Is Spam A Good Survival Food? Valuable For Prepping!

Is Spam A Good Survival Food?


When it comes to survival food spam is a good one. It makes a good addition to any preppers pantry. If you are needing to get out of dodge, spam makes another great item to have as well.


It’s not too heavy and is packed full of protein. As well as important fats that the body needs. Especially when SHTF. The shelf life of spam lasts for years. Making it a great food item to have, without the need for refrigeration.


Spam Is Shelf-Stable.


Spam is shelf-stable. That means it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, which makes it perfect for prepping.

Spam can last between two and five years. From my experience, typically a span of three years is how long you’ll get out of your Spam before it goes bad.


I do have a friend, who’s a prepper as well. Who would say otherwise. He loves the stuff and has eaten spam from over a decade ago. To each their own. And at their own risk!


You can also check the “best by” date as well. That’s not to say that your spam will go bad after that date. But it’s a good indicator of how long you can expect your spam to last.


How You Store It!


If you do not store spam properly, like most foods it will spoil faster! You don’t want that! So the first thing I would do is store the spam in a cool dark place.


A place that doesn’t have humidity. The darker the spot or area the better. You don’t want the sun affecting the spam.


This is the best way you can go about storing spam for long-term storage. You should check foods that are around the spam. If there is something that is spoiling, it could affect your other items. So keep an eye on your supplies!



Is Spam Easy To Open Without A Can Opener?


Spam is a canned food that can be eaten when no other food is available, but how do you open it?

There is more than just one way to open spam up. In a survival situation or disaster scenario, you will need to know-how. The reality is that like most canned foods, there are many ways to open them.


The tops tend to be a very thin metal which makes them easy to puncture. If you find yourself where you do not have access to a can opener you can use many things. You could use a knife or sharp object. I would always recommend having a multitool can opener.


Spam Is Easy To Store


When you’re talking about survival foods, you want things easily stored.


Spam is a great option for preppers, survivalists, and others who want to store food for a long time without worrying about it going bad. It’s also one of the cheapest options you’ll find when it comes to buying survival foods.


Spam has a long shelf life, so it’s perfect for people who want something that doesn’t require much maintenance or preparation. It can be eaten straight out of the can or sliced into smaller pieces and cooked with other ingredients. Either way, it will be ready in minutes!


Spam Is Nutritious


I know what you’re thinking! How in the world is spam nutritious? Well, I am not recommending it if you are on a diet. I would put spam in this category because in survival it is exactly what you need.


Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that Spam is actually incredibly nutritious. That’s right, Spam is great for survival because it’s packed with nutrients that the body needs. If things go south you want food items that are jammed-packed with energy. That’s where spam comes in!


It has 15 grams of fat which is great at keeping you alive. Protein doesn’t keep you alive when your surviving. It’s fat! It also has protein and carbohydrates as well.


The main selling point in survival would be the fats that spam has.


What About Healthier Spam Like


Yes, there is healthier spam with less fat and sodium. That being said, in a survival situation having lite spam is still good. But not as beneficial as regular spam for survival. On a regular basis, lite spam is better for your health.


So if you’re going to go out into the wilderness and try to survive on your own, it’s probably best to stick with regular-fatty Spam. You’ll get more nutrients that way!


Spam Is Easy To Eat


Spam is easy to eat.


When SHTF or an unforeseen emergency occurs, you want things that are easy to eat. Things that don’t require a lot of prep time, and especially do not require any cooking. Well, spam can be eaten right out of the can if needed!


You can make it into sandwiches or use it as part of a main dish. Just throw it in a pan with some eggs and veggies, and you’ll have something filling and delicious.


Can-Spam Last 50 Years?


I have been asked this question a few times. I can imagine that it could last for 50 years in rare instances. For, the most part spam isn’t going to last 50 years.


If you got lucky it could, but chances are slim. So no, spam will not last 50 years.


Signs That Your Spam Has Spoiled


You want to make sure your spam lasts, but more importantly, is safe to eat! So knowing what to look for is key. Think if you were storing spam for an emergency or for stocking a pantry. Then you find out your spam has gone bad. That would be pretty upsetting.


So what should I look for?


Spam that has gone bad will give off a distinct smell that is a dead giveaway. There could be mold that you can see on the spam as well. It could also look a strange color from what it normally does.


If you see any of these, I would not eat them.


Check The Can


I would check the can before buying spam to make sure it is not punctured. There should be no irregular aspects to the spam can. I would stay clear of cans that have dents or any kind of damage of any kind.


Periodically Check Your Spam And Other Canned Foods


In general, it is a good practice to check on your canned foods. It’s the best way to ensure that the food that you have stored isn’t expired or spoiled.


What Happens If I Eat Spoiled Or Bad Spam?


What happens if I eat spoiled or bad Spam?


The best way to avoid these potential issues is not to eat spoiled spam in the first place! So what can happen if you eat spoiled spam?


There are various things that could occur such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, or even death. In reality, there could be other results of eating bad spam.


If things get worse, go to your local doctor and get prescribed antibiotics.


Is Spam A Good Item To Stock For Preppers?


Is spam a good item to stock for preppers?


I say yes.

Spam is packed with nutrients, and it lasts for years. It’s also loaded with fat. In an SHTF/survival situation, having fat in your diet is a good idea. You can’t survive off of protein alone.


So all in all, I think spam is a great thing to have as part of your prepper stockpile.


Spam’s been a staple in many prepping communities throughout the decades.


Spam definitely packs a punch nutritionally speaking. I say this because it contains high amounts of protein and iron (which help boost energy levels). It also has potassium and zinc. These are important to have when SHTF as they help to keep your immune system strong.


Especially during stressful times like SHTF and disaster situations. Your body will be working well beyond its normal and will need food’s like spam.


You Can Create Different Dishes


Spam is an amazing thing. It can be added to most dishes and is another food to eat when SHTF. The more options the better! As it can be challenging eating the same thing, day in and day out. Spam adds variety and makes things a little more exciting for your taste buds and satisfaction levels!


So Many Things


You could even make a Spamburger which is a Hawian burger. The main two ingredients are pineapple and spam. The common things spam goes great with are eggs, rice, fried rice, grilled chess, and so on.

Things will already be chaotic, you want to make them better! And having spam is one way to do that!

How long can you survive on spam?


If you want to live, you can’t live on spam alone.


The reality is that you need more than one food to survive. Or there will be deficiencies in your diet. Which will ultimately lead to starvation and other not favorable outcomes.


In a survival situation, you could not survive on spam alone. The same, can be said for surviving on most things alone. The body needs different nutrients that are not found entirely in just one food such as spam.

Is Spam Bad To Eat?


I’d say that spam is not a bad thing to eat, but it’s not the best thing either. If you’re going to eat it, don’t make it a habit. Try to have it in moderation. Would I say spam is healthy? No, and if you want to eat healthy spam would not be a good food choice.


In a survival situation however, it would be. I think spam is a good thing to have. It’s high in protein and fat which can help you keep your strength up.


If Your Health Conscious


Then the answer would be no 100%. It’s packed with fat to start, which is clearly not a healthy thing to eat.




Spam is packed with sodium if you are health conscious you would want to avoid it. The amount of sodium you intake can affect your blood pressure as well. Another thing to keep in mind, is when consuming spam beyond a survival situation.


For Survival It’s Great


It’s a good thing to have on hand in a survival situation. There are a few reasons why:


The key aspect of what makes spam great for survival is it’s cheap. It is also easy to find all around the world. There is a pretty good chance you will find some wherever you are!


It’s an obvious choice for preppers because of its long shelf life.


What Is Spam?


It’s time to dispel the myths about SPAM.


Many people think of it as mystery meat, something you simply don’t want to know is in there. In reality, though, SPAM is not so bad.


The main ingredients in SPAM are pork followed by: salt, sugar, potato starch, and sodium nitrite.


SPAM rose to popularity when it first was created in 1937 by Hormel Foods. The Great Depression played a key role in the need for cheap meat items

What Does Spam Stand For?


Special Processed American Meat


What part of the pig is in Spam?


The part of the pig that you eat in SPAM is the shoulder. 


Is Spam Made in China?


No, SPAM is not made in China.


The vast majority of SPAM is produced in Minnesota, at the Hormel Foods Corporation.


Can You Freeze Spam?



Yes, SPAM can be frozen for later consumption. I have never personally frozen spam but that could possibly increase its shelf life.



To sum it up, spam is a good survival food because it is high in protein and fat, it is easy to find, and has a long shelf life. However, if you are health conscious, you may want to avoid it because it is high in sodium. It’s been around for decades because it’s cheap and has alot of nutrients. So definitely consider spam when you think about prepping. I hope you know why spam is a good survival food!



Stay safe out there!

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