Is Being A Prepper Worth It?

Many people wonder if prepping is worth the time and effort. Are the costs are really worth the squeeze? Prepping has indeed grown in popularity. It will continue to do so as the world continues to change. That being said, whatever side you fall into, it takes a lot of time and effort to be a prepper.



Not Easy


Prepping means different things to everyone. A common theme is prepping for the unknown or potentially catastrophic event. When you prepare for the worst you can enjoy the present much more in my experience. Prepping typically deals with stocking up on essential supplies, acquiring new a skill set, and ensuring your family’s security for whatever happens.



Prepping gives you peace of mind knowing you have prepared for an unexpected reality.



Many People Are Preppers Without Realizing It


There are many people who do not think or want the negative connotations that the word “prepper” has for some. I take it as a compliment, but some do not share my sentiment. Prepping doesn’t mean you have to live in a cabin, removed from everything. It can, but what prepping is will be entirely determined by you.



I never came from money or status but had a loving mother. We struggled, but through the struggle, I became a prepper before I even knew it. I would save extra food, in case one month was a tough one. I would also sell candy at my school to make extra money for food. I remember times like those.


The reality is that putting away money, and investing for retirement, real estate, business…  are because you have a goal in mind. They are centered around wanting to secure your future in the world and survive.


When someone saves for retirement they are prepping for the eventuality that they will not be able to work forever. Prepping is a part of human nature, in that we all want to survive and do well in the future. It is not a new concept but one that has been around since the start of civilization. It just takes different forms.

What Is So Wrong With Being A Prepper?


People before the pandemic used to look down on preppers a great deal. But when an unknown virus (COVID-19) occurred that viewpoint softened. It was bound to happen and will happen again most likely based on multiple factors. I suspect the next virus/pandemic will be much more deadly. There are so many things that can occur that are beyond our control. What is in our control is being prepared for the unknown.


Is it wrong to want to make sure you and your family have enough food to last a year if something were to occur?

Is it wrong to put aside things that could potentially help you if things were to change?


Prepping is about preparing for the unexpected. Prepping is a way to be safe and gives security to those that do. This is not to say your entire life should be on prepping and losing sight on enjoying life. It is having the foresight that things will and could take a turn for the worst. In order to combat things turning for the worst, prepping is taking steps to minimize or prevent things from spiraling out of control. Even if SHTF, you will be in a better position than someone who did not prepare in any way.


There will be more unforeseen things that will occur, the only thing you can do is prepare.

What is prepping?

Prepping is when someone prepares for a future event, that could be catastrophic. It is not their main purpose in life but complements their life in order to have peace of mind.

What are the benefits of prepping?

The benefits are great in the world that we live in. The main benefit beyond being prepared and your chances of survival being higher is the peace of mind. The real tangible security that you created on your own. And the most important of all is the knowledge that you can survive even in the most difficult of times.

Is prepping worth it?

Is prepping worth it? In my opinion, YES! As long as it doesn’t consume your life. Prepping should complement your life and make you, as well as your family, more secure.

 When you are prepared for the many things that could possibly go wrong in this world is always always a good thing. Prepping gives you peace of mind, in food security, money, economic collapse, and any other disaster that one can think of. There will always be the potential for things that happen which are beyond our control.

If you don’t prep for it, you’re tossing the dice.

A person being prepared was never a bad thing and to think that is it now, is far from the truth. 

I believe that no one should ever have to live in fear, but unfortunately in today’s world that is often the case. We can be confident that we will be able to weather any storm, literally or figuratively. We live in an uncertain world, whereby being prepared makes our chances much more certain! 


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