In The Event Of An Apocalypse, Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

In The Event Of An Apocalypse, Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

In the event of an apocalypse, where is the safest place to be?


I bet you want to know where are the best places you should go, during the apocalypse. Well, that will vary depending on what has occurred. That being said, there tends to be a few places that are typically good spots to go to. Regardless of what apocalyptic event has occurred.


Where Should You Not Go?


I think it’s important to know where you should not go during an apocalypse. It’s just as important as going to the right places. These are places that are typically going to be highly unsafe.

In The Event Of An Apocalypse, Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

Population Density


You do not want to be running toward danger when the world will be dangerous enough. So going towards highly populated areas is not a good idea. You should want to move or go in the opposite direction.


There will be multiple threats in all directions in high populated areas. You will be exposed at all times, so it’s best to avoid them!


Large Buildings


This relates to the dangers that large buildings pose. In an urban setting, they serve as a great area to attack unsuspecting people. I would avoid them, if you can. If you can’t then proceed with the highest level of caution.



Do Not Go To The Ocean Near Big Cities In An Apocalypse


This will be a major mistake that many people will fall victim to. They will think going to the ocean near big cities may be a good idea. Or they think they can get a boat and get away.


The reality is the coastline near big cities will be extremely dangerous. There will be limited protection and cover from potential threats. Further away from a big city and you have a boat, is a better option.


If you know nothing about the ocean, like sailing it could make things much worse!

In The Event Of An Apocalypse, Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

The Countryside


I would be looking to the countryside when it comes to where to be in an apocalypse. You want somewhere, that you can defend and produce food. Your main priority is staying alive and if you are in a populated/city landscape your chances are much lower.


So you have to stay focused on getting to a rural or remote location. If there is a road to the property it is rural or maybe even remote. But always remember that roads lead people to you. It may not be right away but eventually.


Urban landscapes are a no go for various reasons. You can survive for a while, but long term it’s not sustainable. The level of danger is too high to stick around.


Small Towns And Villages


If I had to choose between a city/highly populated area I would choose a small town or village. That being said, small towns can be great because they tend to be much more connected with their neighbors. In a big city/urban landscape a lot of people do not know any or only a few of their neighbors.


So having a location(bug-out) where you are a part of a tight night community is a good idea. You will have numbers and resources on your side. The main disadvantage is if larger more powerful groups come to your town.


A Third Option


Somewhere that has no towns, or villages. A place where there are no roads to. This would be the ideal place. I would think of an area in the wild for example. That is hidden from prying eyes. If you have a group to bug out with you to this location that’s a good idea. You will have numbers but be less of a target than in a small town.


You will have other challenges to face but it is a good option to where to go in an apocalypse.

In The Event Of An Apocalypse, Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

Remote Island For Apocalypse Survival


I would want a location that is not easily accessible. It needs natural barriers for anyone trying to reach it. If I or anyone can just hop a fence/walk onto it, that’s a downside to that location. It will mean preparing for that eventually even more.


So an island poses an advantage for being surrounded by water on all sides. This makes can be an advantage, especially at the start of the apocalypse. People will be migrating and wandering in all directions. I would suspect that many will do so with boats as well. But the number of people who will do that with a boat are far less.


The downside is that “pirate” type groups could form. Or come onto the island via a boat. It is a good location because of the ocean.


Large Islands Vs. Big Islands For Survival


I would say in this situation when it comes to the apocalypse smaller would be better. Large islands will have many people and have some of the same problems that would be prevalent on the mainland.


I would focus on smaller islands if possible.


Cold Locations


I know that the cold act’s as a barrier all on its own. The cold brings with it a barrier that can distance you from danger. In remote cold locations, you will have a similar advantage to islands.


If you have the right planning and infrastructure in place to sustain yourself. In a bunker, cabins, and the like. If you have a dialed-in system for producing food, you have increased your chances of survival.


Now combine cold, with an island and you have two barriers to entry. It doesn’t mean you will not have to defend yourself. I know it will prevent a lot of danger than if you did not have those two things.


Bunkers In The Right Locations


Where you put your bunker has a lot to do with your chances of survival. Place it in a highly populated area, your chances are a lot less than in a less populated area. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but you are putting yourself at a disadvantage from the get-go.


So building a bunker in a cold or remote location can do wonders. The chances of someone stumbling into your bunker will be far less likely.

In The Event Of An Apocalypse, Where Is The Safest Place To Be?

The More Remote The Better


In most apocalyptic possibilities your location will matter. So getting to a safer location will make all the difference. The more remote you are the safer you will be. It doesn’t mean you will automatically survive as it will be dangerous regardless. But your chances are so much higher.


If I were you, reading this, I would take my time in where my bug-out location will be. This will make all the difference. It will also give you peace of mind that where you are bugging out to will actually be safe. What’s the point of getting out of dodge, only to find your “safe” location to be anything but safe?


Locations On Land


If you have a bug-out location that is on the mainland then the level of remoteness will be essential. You want to do everything in your power to make it hard to find your location.



Where will you be safest during an apocalypse?



I would hope, you have a good idea of where you should go during an apocalypse. If that’s from a virus, nuclear war, social collapse, emp, and so on. You should know these essentials to what to look for.

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