What US Cities Would Russia Target In A Nuclear War? New!

In the event of a nuclear war, there are a few cities that would be top targets for Russia to target for a nuclear war.


These cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City (NYC). The order in which they would be attacked would follow an order based on geography. As well as political and military targets in the city or adjacent areas.


The reason that these cities would be chosen is because of their high value. They are economic hubs and major centers of power for the US. This is a major reason why they would be targets.


Los Angeles Nuclear Attack


The city of Los Angeles would be a key city to attack for the Russian government. If it wanted to start a nuclear war. The city itself is a huge economic hub of industry and business. Many influential people reside in the city.


The influence that the city of Los Angeles has on the entire world is immense. It is a lead instrument of western power in culture and the spreading of western ideas. This can be seen throughout movies and the like.


This would make the city a high-value target because of all these factors. It also is closer than targeting New York geographically.

Nuclear Attack On San Francisco


In the event that Russia was going to attack a city, San Francisco would make it on the list. This has to do with it being geographically closer to Russia than other major cities in the US. It’s easier for Russia to launch a missile from there to San Francisco than let’s say Miami.


Plus the major landmarks that would be destroyed such as the Golden Gate Bridge.


Beyond that, it is a hub for technology and business. It would make a good target for any adversary to hit. It would also change the world as we know it, even more so if Los Angeles was to be hit.


Hopefully, this never occurs!

Nuclear Attack On Houston


The Russian government would definitely want to attack Houston.


Houston is an economic hub, and it would be disastrous for the city to be destroyed.


The number of lives lost in any of these cities would be catastrophic. The state of Texas would need to be a target as a large amount of military power comes from the state. This would strike a key blow for any enemy.

So the city of Houston would definitely make it on the list of priority targets!


Nuclear Attack On Chicago



Chicago: the city that’s falling apart but still standing tall.


I know and most people know the city hasn’t fallen. But it is nowhere near what it once was. It has and continues to face many challenges economically and socially. The city continues to be a major part of our nation’s economy and use to be one of the top cities.


It is no longer what it once was, but still is a city with alot of fight left in it.


I would place Chicago on Russia’s list of nuclear targets. This city is still a major economic center for business. It is geographically an important part of our country. The city helps various other smaller cities that are around it.

Nuclear Attack On Washington D.C


This would be by far the most important city besides (NYC) for a nuclear attack. I would suspect that the Russian government would place Washington D.C at the top of their list.


It is the seat and epicenter of the government of the United States. In any war, the objective would be to remove or attack where central power comes from. The federal government is in Washington and as such makes it the prime place to attack.


An enemy wants to destroy the government of its adversary. The same would be said for the United States. If a nuclear war were to break out, between the countries a top city would be Moscow. It is where their power resides and is projected.




This would be the highest value city because of all the government buildings and politicians. It would be the most devastating attack which is why it would make it on their list. Not that any of the other cities would not be devastating. It’s a different level of the world if a capital city was to be destroyed

Nuclear Attack On New York City


The city of New York would make it on Russia’s list. For a few reasons, the main one is that it is the financial hub of our economy/world.


It has various large media centers/news channels that makeup up part of the city. Then there’s the entertainment and fashion. Or tourism and politics. The list goes on.


The city has and continues to be the wealthiest American city. The amount of power that the city has, in relation to any of the other cities in the United States is not equal.


The city brings people from all around the world to visit or try to make it there. People know that if you can make it in the big apple you can do so anywhere. There’s truth to that statement.


The number of landmarks and aspects that are central to American society can’t be stressed enough. They are tied to the history of New York City. The struggles that it has gone through. So the city would definitely be, the second or top target of a Russian nuclear attack.


Let’s hope we never live to see a nuclear war!


What US Cities Would Russia Target In A Nuclear War?


You should know, the top cities in the united states that Russia would target in a nuclear war. They all are important economically, socially, and strategically. The impact of any of these cities being hit would be catastrophic.


The damage would be unlike anything we have ever seen. The population of the cities would result in millions of lives lost and even more later on from the radiation.


So let’s hope this reality never comes to pass! That being said, these are the cities in the US most likely to be targeted by Russia.

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