Quick Tips On How Do I Keep Mold Out Of My Rain Barrel?

There are a few ways that you should implement to keep mold out of your rain barrel. The first one is to try to keep it covered from the sun if possible. I would make sure that plants are not touching my rainwater barrel. You could also use bleach and vinegar as well.



I have had mold in my rain water barrel before. I caught it early before it went to the large water tank connected to the barrel. So I know it can be worrying to see!


Keep It Covered


Don’t worry, we have you covered.


As you know, rain barrels are a great way to collect and store rainwater so that it can be used to water plants around your home. But did you know that mold and bacteria can grow in your rain barrel? If not, it’s time to get up to speed. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to keep your barrel mold-free.


First off, yes, covering your barrel will help prevent mold from growing (and therefore keep it out of your water supply). You should build a small covering to protect it. The main thing is you do not want to digest any type of mold. It can be extremely harmful to your health if you do!


If you are able to shade it even a little from the sun, that would go far in preventing mold. Sunlight creates algae and bacteria.

Plants And Animals


Your rainwater barrel would do well to not have anything touching it. If a vine or plant is touching your barrel, it can bring more problems. That could lead to insects and other problems for your water harvesting.


The same goes, when it comes to animals. If you have any animals you do not want them “marking” their territory. You do not want animals urinating or defecating on it or close to it


Build A Platform


Build a platform with a few bags of concrete to rest the barrels on. Or you can use wood as well. Or both. You want the bottom of your barrel to be off of the ground. This will prevent mold and bacteria from getting into your water.


You can do this by digging a hole and measuring let’s say 1×3 feet. The “hole” should be 2-3 inches thick for the concrete. Do not dig a hole that’s really deep as you could hit existing pipes or foundations.


Up Off The Ground


You could also use bricks or cinder blocks instead. The main thing is you want to create a barrier between your barrel and the ground!


Also, make sure you keep the lid on your barrel tight. This will avoid any pests getting into your water. Pests bring different bacteria and germs which can lead to the creation of mold. The simple things matter, so keep that in mind! 

My Favorite Way To Combat Mold


Mold has been a problem since the start of civilization. It can make you sick and even in the worst cases kill you. f you find mold in your water barrel, you have two options: treat it or clean the barrel thoroughly.


If you choose to treat the barrel, there are a few ways to do so. The main one is treating it with vinegar or bleach. Both methods have their pros and cons, but I prefer using bleach.


When I’m using bleach on my barrels, I feel like everything is clean and safe. Bleach will kill most types of mold and bacteria that might be present. So adding bleach to your barrels is a great way to combat mold!



What If The Mold Is Visible In My Water Barrel?


Mold in your water barrel?


If you see mold on the sides of your water barrel, it’s time to clean it out. Mold can grow in water pretty quickly. If it’s visible on the sides of your barrel, it means that there is probably a lot more mold inside. If you see mold on top, you’re more likely to treat your water with bleach.


What You Need To Do


If I saw mold on the sides of my barrel, I would pour it out. I would then use a sponge or brush with some bleach and water to clean off any leftover mold. I would then fill the barrel halfway with bleach and water. Then let it sit for 24 hours, to make sure anything lurking is killed.


Once I’ve gotten it all off and soaked, I would rinse my barrel out a few times. To make sure everything is clean. Now my empty barrel is ready to be filled with fresh water!



Should I Use Vinegar For Water Barrels?


Vinegar is a great cleaner, but it has its limits. When it comes to your water barrels, it’s not the most effective solution.


The best way to clean your barrels is with bleach. It’s the most powerful disinfectant that you can use on water barrels. Vinegar will kill some bacteria, but not all of them. And while bleach won’t kill all molds either, it will kill more than vinegar.


If you want to ensure that everything is good. Adding two tablespoons of bleach for every gallon of water. Then use this mixture to eradicate any bacteria present.


Now You Know!


Now, you should have a good idea of how to keep mold out of a rainwater barrel! It’s a simple process that can be done, using what we mentioned above. So using bleach to clean the barrel with a sponge is the first step. Then filling it up with bleach and water and letting it sit for 24 hours will do the trick.


Rinse it out a few times and you should have a clean barrel again. Keep in mind that vinegar is not as effective when it comes to cleaning rain barrels. Should only be used in cases of mild mold contamination.

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