What Cities Will Survive The Apocalypse? Valuable & Fast!

The cities that are most likely to survive the apocalypse have a few things in common. They all are remote in comparison to what surrounds them. Some are more remote than others and surrounded on all sides by water. These cities are most likely to survive various apocalyptic scenarios, but they also have other commonalities.


The population of these cities is relatively small. This is very important, in an apocalyptic event.


Sitka, Alaska


Sitka, Alaska takes a spot on our list of cities that will survive the apocalypse. Sitka is known for having a good community of people. There is a certain spirit that is there that would make it a good place to live in rough times.


It is remote in its location being on Baranof Island and in a cold climate. This kind of city will be one that stands the test of time.


Sitka has many natural resources such as trees and fish. These resources can be used to build shelter and have food.


It also has an abundance of fresh water which is necessary for survival. The main downside is that it gets very cold. That also makes the people that live there tougher and more resilient. Key attributes to have in an apocalypse/disaster.


Bozeman, Montana


Bozeman, Montana is another city that has a good chance of survival. It’s not a widely known city, reducing the chances for being hit in case of a nuclear war.


It is also not near any major city. There is also alot of land to utilize for growing food and livestock. It does get cold, but if you can adapt to the temperature you see why it would make our list. The number of resources, such as hunting makes it a good place indeed.


Bozeman is located in southwestern Montana and has a population of around 48,000 people. This small little city/town make it a beautiful place to live and also has an elevation of 4,753 feet above sea level.


There are also many farms.


Fargo, North Dakota


Fargo, located in North Dakota, is a small city with a population of 125,990. Despite its size, it has many natural resources and land that make it a city that can survive.


It is known for a good area for farming wheat. There are also many rivers and lakes nearby. With the abundance of natural resources around Fargo, it is no wonder why people have chosen to live there.



The city of Honolulu has a population of 347,000 people. What makes it ideal is its location from any other landmass. It is a city that is surrounded by water on all sides.


Honolulu is 2558 miles away from Los Angeles and 8161km away from Sydney Australia. To put in perspective how remote the island really is.


The weather in Honolulu is tropical, which means it’s warm most of the year. It is ideal for growing and raising animals because of its climate. There’s plenty of rainfall so you won’t have to worry about drought either!




The island of Rhodes and the city itself is a good place to survive an apocalypse. The Mediterranean makes it ideal for growing crops and raising livestock. It also has high sea cliffs in some area’s which make a great advantage in defending a position. 


It has a population of 50,000 and about 100,000 total on the island. The downside is its location to other large landmasses/nations.




This is another island in the mediterranean sea. I would recommend malta because of its small size and relatively unknown tourist spot. It is gaining more popularity but as a whole is not as popular as Ibiza for example.


The population in Malta speaks English which is another selling point in making it a good location to survive.




I put the city of Catania on this list because it has over 300,000 people but is on one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. There is a lot of farmable land and fish.


The downside is it is fairly close to mainland Italy. Which can be reached by a short 30-minute ferry ride. There is also a propensity for crime to run rampid during an apocalypse. As local government would be overwhelmed or no longer be around.




Is one of the best cities and countries to survive the apocalypse. This has to do with it being a more remote city with a higher population of around 1 million people.


The country of Sweden has thousands of bunkers that are all over the city and around the country. These bunkers make it easy to hide out and wait out whatever apocalyptic event has happened.




Is another Nordic city that takes its spot. The city has an underground city of shelters with the ability to accommodate more than its entire population. This alone and makes it a city likely to survive.




Its geographic location and all of the islands that are a part of Norway increases the chances it will survive. Even if it was hit in war, people would move back as there are many islands to hide out and escape to.



The country of Greenland would be on my list of top countries to survive an apocalypse. The city of Nuuk is located in Greenland. It is remote and there is around 17,000 people who live in the city.




This is a city that is based in Iceland, another remote country. There is a lot of geothermal energy and the other power that is needed is produced using hydropower plants. It has a low population as well.

The chances of this city surviving and having power are very likely.




This is the capital of the country of Iceland. The country of Iceland would be a good place to be in an apocalypse. Geographically and in geothermal energy.


These are some of the likely cities that would survive an apocalypse. Where they are located geographically plays a major role in why these were selected. As well as the resources that can sustain life.

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