Simple Ways On How To Tell If You’re A Prepper!

So, you probably wondering if you’re a prepper?


Well, we are going to help you know how to tell if you’re a prepper or not! You might be a prepper if you have a few of the topics we will go over resonate with you.


You Know Places To Store Food


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of preppers is where they store their food. When it comes to an easy sign of if you are a prepper is what you already know. If someone were to ask you where would you or do you store your food you would have an answer. You would have more than one place as well but a few. 


These locations/spots would be for long-term food storage without the need for refrigeration for example.

It’s essential to have more than one location to store your food. If one of those places were to be compromised you would still want other options to survive.


You Use Mylar Bags Or Different Ways To Preserve Food


This is a common sign that you are a prepper. You have or use even one method for preserving food. Or have wanted to try to do so. The use of mylar bags is a prime example or dehydrating foods such as meat or fruits.

You could be interested in canning as well or freeze-dried foods. The point is that you have an interest in ways to preserve food.


You may be interested in buying food storage supplies or the containers to do so.


You Have A House That Is Stocked With Supplies


Maybe you are someone who likes to have all the things they will need in their homes. You may also have extra of those things so you never run out. You tend to have a good stockpile of basic necessities such as food, water, and medicines. These are another sign of a prepper.


You are someone who likes and wants to be prepared for any type of emergency situation that arises. Or could happen. You make sure to have a first aid kit, with everything you need to help your loved ones.


Emergency Plan


If you have an emergency plan, that’s another indicator that you’re probably a prepper.


It doesn’t mean you are 100% a prepper if you have an emergency plan. It is just one factor to take into account.


You know what to do and exactly where to go if a fire or flood were to happen. Or any natural disaster for the matter.


You Give Survival Advice


Being a prepper is preparing ahead of time but also having the knowledge to survive. So if you already have survival knowledge and people take your advice that’s a good sign.


If people ask you what they should do in an emergency situation, and you can provide clear instructions.


You Adapt To Changes In Plans


When it comes to prepping, you know how to pivot.


You’re not afraid to change plans if the situation calls for it. The knowledge that that sometimes things just don’t go as expected, and you’re ready for that. You understand that the best-laid plans are often laid by fools, and you’re not one of them.


This ability to change plans is key, as it will prevent you from derailing your overall goal. If things do not go to plan.


Pivot And Overcome


So when things don’t go according to plan, you’re ready with a backup plan in place. And if that one fails too? Well, then you’ve got a backup for your backup plan!


Think of Having A Bug-out Plan


If things get out of hand you need a place to go to. If you only have one plan to get to safety then your chances of success are tied to one plan. That’s why having more than one and factoring in different possibilities is key.


You have this mindset of being able to adapt if unrest or war breaks out. Or if you run out of food and so on.


In Your Daily Life


In your daily life, you are someone who likes to be prepared. You are not someone who does not like to be unprepared for things. You want to set yourself up for success. This same mindset is one that many preppers have.


People who are preppers tend to want to find ways to enhance their lives. They want to improve and be prepared for any situation. This could be financial or health-related.


You Do Not Mind Being Alone


Being okay with being alone is a great attribute to have.


It’s an essential characteristic of self-reliance and independence, which are both key traits of preppers.

If you’re comfortable with being alone, it means you don’t need other people around you to make you happy or feel fulfilled. You can be content just being by yourself.


It’s true that many people consider as a major problem that is present in modern society. That’s true indeed. If you are okay with being alone that means you do not need others to make you feel good. This will be a major asset as a prepper.


Do You Save Or Invest Your Money For Hard Times


Many people have this concept that to be a prepper there is only one way. When in fact simple and important things such as saving your money is one of those. Investing your money is another one of those things.



You are preparing now for the future. Which is the core of what prepping is.

You Have Lots Of Camping Supplies


One thing that I have found with many preppers is they have a lot of camping supplies. Or people who do not realize they are preppers without realizing it.


It’s common because many preppers enjoy the outdoors. Some do not, but many do. Having camping supplies goes hand in hand with prepping.


You Know You Could Survive In The Wilderness With Little


You know you could survive in the wilderness with little to no supplies.


There’s the self-belief that you can survive in the wilderness. The confidence in your ability to survive with little to no supplies is another indicator that you’re a prepper.


There’s such a great feeling when you know how to start a fire without matches. Or build your own shelter from scratch.


Having A Generator For Power


Having a generator in case of a power outage is always a good idea. It can come in handy! Preppers tend to have a generator of some kind in their homes. Not always but many do.


There are many people who do not have emergency generators. These generators are amazing to have when any type of emergency arises. It’s all about having an option such as when the power comes out.


You Have Multiple Power Banks


I know you don’t like it when your phone dies, or when your laptop or tablet runs out of battery. You’re the kind of person who likes to have portable power banks with them or around their house at all times.


A common item I see many preppers having.


You Have A Bug Out Bag For Every Member Of Your Family


What’s the good in having one bug-out bag if you’re a family of five. It’s going but only slightly. This is why you know you have to have a bug-out bag for each member.


If you have that in place already that’s another sign your are a prepper.


Your Always Ready To Go Anywhere


A prepper is a person who is always prepared with the items to go anywhere. They have the knowledge to do so as well. A prepper is a person who always has the items needed to go anywhere.

You Have More Than One First Aid Kit


You have more than one first aid kit in your house. Or even have one in each car, and you’re teaching your kids/family how to do CPR.


You Would Like To Grow Your Own Food


The ability to grow your own food is an amazing one. There is something special about being able to produce the food that you eat. A sense of security that has been lost in modern society. Preppers tend to be big believers in producing their own food.


The reality is that the food that you produce will probably taste better and be tastier. It will not be sprayed with tons of pesticides and herbicides. Which makes it healthier as well. Plus the money that you can save when you grow your own food is immense.


Even if you don’t have room for a large garden you can raise chickens in a small space or bees for honey.


You Should Have A Good Idea If You’re A Prepper Or Not!


Hopefully, you have a good idea, of if you are a prepper or not. These indicators alone do not mean you are a prepper but a few of them together may mean you are. Or should I say more of a prepper than you think you are.

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