What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?

What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?

What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?


I know the skills that will help you survive the apocalypse. One of the most underrated or not talked about areas is thinking logically and rationally. I say this because in the midst of chaos, people panic and when they panic they make bad decisions. This is one of a few important skills to know, so you can survive an apocalypse!


Surviving The Apocalypse: The Strong-Minded Will Prevail


Mental fortitude should be at the forefront of your mind. It will be the guiding light in your journey in an apocalypse or in a post-apocalyptic world. This mental fortitude in question will be the cornerstone of everything you do.


You have to be resolute in your mind to survive. It is important now to work on building up mental fortitude. Doing things that are hard or things “you don’t want to do” is an example of the things you should do.


Maybe you don’t want to work out early in the morning. Well, make it a point that you will now do that and stick to it. This is one of the thousands of examples of pushing yourself to become more mentally strong.


You have to be able to make clear and well-thought-out decisions or things will turn south.

What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?

In a post-apocalyptic world, being able to build and repair things will be an invaluable skill.


You may or may not be a handy person. Or maybe you are.


If you are not great or have not built things before it’s time that you do. I would focus on skills in carpentry. You can start with build something small such as a table or a compost bin. It’s just that you start building things that serve a purpose.


When you start repairing and building things you understand how they function. This will then spur you on to learning in other areas such as in electronics for example. You do not need to be a mechanic but by starting to prepare and build things can help build that knowledge bank.


You are going to want to have “knowledge banks” to pull upon when SHTF.


Gardening is an important skill to have when SHTF.


I know it’s a good idea to have the knowledge to produce your own food. The ability to grow your own food gives you an invaluable skill when SHTF. You can’t rely on others to feed you and provide for your family.


If you already garden that you are a step ahead. If not you can easily start with pots and go from there. The main thing is starting and learning how to grow food. You could even meet people through gardening and find people who have this skill mastered. They could be a great person to be a part of your group.


I think having a small garden is great for reducing food bills and cherishing food alot more.


Foraging For The Apocalypse


I would look into what a valuable skill foraging is. It doesn’t take alot to get really good at it. If you do your research and time you can find many valuable plants that are edible to eat in your area. Over time your knowledge of edible vegetation and the like will be an essential aspect of your survival.


Things such as mushrooms come to mind as one of many things to forage for. They can be used to barter with others. I would also add medicinal foraging to areas I would look into. Having the knowledge of medicinal plants could save your life.


Protecting Yourself In An Apocalyptic World


In an apocalypse, there will be no order. There will be no law. If someone steals or kills another there will be no system for justice. So you have to be able to protect yourself in an apocalyptic world.


This means learning some kind of self-defense. I would practice some type of self-defense such as boxing or jiu-jitsu. Just punching a punching bag is a start. The fact is you need to know how to handle yourself in a fight.


I would know how to properly use a firearm and maintain it. This is by far one of the most important things you can have. You do not want to find yourself in an apocalypse without a weapon to defend your life. Or your family’s lives.

What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?

Be Prepared To Perform Basic First Aid In An Apocalypse


You never know when someone could get injured. It could be a family member or yourself. So having the practice of what to do in these situations is vital. In an apocalyptic world, getting access to medical help isn’t going to be a thing. So knowing how to stop bleeding and applying CRP are good places to start.


There are many injuries you should have some knowledge about in order to treat. I am not saying you have to be a doctor by any means. Having the knowledge of basic first aid will be so important to have. The reality is that people will be trying to kill each other to survive and as a result, serious injuries will be a result.


Knowing how to treat major injuries is a good skill to have!



Hunting For An Apocalypse


You are going to need to be able to have food to keep you going. So knowing how to hunt will be a good skill to learn. One big game animal could feed you and your family for a long period of time.


With practice, you can learn an important skill to have in an apocalypse. Even small game adds up and can help you stay alive. Such as setting up traps to catch rabbits or boar for example.


The more options you have at your disposal the better when it comes to producing or catching your food.


Water Is A Must For An Apocalypse



It is so essential that you have water in general but when SHTF even more so. In an apocalyptic situation, it will be one of the most important things to have. Our bodies can not make it long without water. So having water stored is a good start.


You should know or have access to a resource to give you drinking water. Maybe you collect rainwater which is a common way to collect water. I am a big fan of collecting rainwater.


Or you might have to find water, far from civilization. The point being is that you have to have a good water supply. Water has such importance that knowing how to clean water is key.


Water Purification


I would recommend learning how to purify water without a filter you bought online. Yes, you should buy many products which turn untreated such as in a stream into clean drinking water. I have many of these products and they are a must.


You should however know how to filter water without the need for these products. In an apocalypse, if these products eventually stop working after a few years, you don’t want to be completely reliant.


The list of why you need water is immense from drinking, cleaning, and water crops. You have to know how to purify water.


Starting A Fire


If you do not know how to start a fire without a match or a lighter it’s time to learn. It’s a good skill to have.

What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?

Preservation Of Food


When SHTF, it would serve you well to know how to store and preserve your food. This can be done through canning, drying and smoking, and mylar bags. You want your food to last and knowing what you need to do, is key.


You might not have power 24/7, so keeping food cold will be a number one priority. Then comes keeping it away from the sun and humidity. If you can do that you have the three most important aspects of storing your food in a good environment.


A good way to go about this is with a root cellar. The deeper the better. I also have a long pipe that brings cold air up from the ground. It’s a natural air conditioner, using the earth. This is in the root cellar and is about 20 feet down. The root cellar has ten feet worth of dirt on top of it.


Having A Group Or Community


This is a skill in itself because creating a community or group of people who are like-minded is a skill. It takes time and effort but can be invaluable in an apocalypse. There is strength in numbers.


What Skills Do You Need To Survive An Apocalypse?


The best way that you can survive the apocalypse is by preparing and increasing your skills. The more skills you have the better equipped you will be. A not well-rounded person will have a harder time. So implementing these skills will help you greatly.


If you want to survive in a post-apocalyptic world it’s going to come down to you. You will be the deciding factor between you and your family surviving or perishing.


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