right supplies for the job. It would be doing a disservice to yourself if you throw random things in it. So make sure you have food(non-perishable), water, shelter, and extra clothing. The food should be things such as protein bars, nuts, canned food, and the like. You should have enough water to last you and have water purification devices with you.


I would also pack two tarps for shelter. Plus a first aid kit.

What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?

Food For The Apocalypse


You should have a good stockpile of food ready to go. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start prepping. You can easily build up a good size stockpile, over time. You can buy canned goods in bulk. Food items that are dried/dehydrated are good options.


The key thing to remember when it comes to stockpiling food is that it should have a long shelf life. Without the need for refrigeration.


Water For The Apocalypse


When it comes to water storage for the apocalypse a few things come into play. How much will you need? Will the water be used by a few people? The reality is that eventually, you will run out of water.


So being able to find water is essential. Then you need to purify that water with the various products that are on the market. That being said, you should have water prepared ahead of time.


This way it’s not an immediate concern at the start. If you have not started yet then start slowly. It could be buying a few extra gallon jugs of water. Or you could buy an IBC tote for a few hundred dollars.


Just start!

What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?

You Need Tools For The Apocalypse


When I say tools, I mean of all kinds. If you need to repair something, do you have the tools to do it? Do you have any knowledge in repairing things? If not then you should start, as the greatest tool you have is your mind and experiences.


I always have a multitool with me. You should have tools such as a saw, hammers, axes, knives, nails, screws, and the like. The more tools you have that do not require electricity the better.


Rope And Duct Tape For The Apocalypse


I love rope and duct tape. Especially duct tape. It has to do with the fact that you can fix a lot of things with it. In an apocalyptic scenario or emergency being able to tie things together will come in handy. Or being able to hang things as well. That’s why rope is a good thing to have.


Duct tape is an all-around fixer of problems. If your tarp or tent gets a hole in it, you have duct tape to fix it. One of many things that duct tape can solve and why I think having a good amount of it will help. If someone gets injured you can easily create a split with the duct tape.


I would make sure to have duct tape and rope to be prepared.


Personal Protection For The Apocalypse


The world is going to be an even more dangerous place when SHTF. You’re ability to protect yourself and your loved ones will be one of the most important things. If you are unable to protect yourself you could easily fall victim to a world without laws. A world without justice.


So having a firearm is a good idea indeed. Yes, it’s good to have a knife or pepper spray. But what you want above all else, is a firearm in an apocalypse. The next best thing to a firearm would be a crossbow. They shoot fast and the arrows can be reused or made. With a firearm, you will need ammo.

What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?

Other Essential Items


A list of other items to have:


  1. Matches, firestarter/striker(Ferro rod)

  2. Compass

  3. Flashlight

Preparing Your Mind


I say this all the time, because it’s true! You have to be prepared for the worst. In a disaster/apocalyptic situation, you have to be mentally ready. The way you can do this is by being in stressful situations or being uncomfortable. You could go to the gym at 1 or 2 in the morning before work. I don’t like doing this, but it pushes my comfort zones. This is just one example.


So toughen your mind now, so you are ready to handle the pressures of whatever comes your way. Now, and in the future!


Self-Defense Tactics


We all need to be able to defend ourselves. So it should not come as a shock that you should know how to fight. The reality is that you should know how to hold your own in a fight. How to stay in a fight and not get knocked out. There are many martial art disciplines that you can look to. If you practice box and sparing at a local gym two times a month that’s great.


It’s just getting that body-to-body contact and being in a fight. Which many people have not experienced and do not know how to handle themselves. Even if you have experience in fights, practicing will only make you stronger and your family stronger in the long run!


What You Need To Prepare For An Apocalypse?


You have to start preparing now, in all of these areas. I would say focus on one, and then move on to the next. I say this so you do not spread yourself too thin. If you can prepare on all fronts then do so.

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