Quick & Simple Important Herbs To Heal Wounds!

Important Herbs To Heal Wounds

Important Herbs To Heal Wounds


You never know when you might find yourself needing to treat a wound. This is why it’s so essential to know what important herbs and natural ingredients can be used, to treat a wound. I have used two of these herbs and they worked extremely well when I was camping.


So what’s the first on the list?

Important Herbs To Heal Wounds

Garlic And Treating Wounds


Garlic and its medicinal properties have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is great for a whole host of problems.


Out In The Woods


I am one of those people who tend to be outdoors often. I enjoy going camping and the sort. When going out, I always bring cooking supplies with me. I am a big fan of garlic in my cooking. The point is I also bring two cloves of garlic with me. If I get a small cut or a bug bit I will cut a glove. Then rub it on the area. It’s important to know what herbs to use for an open wound. 


Me and A Friend In The Woods


I have used garlic to treat a wound a friend of mine had when out in the wild. We normally bring a first aid kit with us but we figured we could use the space for other gear.


My friend ended up opening up a large gash on his finger, you could see bone. We had garlic in our packs. I crushed up the garlic until it was in a past, then I put it on the wound directly.


It did sting him, which to me meant it was killing any germs. We put a bandage over it. I thought this would be a good idea because I knew that garlic was good at fighting infection.


My friend’s finger did not get infected, despite another 3 days hike out of our camp.


Feeling Sick Eat Some Garlic


I think taking medicine is your best bet for not being sick anymore. If you are not able to or want to use traditional forms of medicine, garlic is a good option. It’s a great addition to rest and taking care of yourself.




The key component in garlic that makes it such a great herb that you can use to treat a wound.

Important Herbs To Heal Wounds

Lavender Is Another Herb To Treat A Wound


My mother would always have lavender in her garden. I always thought it was for the smell. Little did I realize it was because it helped fight germs. She always creates her unique cleaning supplies.


One major ingredient was always lavender. She always said that if I ever got a scrap to rub some lavender or sage on it. I never did, but I now realize why.


Lavender is great at fighting infection. Which is the major point of concern when you have a wound. It is another herb that has many antiseptic properties.


It’s so important to keep a wound clean and free from bacteria. It has been used around the world, and I understand why!


Sage For Fighting Infection


Sage makes for another great herb for fighting infection. I love the smell of sage just as much as I enjoy the smell of lavender.


It’s another great herb that’s been used as a natural antiseptic for a long time. It can create a strong barrier to combat bacteria. I would chop up sage leaves until their enzymes and liquid/flesh are exposed.


Then once I have a mush or chopped finely, I would apply it to the wound. It will probably sting. I would not just apply the sage directly to the wound without breaking it up. You want its contents to coat or encompass your wound or there is no point. The same goes for lavender.


It also has tannins and flavonoids which add to what this leaf packs.


Using Sage Or Lavender For Blisters


These two herbs I would use to combat a blister because of the different compounds found within them.


Basil Leaf Fights Infection


Another herb that could help fight infection would be the basil leaf. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As well as its tannins and flavonoids.


I would add this to our list because it has been shown to help reduce swelling and other signs of inflammation.


I think if you add holy basil leaf in combination with the other herbs, you have powerful herbs at your disposal.


Packed With Vitamin C


It also has a lot of vitamin c which is great for boosting your immune system.




Ginger is one of those herbs that makes it on our list. It can help solve so many things, such as fighting germs. If taking in a tea or added to your diet it can boost your immune system.


It solves so many ailments! If you have an open wound having ginger would help!

Important Herbs To Heal Wounds

Tips on How to Use These Anti-Septic Herbs



You can easily add some of these to your diet. My favorite way is by making them into tea. Which is just the boiling of water with your desired herbs.


There are many natural immune-boosting ingredients you can add, either to tea or your diet.




I think tinctures are a great thing to have if you want a natural way to disinfect a wound. I typically use vinegar but you could use alcohol like Everclear. The alcohol or vinegar alone is a great way to disinfect a wound. I think once you add in antiseptic herbs you are well on your way to having a strong tincture.


What I like about them is that they go right into your bloodstream. So they are a fast-acting form of fighting back against an infection.


You could also make a poultice.


Dry Or Infuse


You could also dry or infuse them in oils. I have not done, so. But dried herbs are great to add to your food or into a tincture or tea.


You should now have a good understanding of how to use herbs to treat a wound. These herbs can help combat infection. A first aid antiseptic is always my first option, I might add. Having more than one way to clean a wound is a good thing to know, whoever you are!


Stay safe!

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