What Food Should I Stockpile Before War? Fast & Simple!

So you want to know what food should I stockpile before war?


When war is coming, you have to get ready. Not in a month or two from now. But right now, today! The sooner the better. The reality is that when war does occur or come to your doorstep you will thank yourself. For being prepared ahead of time!


But how do you prepare? What should you stockpile? How much food should I stockpile before war? Well, there are a few things to consider before we can answer this question:


1) How much food should I stockpile before war?

2) What types of food are good for stockpiling for war?

3) Which foods will last the longest?

4) Is it possible to just buy my way out of this problem by stocking up on canned foods?


You Will Thank Yourself!


You will be very thankful for having thought ahead. That you have food and water to last you for months or years. You have gas masks and other important essentials ready to go. So get ready sooner, rather than waiting!


How Much Food Should I Stockpile Before War?


How much food should I stockpile before war?



Well, first determine where you are located. Are there natural resources that you can use? If there are then think of what you would do if those resources were no longer there. Or were not accessible because of an invading force.


I would have at least/ bar minimum of three months’ worth of food stored! You never know how long a war will last. It could be days, months or years.


I recommend personally having a years worth if I was stockpiling food before war. Things change when a war starts and there never is a timeline for how long it will last!

What Types Of Food Are Good For Stockpiling For War?



There are a ton of different types of food that are good for stockpiling for war. The truth is, when war breaks out or comes to your doorstep, you want certain things. The vast majority of foods you should stockpile should have long shelf lives. They do not need to be kept in the refrigerator. You want foods that:


  • They are easy to find and buy locally. Either at a grocery store or online without problems.

  • The items should be simple and easy to prepare without lots of special equipment.

  • Can last a long time without spoiling or going bad


Which foods will last the longest?


In a world where war is looming on the horizon, you want to make sure your food supply lasts as long as possible. You can’t just go out and buy new food every time your supply runs low. You have to be able to rely on your food supply throughout the entire war.




Freeze-dried foods are another great option for long-term food storage. They tend to be more expensive but have the ability to last decades if stored properly.


I would focus on canned foods, powdered foods(milk, eggs), and dehydrated foods (jerky, dried fruit).


Canned foods are an obvious choice for their long shelf life. The vast majority can be eaten as is, without preparation. The ability to eat them straight out of the can is a real benefit. Obviously adding a little heat to cook, will make canned foods much more enjoyable. 


Powdered milk and eggs also last a long time if stored properly in airtight containers. There are many types of powdered meats and dairy products. Dehydrated meat/ jerky has a long shelf life as well. It’s easy to make yourself with just some meat and a dehydrator machine at home!


Is it possible to just buy my way out of this problem by stocking up on canned foods?


Some people have a misconception that stocking up on canned foods alone is all you need to do. Yes, canned foods are and should be a staple part of any preppers stockpile.


That being said, you should have so many other types of foods that have a long shelf life. Trust me, only eating canned foods is not that enjoyable after three weeks. I have tried eating only canned foods and it wasn’t the end of the world. But it would have made all the difference to have more options of things to eat.


Options Are A Must!


I know some people will disagree with me. It’s my opinion that if you are going to start prepping for an emergency situation. Then you need to consider buying lots of different types of food. That suit your needs and tastes. You want to have enough choices or variety.


To prevent you from dreading eating the same thing every day. The more options the better.


Having more things to eat, will help you psychologically if war breaks out.

What Food Should I Stockpile Before War?


We have an article that goes over more food options. Here is a list of foods you should consider buying:



  1. Brown rice, white rice (other grains)

  2. Beans and legumes

  3. Freeze-dried vegetables and fruits

  4. Freeze-dried meats, eggs, milk, and the like

  5. Canned vegetables and fruits

  6. Canned fish, meat (chili, tuna, sardines)

  7. Peanut butter

  8. Sugar

  9. Flour

  10. Salt

  11. Honey and corn syrup

  12. Ramen

  13. Spam

  14. Dried beans

  15. Canned corn

  16. Chocolate bars.

  17. Hard liquor.

  18. Potatoes.

  19. Pasta

  20. Rice

  21. Nuts

  22. Nut butter

  23. Soy milk and rice milk

Good Idea


You should have a good idea of what food to buy before war, or during war. The reality is food products/items that use to be easy to find become scarce. So preparing a food stockpile ahead of time is essential to have the food to survive a war.


Even if war doesn’t come to your “doorstep” you will have food security. Which is a good thing to have in the world we live in.

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