What To Consider When Building A Doomsday Bunker!

Doomsday is coming! At least, that’s what the movies tell us. Whether or not you believe in the impending doom of the world, it can’t hurt to be prepared. If you’re thinking of building a bunker, there are a few things you need to consider. We will discuss the important factors that you have to take into account when constructing your doomsday bunker!




Location, location, location. No, I do not sell real estate. That phrase is so true when it comes to building a doomsday bunker. It is the first thing you should consider when constructing a bunker. Location can make so much of a difference when it comes to staying undetected and not being found.


You want the location to be ideal obviously. Think of two main things:



  1. Can you see it from above? If you can identify your bunker easily from an aerial view then you need to figure out how to avoid that. This could be through planting trees or native plants.
  2. If someone was walking around on your land could they easily spot it out on the ground level. It should not be able to be made out from the ground level either.

It should not be able to be found even if a person was on top of it.


Populated Areas


It is not a wise idea to build a bunker in a highly-populated area. There will be more chances that your bunker is found with more eyes in the area. The more people, the more chances your bunker is found. It is not a wise choice to be in a populated area for most situations.


Limiting Risk


If you are not thinking of limiting risk then you’re doing yourself a disservice. You have to think of limiting your risks as much as humanely possible. I would highly avoid flood areas for example. They were a no-go when I built my first bunker.



Avoiding areas that would be considered high risk in the event of a natural disaster is key.


Blending In


Finding and building a bunker in a hidden location is so important. If you find a place but you think and no that it would not blend in well then chances are it will not. Think long-term about your surroundings first. Before you spend time and money building one.


The last thing you want is it to be detectable by any person easily. These are things to think about as they all add up. When these factors add up they can make a world of difference in your chances of success or failure in a doomsday scenario.


Location is key!



The Size Of The Bunker


It can not be said enough but the size of the bunker is something to know beforehand. The size of the bunker should be calculated based on a few factors. 


1. Number of people

2. Expected Time

3. Long term or short term 


The truth is the size of the bunker is an essential part in build a doomsday bunker. You do not necessarily need a large bunker if it is only for you and one other person. It will depend entirely on your specific situation. That being said, a larger bunker does come with specific benefits. One of those is, the ability to accommodate more people and supplies. It could allow you to last longer as well.


Cabin Fever


The larger it is the less likely tensions will arise when being in close quarters. They are bound to happen but will be lessened with more space. That being said, there are always trade-offs to anything. It takes more to maintain and the amount of time as well as the effort required to construct it. It really will be based on what will best suit your specific circumstances. So think about it thoroughly before you start! Or you could find your bunker not being everything you hoped it would when SHTF.


What Supplies Will You Need


The supplies you are going to need will depend on what type of doomsday bunker you are going to build. The two best materials are concrete and steel. It can be a daunting task to build your own bunker, but that doesn’t need to be the case as long as you have the right materials and mindset. There are many types of bunkers that a person can build. I would avoid using materials such as wood for your bunker. It will rot and break down very easily. I would stick with concrete and steel in my experience.


The main thing to keep in mind is that the materials should be weatherproof and withstand high temperatures. The thicker your walls the more insulated the bunker will be from my experience.

Ventilation In A Bunker


When I built my first bunker it was with concrete and is still working well. You have to make sure that whatever bunker you build you make sure that you have ventilation thought out ahead of time.


Septic Tank


You must also think of using the restroom. Ventilation, electricity, and plumbing should be thought about before you start building. I build a large underground “tank” for excrement. You could buy a septic tank as well. I went with building my own as I needed something large which would have cost me a fortune if I had to buy a few of them.


Plus there is something special about building something that can protect you and your family.


How did I build this “tank” for my bunker well it was similar to my bunker itself. I poured with a family member a slab of concrete. This took a while with two concrete mixers. We got two other family members to help. Once we completed that we put up cinder blocks for the walls and filled them will concrete. Then put a liner which covered the walls and floor of the square “tank”. We then finished the top(roof) with concrete. We then connected the toilet to the tank.


We covered this tank and our grey water tank with soil.

We built another “tank” for water which will be used only for the toilet. The toilet I have in the bunker only uses 1 gallon of water per flush.


The only other thing to consider is supplies


Food and Time


You want to make sure you put away enough food that will last you a very long time. This will be determined by the length of time you want to be able to survive in your bunker. Make any adjustments based on the number of people who will be in the bunker.




This is an option for producing food in your bunker, without fish. It is something to look into if you are planning to have a bunker that can last long term. 




I would highly recommend thinking of aquaponics for food production as a long-term way to produce food. This will help stretch your supplies even longer. You will have the ability to have protein in the fish and plants

Keep in mind that building a bunker is a significant undertaking, but it’s manageable if you have the right materials and mindset. 


Some of the most important things to consider, when it comes to your bunker can be seen in the following: good location, well-ventilated, weatherproof, and ability to withstand high temperatures. You’ll need to think about how you’re going to handle waste disposal. These are a few key points to consider when building a bunker!

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