Is Colorado A Good State For Preppers? Fast & Simple!

Is Colorado A Good State For Preppers?


Is Colorado a good state for preppers?


The answer is: no.


In reality, many other states would be far better options. Yes, you can be a prepper there as you can in most places. But if I had an option of places to live as a prepper, Colorado would not be in my top five.


There Is A Higher Cost Of Living


Colorado is not the most expensive state in the country to live in, but it’s definitely not cheap. Especially if you live near Denver.


There are other states that have a much lower cost of living than Colorado. This is an important thing to keep in mind when you are a prepper.


The cost of living in Colorado has been going up over the years and will probably continue to do so as time goes on.


Places With Lower Costs Of Living


So, you want to live in a state where the cost of living is low and the quality of life is high.


If I was looking for a good state to be a prepper there would be a few. One of those is Montanna. I know that Idaho and North Dakota are two other great options.


They do not have increasing numbers of people moving to those states in comparison to Colorado.


High Population Density


One of the most important things to consider when deciding where to live as a prepper is population density. The lower the better! In Colorado, there are some areas that are more sparsely populated than others. However, if you’re hoping to find a remote area with few people around, Colorado might not be your best bet.

People continue moving to the state and even more rural areas are growing in population.


It’s definitely not a “remote” state.


Gun Laws


If you are a prepper, chances are you have a firearm or two. You want to be able to protect your life, your family’s lives, and what belongs to you. I would focus on states that have less restrictive gun laws.


It Has Harsh Winters


I think another negative aspect of Colorado is the harsh winters. Yes, other states that I think are better options in comparison to Colorado have even colder ones. That being said, it is another reason it is not the best place for a prepper.


So what are these so-called better options? Well, there are many different places that would be good for a prepper. These stand out above the rest: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and North Dakota

Is It That Bad?


Being a prepper in Colorado is not bad as a whole. I think it’s good enough. There are many aspects of the state that in time could affect your lifestyle of being a prepper.


So Can You Be A Prepper In Colorado?


Yes, 100% you can! I have a good friend who lives in the state. I would say he has seen an ever-growing urban environment growing. He use to be far away from any type of suburban environment. That has changed over time, and things keep getting closer to his property.


He thinks Colorado is a great state but that the population and people moving there continues to grow. Which encroaches on his little slice of heaven.


Not Denver


If you’re a prepper and dead set on moving to Colorado, do not move to Denver. If you have to then so be it, but the further away you can be from a city the better.


Sure, Denver is the capital of Colorado, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous when SHTF. It’s also not entirely isolated from the rest of the state’s population. In reality, the cities in Colorado are pretty close together. Even more so if your close to the highway.


One of the worst things that could happen is being trapped in an urban area. If you have prepared for it then you are on better footing. That being said when an emergency occurs or SHTF you want to decrease danger. Not increase your chances.


Safety has to be at the heart of being a prepper. Even the Suburbs of Denver are not a good idea, such as Aurora.


High Crime Rate


If you’re looking for a place to live as a prepper, crime rates have to be one of the top factors you consider

Denver has one of the highest crime rates in all of America, which means that when SHTF and I’m trying to survive out on my homestead. I’m going to be at risk of being robbed or murdered by some random thug who wants my food supplies or water.


Another major concern is the social aspect of living in Denver. When it comes to avoiding civil unrest or looting after SHTF. Denver is probably not your best bet either. There are many other states that would be better choices in my opinion.


Denver Reputation


Denver has a reputation. If you are someone who wants to get into the marijuana business then this would be a city for you. If you are like me who is not then move along. This city or anywhere near it would be highly dangerous if SHTF.


This is something to keep in mind, as a prepper and survivalist.


Honestly, Colorado is a bit marginal. It’s still halfway decent if you want to live there as a prepper, but I wouldn’t move there. If you are already there, you can probably hold out a bit longer – but start shopping for a friendlier state.

A Big Benefit Of Living In Colorado As A Prepper


The state has so much beauty in its natural landscape. You have various different types of climates that you can experience all in one state. 


All in all, Colorado is a decent state for preppers. It has its pros and cons, but it is still possible to live a good life as a prepper in the state. I would live far away from Denver and any adjacent cities. Just be aware of the dangers that exist and be sure to take them into consideration when making your plans. Choose your location wisely and be sure to have a solid plan in place. With a little bit of preparation, you can be a successful prepper in Colorado.


As a prepper, I would choose another state, for safety above all else.

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