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Did you know that chloride of lime can be used for water purification?


In fact, it’s one of the most efficient and affordable methods available. Here are best practices for using chloride of lime to purify your water: 



If you are going to need this in a worst-case scenario then you want to make sure to use a quality product. There are many different brands and types of chloride of lime available, so it’s important to choose a good quality product. 



Follow the instructions carefully. Each brand and type of chloride of lime will come with specific instructions on how to use it effectively. 


Using The Right Dosage


Use the right dosage. Do not try to estimate! Just try not to underestimate or overestimate the dosage – using too much or too little can reduce its effectiveness.  Follow the guidelines!


Emergency Situation

If you find yourself in an emergency situation then you can use it! 

Put about a tablespoons worth in two gallons of water. Then add one part to one hundred parts and then let it sit for thirty minutes.


This is a good rule of thumb, to use if you are in an emergency situation. 



Chloride of lime is a water purification agent which has the ability to remove harmful contaminants

It is important to use the right dosage and application method in order to achieve the desired results.



Filter your water first if you are able to! 


That could be by using a shirt even just to make your water just that bit cleaner. 



The cleaner you can make your water the better that the chloride lime will work!



Chloride of lime can also be used as a disinfectant and deodorizer.


When mixed with water, it can be used to cleanse wounds and disinfect surfaces. It is also effective in removing mold and mildew from surfaces.



It is a stronger oxidizing agent than chlorine, and is, therefore, more effective in killing bacteria and viruses.


It is an affordable and environmentally-friendly option for water purification


It is important to avoid using too much of this chemical, as with everything too much of one thing could cause problems. If ingested in large amounts, it has the potential to cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

That’s why following the guidelines of the manufacturer will be key.

Therefore, always use chlorinated lime products safely and carefully.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using chloride of lime.


Ensure that you are using the appropriate type for your intended purpose.

But when used in the correct amounts, chloride of lime can be an extremely effective and versatile disinfectant, deodorizer, and water purifier.

The chloride of lime has such importance for survival and thats clear. There are many different ways to use chloride of lime for water purification. In a survival or doomsday situation, it can be a lifesaver when there is no safe drinking water around. 

Chloride of lime can be used for water purification for a few reason.


Chloride of lime is a common water treatment method that can be used to remove contaminants from water. Once it is mixed with water, the chloride of lime creates a high-pH environment that can effectively remove impurities from the water. The chloride of lime is efficient at removing a variety of contaminants, including chemicals, metals, and bacteria.

When using chloride of lime for water purification, it is important to follow specific best practices. The first thing you should do is, make sure the water you are using is free of as many visible contaminants as possible.

So again try to filter it from large particles such as sticks and other small parts. Second, mix the chloride of lime with enough water to create a slurry consistency.

How much should I use?

Whatever the manufacturer says is the correct amount in order to make the water safe to drink. If you follow the directions you will have clean drinking water for you and your family.

It is a great thing to have in your gear, as you might find yourself in a situation where you might need to use it.

Think of flooding or natural disasters. You could easily be in a situation where you could be surrounded by water, but that is unclean to drink. This is one way to purify your water when you are in a pinch

Chloride of lime can be dissolved in water and then poured over infected wounds.


Chloride of lime, also known as calcium hypochlorite, is a powerful chemical that can be dissolved in water and used to treat infected wounds. Think of how crucial this could be in a disaster when sanitation is hard to maintain. The chances of having an infection of a wound are so high in a natural disaster or apocalyptic situation.


That is why this chemical is so important to prepping because of its multiple uses.


This highly concentrated solution acts as a disinfectant, killing harmful bacteria and pathogens that may be present on the skin.


In addition, because the chloride of lime is relatively stable in water and light, it can be an effective treatment for survival situations or disasters where access to medical care may be limited.


To use this solution, simply dissolve some of the powder in a cup of clean water, then pour the mixture over any open wounds or sores. Not only will this help to prevent infection and promote healing, but it can also help you stay safe and healthy during difficult times.


So if you’re looking for an effective way to protect yourself against bacterial infections, look no further than chloride of lime.


Additionally, if there was ever a large-scale disaster or other emergency situation where traditional medical care may not be readily available, chloride of lime can easily be an essential component of any survival kit or bugout bag. Whether you are facing a survival situation or simply want to prepare for the unexpected, chloride of lime should certainly be part of your arsenal.


Chloride of lime can be sprayed on food in order to disinfect it.


In a survival situation, clean water is essential for survival because without it we die. That being said, finding safe water can be difficult, especially in an urban environment. One way to disinfect water is to add chloride of lime.


Chloride of lime is a common disinfectant that is used in water treatment plants. To use it, simply add a small amount of powder to the water. The chlorine will kill any bacteria or other microorganisms in the water, making it safe to drink. In a bugout situation, chloride of lime can also be used to disinfect food.


Simply spray the food with a solution of chlorine and water, and let it sit for a few minutes. The chlorine will kill any bacteria on the surface of the food, making it safe to eat. In a disaster situation, clean water and food can mean the difference between life and death. 


By using chloride of lime, you can help ensure your survival.


Chloride of lime is an important part of water purification and should be included in your prepping supplies. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and can make a big difference in the quality of your drinking water. Make sure you have plenty on hand so you’re prepared for any disaster.

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