What Goes In A 72-Hour Bag Quick And Simple!

What Goes In A 72-Hour Bag? 


You’re going to need a 72-hour bag, but what should it contain?


You want your bag to be as light as possible, so you can still be mobile when you need to be. You want to make sure that you have exactly what you need and not more. In an emergency, a heavier bag can weigh you down and affect you negatively.


High Energy Light Foods


In a disaster, you’re going to need food that’s high in energy and light to carry. And by “light,”. I mean it doesn’t require fuel or time to eat it. The only thing you should have time for is getting out of dodge before the next disaster hits.


For example, protein bars are a great option. They’re easy to carry and consume. So they won’t weigh you down or distract you from your escape plans.


Protein Powder


Protein powder is a great thing to have in a 72-hour bag. It is lightweight and is packed with protein and other essential nutrients. You add that with some water and you have a great source of nutrition to keep you going. In an emergency, your body is going to need all the nutrients it can get.


So having this on hand will help you keep up your strength during an emergency.


Nuts, Crackers, Peanut Butter


When you’re packing your 72-hour bag, you want to make sure you’re bringing along some snacks that are going to keep you energized and satiated. We’ve come up with a list of three options that we think will be great for your 72-hour kit: nuts, crackers, and peanut butter.


Nuts are an easy thing to have in a 72-hour bag. There are various different types of nuts, that are packed full of energy! Crackers are another good option as they do not go bad easily. Then there is peanut butter, which is a heavier item but one that makes a great addition.


Tuna And MRE’s


Tuna is one of the best sources of protein. It’s also packed with essential fats that the body needs to function properly. Tuna canned or in a packet lasts a long time and can be eaten straight out of the can or cooked on your stovetop.


MREs are another option for people who want to lighten their bags even more. These meals are ready-to-eat and require only water, so you don’t have to carry around extra supplies!


They are ready-to-go meals.


Water For A 72-Hour Bag


A gallon is enough to last you three days if you’re drinking only a little bit each day (though you should be drinking more than that). And if you’re in a hot area, you may need more than that? In an ideal world, you will have a gallon of water per person a day. I would add a few more bottles to your kit! The more water you have ready to go, the better!


I have made it for 3 days on a gallon of water! I did however have water that I purified from a spring.

This will be the heaviest part of your bag, but the most vital. It is by far the most important thing you should have. You can easily survive without eating for three days, but water is a different story.


Why Only A Gallon Not More?


I say a gallon because you may be in a situation where you have to get out on foot. The lighter your bag the easier and faster you can get out. The heaver equals slower. 




I would add more water than a gallon if I threw a camelback in there. This way you could fill it up and you could carry more water on you. Without slowly you down as much. The hard part about water is that is heavy, but it is more manageable when you distribute the weight.


Water Purification


So maybe you are not on board with getting a camelback but want to increase your water security. The best way would be to have a way to purify unsafe drinking water. If things go south, you want the ability to drink water that is around you.


There are many options on the market. My favorites are the: Platypus Gravityworks Filter, Sawyer Squeeze, and Life Straw. There are many other ways and products as well. Point is to have at least one of these to supplement the water you are carrying.


Personal Hygiene


In the first 72 hours of an emergency personal hygiene will be paramount. You need to make sure that you have the items to maintain hygiene as best as possible. I would focus on products like hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and things to keep your hands clean.


Your hands touch your face and other vulnerable parts such as the food you eat. If your in an emergency situation you do not want to pass what could be on your hands into your food. Getting sick is never a good thing when things are already bad.


First Aid Kit


Without a doubt, your 72-hour bag is essential for any emergency. You never know when you’ll need to leave your home quickly and go somewhere safe.


The chances are high that you will be using your 72 Hour Bag in an emergency, chances are you’ll need a first aid kit. Even if you don’t get injured, it’s likely that someone else will. And even a small cut could easily get infected.


Basic Things To Have In It


You might not be able to get help in time or even be able to get to a hospital. The fact is you need to have a first aid kit! Make sure you have basics in your first aid kit such as: gauze bandages, antibiotic(prevents bacteria) cream, antiseptic(kills bacteria), sam splint, medical tape, gloves, cold compress, butterfly closures, and band-aids.




You should have any prescribed medicine in the bag. Enough to last at least 3 days. I would say to have extra, especially if the medicine keeps you alive.


I would have generic items which can be seen in the following:


  1. Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil),

  2. Aspirin

  3. Aleve Naproxen

  4. Tylenol (acetaminophen).


Fire Starter


You should have the means to start a fire if you need to! I would have a box of waterproof matches and a lighter. This should be enough to get a fire started. If you were planning for a longer period of time that you may need help then a fire starter would be a good choice.


But for three days having water-proof matches and a lighter will be enough!


A Change Of Clothes


I would make sure to have one pair of clothes to change into. If your primary clothes get wet you will need to change clothing. It also can make a world of difference in swapping out clothes in an emergency. On a psychological level.


Staying Dry


If an emergency occurs in the middle of a downpour(for example), you want to stay dry.


Yes, changing clothes is a good step to staying dry in an emergency. In your 72-hour bag, I would have a tarp. It is the easiest way to stay dry when outside. A poncho is a light option in addition.





A small amount of rope can help you when you least expect it to. A little rope and a tarp can make an immediate shelter from the elements.



I would buy two small flashlights, that are quality. One would be battery-powered and the other hand-powered. It’s always a good idea to have a backup!


Pocket knife or Multi-tool


You really can’t go wrong with either of these. I would have both of these. It gives you more capabilities when chaos is occurring all around you. The more you can do, the better things will be relatively.


Extra Cash


You may not be able to access, your bank account. Or something else happened that prevents you from accessing money. I would have a few hundred in the bag, in a waterproof bag.


Foldable Solar


One other thing you could add would be foldable solar panels. Which could charge your electronic devices such as your phone. This could be invaluable, in getting help.


Or an even lighter option would be solar power cases that are made for phones. Either way, it’s a good thing to have.


A Compass


Things may be down, and when the electricity goes down everything follows. So having a compass and more importantly knowing how to use one is a good idea. If you have a compass and a map you can get out of a location and towards a safer one. 


Having a 72-hour bag prepared can make all the difference. In an emergency, you need to be able to pick up and go. So having the basics covered will leave you in a better position as a whole. Some of these basics are a first aid kit, food and water, fire starter, change of clothes, and compass. You should now know what to have in a 72-hour bag.

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