What Weapon Is Best For A Zombie Apocalypse?

What Weapon Is Best For A Zombie Apocalypse?

What Weapon Is Best For A Zombie Apocalypse?


I know for many people the zombie apocalypse is a fictional idea. The reality is that for many it’s a fear. That a virus could change humans into something entirely new. Primarily on the flesh-eating side of things.


So the zombie apocalypse has arrived. Who will survive? It will be those who prepared.


You need to know what is the best weapon for a zombie apocalypse. These are the top choices.


The right weapon can make all the difference between you living and dying.



What Will Your Survival Strategy Be?


Will you go to your bugout location that is your safe haven from the world? Will you move around nomadically on your own or in a group? Will you hunker down where you are?


Which every strategy you take you will run into a zombie eventually. So having the right tools for the job is essential.

What Weapon Is Best For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Number 1


CrossBow For Zombies


The crossbow has been around for a long time. I know it is one of the best survival weapons you can have. The ability to survive when SHTF or a zombie is coming for a bite it is an amazing thing to have. It is such a powerful tool in your arsenal because of its power and silence.


The crossbow is equally as accurate. It is a lot easier to master and learn than a normal bow and arrow. Yes, you do need to practice but the learning curve to use it proficiently is far less.


You could also build your own crossbow if you wanted to. I would look into learning how to make your own arrows. This way you never run out of ammo. In the heat of the moment, you may need to fire off a few rounds and have to keep moving. Leaving your arrows firmly logged in a zombie.




Creating distance between zombies is so important. The closer you are the higher your chances of getting bitten. If you make a mistake or one zombie comes out of nowhere you have distance and time to correct yourself. When you are to close you have to think and make a decision faster.


That’s what I love about crossbows because they provide you with distance and safety. All the while being a weapon that can keep zombies at bay while being out of arms reach.


What are the disadvantages?


It’s key that you know the disadvantages as well, to act accordingly. The main disadvantage is that it takes time to load the crossbow. This can be reduced with practice and the type of crossbow you get. If you buy one that takes you five attempts to load it because the draw weight is too heavy, then it’s not right for you. Or you need to get stronger.


You need to make sure that whatever crossbow you buy and use, you are proficient in it.

What Weapon Is Best For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse Weapon Number 2


Katana or Machete


You could easily argue that the Katana could be your number 1 weapon in a zombie apocalypse. I am putting it as number 2 with a machete because it requires you to be close to the zombie. Which will increase your chances of being bitten.


Even a skilled person with a katana can be surprised by a zombie from their blindside. Or it could get stuck. The reality is that the machete and katana are essential weapons to have in a zombie apocalypse.


There is not need to reload them or use anything to use them. It only requires strength and practice to make these two zombie survival weapons deadly.


Which one is better?


The Katana hands down would be the better option. If you buy a 100-dollar Katana chances are your better off with a machete. A real Katana is expensive but worth its weight in gold when zombies start coming your way. I know that with a machete, without breaking the bank, will work for taking down zombies.


What makes Katana’s better for surviving zombies?


The reason that Katanas are better for surviving zombies is their reach. Katan’s are twice the size of Katan’s which increases your reach.


What does that mean?


That you can hit your target for accurately and with less effort. In a fight being able to create maximum or optimal damage without expending lots of energy is so valuable.


Would Other Swords Be A Good Idea?


For surviving a zombie apocalypse I would say yes. Swords of most kinds are a good idea. I would keep in mind that the heavier a sword is, doesn’t make it better. Make sure the sword is easy for you to use. Efficiency, speed, and the ability to use the sword to its highest potential are key.


I would recommend a lighter sword for speed and requiring less physical strength. If I am facing 20 zombies encircling my family, I want to have the stamina to do it. I know I am in good shape but swinging a very heavy sword takes a lot. When you swing on a zombie’s head with a heavy sword it will cut better or easier from the weight sometimes.


It’s my opinion that a real katana would be best followed by a light sword. Then a machete.

What Weapon Is Best For A Zombie Apocalypse?

What Kind Of Zombie Are You Dealing With?


Will it be a fast-moving zombie that can catch you easily? Or the slow sluggish type. Or the various other types. What zombie survival weapon provides the most instant success with ease?


Firearms For Zombie Survival


At the start of the zombie apocalypse, many people will resort to using firearms to kill zombies. That being said, it’s not the best of ideas. I think if you have lots of ammo then by all means. A firearm in capable hands is the best zombie weapon.


The disadvantages however make it not the best in the long run. Which is why it’s last in my opinion. The major reason is it draws a lot of attention. I know that when something loud occurs whenever I am, it makes me look. If I am at a store and glass breaks everyone’s attention goes to it, even momentarily.


I know the same would be the case from the sound of a firearm. It will and could attract more zombies as well as unwanted human guests. This is why you should have it in your arsenal but not make it your primary. Only if you have no other choice.


What Are Your Goals?


Do you have a bug-out spot to go to when the zombie apocalypse occurs? Or are you going to roam around? Think of where you are going to and what’s the best way to get there without attracting more zombies or dangerous people to you.


There will be no law and order. This will result in total anarchy and everyone is a threat. Besides your family/group of course(hopefully).


A Hoard Of Zombies?


The best thing you can do is to divide the hoard of zombies into groups. Making them more manageable to deal with. You may need to use all the survival weapons you have. Or avoid the hoard of zombies altogether.

Hope that answered some of your questions!


Stay safe out there preppers!

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