Valuable Tips On What Canned Food Is Best For Survival?

What Canned Food Is Best For Survival?


When you’re talking about what is the best-canned food for survival, you need to consider a few things. The most important is how nutrient-dense it is.


You want something that will give you the nutrients that your body needs and help keep it alive as long as possible. You also want something that will not rot quickly and can be stored in a cool dry place, preferably with no light or air.


The more nutrition that you can get with a smaller amount of calories is the best!


Top Brands For Survival Food


There are many brands who sell their own survival foods. From, what I have experienced there are two that play a major role in my prepping. It would be Augason Farms and Mountain House.


I am not saying that other brands are not good, but these two are the top of the line when it comes to survival food. I also like that they are not overly priced. They have been around for years and have proven themselves over time.


Augason Farms


Augason Farms is the go-to brand for anyone looking to stock up on food and water. The company has been around since 1972, and it offers over 130 shelf-stable food and water products that are high in quality and make your survival planning a breeze.


Augason’s products are all made in Salt Lake City, Utah. Which shows their commitment to providing quality food that will last for years. They haven’t outsourced their production to other countries. This is evident in their choice of location for production and commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients.

They have: butter powder, powdered eggs, vegetarian meat, vegetable stew, freeze-dried white chicken, freeze-dried beef chunks, lentils, beans, dried milk, and the list goes on.


Check Out Augason products and you won’t be disappointed.


Mountain House


They are another great company to look into for survival food. The company has many products, not as many as Augason farmers. I like to have their dried chicken and ground beef. My favorite product of theirs is the granola with milk and blueberries.


I would look into Augason farms first, followed by Mountain house.


Consider Taste As Well As Nutritional Value


If you’re going to have to eat canned food for an extended time, you’ll want to make sure that it tastes good. No one wants to live off of bland mush. You can do this by choosing foods with a lot of flavors and nutritional value.


When picking out which canned foods to stock up on, consider taste as well as nutritional value.

Canned Soups


Canned soups are great to have when you need something warm in your belly. One of my go-to canned soups would be Augason Farms Cheesy Broccoli Soup Mix.


I love the taste of the cheese and soup combination. I have added rice to it and it was great as well. I prefer it without anything else, maybe some bread alongside it. You could even add it to pasta as well.


Most canned soups are packed with essentials that your body needs. So take a trip to your local grocery store or buy online. Whatever you do, make sure to have some soup!


Canned Meats


There’s a wide selection of different types of canned meats. They are an essential item to have for any prepper. I would look into the products you find locally and through the brands, I have already mentioned online.


When shopping for canned meats, it’s important to consider not only the price. Make sure that it’s something you will like to eat.


Augason Farms



Canned Fish


There are so many options when it comes to canned fish products. I would stock up on as much as possible. If you do not eat fish, there are many other canned products as well.


Certain kinds of fish are in my opinion superfoods. They have so many important fats, proteins, and essential minerals that the body needs. One of those would be sardines.




Sardines are an amazing survival food that are good for you. They have many things to keep you going in survival.


Omega-3 fatty acids are all over sardines. They have an extremely high level of this important fat. The main downside to sardines in survival would be the smell. They can attract unwanted guests and pests easily. So making sure you have a way to deal with the smell is key.


Canned Vegetables And Fruits


There are so many different types of canned vegetables and fruits that you can buy. Like all canned foods, look for items that you actually enjoy eating!


Canned vegetables are an easy way to make sure that your family will get veggies in their diet. Which can be so important in survival.


What To Look For In Canned Vegetables


1. I would check the ingredients of all my canned foods. The same goes for canned vegetables. I would check to see if there are added salts and preservatives. So you can make the best decision for yourself.

2. If you want healthier canned vegetables for an emergency then the less salt the better. Which will mean lower sodium.


Canned Vegetables Without Water


Water is the major reason why canned food goes bad in time.


But what if you could make them last even longer?


That’s where freeze-dried vegetables come into play.


That’s where Augason’s Farms comes in! They offer a range of freeze-dried canned vegetables and fruits that will keep for years, even decades, and never go bad.


The process of freeze-drying preserves food by removing all water from the cells of fruits or vegetables using a series of controlled drying steps. This process results in a product that has an extended shelf life (up to 25 years), retains its natural color and flavor and cooks very quickly when rehydrated in boiling water (5 minutes).

Canned Peanut Butter Powder


Canned peanut butter is a great option for food storage. I always feel better when I have peanut butter included in my food storage. The only problem with peanut butter is it doesn’t last forever and will go bad in a few year’s time.


The alternative is canned peanut butter powder. It was such a great feeling, to find this out! Canned peanut butter powder has all of the same benefits without a limited shelf life. This is a product that Augason farms produces.


Canned Powdered Butter


If you find yourself in a survival/hunkering down type of situation, you need fat. So having different types of fats are important. Such as canned powdered butter. It can help you make a so many things.


You can also add it to other items and give you added nutrients, like adding it to your coffee or tea!

Plus, it’s easy to store and has a long shelf life!


There are many different types of survival foods that you can stock up on. Canned goods, freeze-dried foods, and powdered foods are all great options that will last for years. And, provide you with the nutrients and calories you need to survive. When choosing survival foods, it is important to select items that you actually enjoy eating. After all, you may be eating them for a long time!

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