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What Makes You A Prepper?

What Makes You A Prepper?


Well, chances are that if you are reading this article, you want to know what makes you a prepper. It’s likely that you’ve heard the term “prepper” used before in the media. But what does it really mean?


There is a pre-conception or view that they are a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists waiting for the end of the world. When in reality that’s not the case, or the full story.


These are common characteristics of many preppers!


Peace Of Mind


I have found that when you are a prepper you gain a level of peace that can’t be found in all areas of life. You prepare and as a result that decreases anxiety or stress about the future. You never know what can happen.


All you can do is prepare, and as a result, you have a calmer mind. You have taken steps to prepare for possibilities so that if they ever come, you are not caught off guard.

What Makes You A Prepper?

You Are Planner


A prepper is someone who is like-minded in being prepared for whatever comes. Preppers get a bad reputation when in actuality most are not crazy. You are a person who likes to have a plan in place.


Someone who doesn’t shy away from short-term gratification in order to have long-term benefits. You are not someone who thinks that just because we live in the 21st century we are immune from another deadly virus. One that will make covid look like nothing.


Is that a bad thing? To want to be prepared ahead of time. The best case scenario for any prepper is to not actually have to use what they have prepared for. But if they have to they have a plan in place.


People Who Do Not Plan


I have found that in my life having a plan of action in order to reach my goals has always worked for me. The same goes for passing a test in school. There were some who did not need to study because they were very bright. I had to put in the work to study or I would fail. Then there were kids who were okay with getting a passing grade.


You do better when you prepare and plan ahead. Not doing so is setting yourself up for failure.


You Like To Be Ready For All Possibilities


Prepping isn’t only related to disasters or apocalyptic events. There are many areas that focus on daily life. I have found that many preppers and people who are preppers have a trait in common.


They save and put their money in the right places. You know that times may be going amazing right now, but things can change. So you always have an emergency fund or are working to build one. Or you are prepared that if you lost your job you would still survive and provide for your family.

What Makes You A Prepper?

Taking Care Of Your Family


The desire to be able to take care of yourself and your family is part of being a prepper. Wanted to ensure that if something happened financially you would be okay. That your family would have a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs.


This is one of, if not the most important reasons to be a prepper. I think it’s the most important reason for prepping. To take care of your loved ones!




You are someone who wants and seeks to increase their self-reliance. If you need an organization or government to help you then you are vulnerable. If a new mayor, governor, president, and the like change. Or they are not helping you, and you need them.


You are at a disadvantage. I can’t say this enough but being able to rely on yourself and your family is the biggest strength you can have.



When SHTF you want to be able to help yourself and those you love.

What Makes You A Prepper?

A Prepper Is a Lifelong Learner


When I think of a prepper I do not think of someone who wants to learn a little and stop. They are people who want to learn more and improve on what they already know. A prepper is a lifelong learner through and through.


If they do not understand something, they fix that by seeking out the knowledge. They know the power of knowledge and do not shy away from attaining more!


Survival Skills


Seeking out ways to improve your emergency preparedness is part of being a prepper. So learning new survival skills or maybe your focus on gardening. You are constantly wanting to search out ways to improve yourself. Either through being self-sufficient or ways to improve you and your family’s lives.


A Prepper Has Common Sense


When it comes to making decisions and acting on them, a prepper has common sense.


A person who is pretty is a level-headed person. They are rational thinkers. A prepper weighs up the pros and cons of any choice or outcome. It’s common to find that this person doesn’t take unnecessary risks. That’s not to say they do not take risks.


They only take them when it’s the right time, not based on emotion.


A Prepper Has Self Belief



A prepper has self-belief. It is the confidence in their own self and abilities to succeed. In whatever environment they find themselves.


They know that if they were to be dropped in the middle of the woods with nothing but a knife, they would not panic. A prepper would figure out how best to survive and do well in this new environment. A prepper in this case would wait to be rescued but not rely on that blindly.


Their confidence in themselves is so strong that they know, that whatever happens, they’ll adapt.


There is no underestimating challenges and obstacles in life for a prepper. A prepper recognizes these challenges and knows they can overcome them. It’s the self-belief that they can get the job done. Regardless of the odds! One part of what makes them a prepper.


Financial self-sufficiency or freedom is one of the most important characteristics of a prepper.


Preppers are known for their self-sufficiency, but what does that really mean?


Well, it can mean a lot of things. For example, preppers tend to manage their money well. They are always trying to limit or decrease the debt that they may have. They tend to have a goal of being self-sufficient financially in some way or achieving financial independence.


Each person’s definition will be different but this is a common thing you see in preppers.

What Makes You A Prepper?

You Are Someone That Likes To Help Others


You are someone that likes to help people. You are not a selfish person but enjoy being around people in general. Or you may not like being around people but enjoy helping others.


The prepping community is all about helping people. Especially when it comes to becoming more self-sufficient.


Prepper’s aren’t people who do not want to help others. Preppers want other preppers and people to succeed in prepping as well as in all aspects of life. They tend to be very caring people who want their families and people they care about to stay safe and happy.


Yes, preppers prioritize family first but that doesn’t mean they do not help others.


You prefer practical gifts.


You’re someone who wants things that serve a purpose in some way, shape or form. You are not into things that are superfluous or for showing others. Preppers typically are people who are practical. Items that will enhance your life are more in line with what you prefer.


People who know you well, know this about you and giving you gifts.


You Are Ready For A Disaster


You have a plan in place with emergency food and water as well as any other important supplies. You have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the situation. When things get difficult you know what you will do, without any hesitation!


Whatever emergency comes your way you are ready. You do not leave things up to chance. There is the self-belief that you can and will make it through it. Regardless of what it is.


You Are A Resilient Person


You are a person who doesn’t quit! You never give up regardless of the challenges that lay before you! When things do not go your way and there are setbacks are viewed as lessons. They make you stronger.


This resilient prepper has been through tough times and gotten past them. When things get tough, you get going! That is a core trait to what makes a prepper!


What Makes You A Prepper?




Your ability to never quit, to take on challenges, and not stop fighting. To want to be able to protect and provide for your family. Without the need for help from others or the government. There is the desire to acquire more knowledge and security in all aspects of your life!


You never know what tomorrow may bring. But one thing is for sure!


You are not a sheep but a sheepdog! 


Stay safe!

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