If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?

If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?

If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?


I think it’s important to realize that a war between the USA and China can occur. There are many people who rule it out entirely because of how linked our economies are to each other. If you are someone that before COVID 19 did not think a global pandemic was coming then you can stop reading. If you think there will not be new and more deadly viruses you are not being logical.


To rule out possibilities just because they are not a pleasant reality is wrong. It’s wrong to think that there would be an economic crisis in 2008. If you look at things through the lens of we live in the 21st century and nothing like the past will happen again you are living in a fantasy.


The past repeats itself, in different forms and ways!


So How Would Win In A War?


The truth, being 100% honest is no one truly knows. What I will say is as of writing this, chances are high that the United States would win. This is based upon technology and the size of the United States military. As well as its allies.


Will I be able to say the same in 10 years from now? I do not know. As the current trajectory looks the opposite.

If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?

Will China and Russia go to war with the United States?


You have to define what kind of war you are addressing. Will there be a conflict at the very least? Yes! This is a result of large countries competing for resources and power. To remain in power in relation to their enemies. The same goes for the war in Ukraine. It was a strategic move against the west and NATO.


I am not for war, but it occurs when countries are losing power or wanting to gain more power. Or both.


China Vs. The United States In A War


A war between the two countries would be different from what they would have been fifty years ago. It would be economic, to start followed by the sea and air. When it comes to the relative power between china and the united states in naval power, the united states is supreme. That’s a fact.


The same goes for air supremacy. In relation to the number of people in the military, this could be even in some aspects. I say this because it always takes more men to take over an area or attack a fortress for example than it does to defend it. So yes, on paper the united states has more men, but in a ground invasion, it would be the most equal aspect militarily for the nations.


The main difference between the two countries when it comes to their soldiers is training. The United States has some of if arguable the most highly skilled soldiers in the world. I know there are other countries who are allies of the United States and have the same units such as the UK, Israel, France, and others.


Military Combat


Experience plays a major role when determining the strength of a military that doesn’t get factored in enough. What separates the United States from other countries is the amount of successful combat experience it has. The lessons and military personnel that have first-hand combat experience can’t be found in China.


My point is its one thing to prepare and train for war. It’s another to have actually experienced and survived it as a soldier.


Would It Be A Walk In The Park For The United States?


No, it would not be easy for the United States by any stretch of the imagination. I say this because of everything that would go into the war. It would have a high cost and would reach a point where no side will win.


I say this because both countries have nukes. It is the major deterrent for most countries, that they will not be invaded by another. Or there is the fallback safe to threatening nuclear war.

If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?

Would There Be A Ground Invasion Of China?


I think the chances of a ground invasion of China in the event of a war is unlikely. It could happen but war will be economic and by sea as well as air. So the war will be fought in air and sea, not with boots on the ground.


China’s Strength


One major aspect to their strength would be their relationship with Russia. Another key aspect would be their defense. There is a lot of emphasis by the government of China to strengthen defenses.


This is down through anti-aircraft missiles and other missile defense systems. For sea and air combat. So they are creating barriers that make it hard for the United States.


Do You Think The War With China Is Inevitable?


Yes, because of history. Right now China is growing at a rate that the United States can not compete with. The main advantage the United States has is in slowing down China. Enough to find other ways to counter the nation as much as possible.


When two nations that are the largest start to rival each other in all areas, it will eventually cause conflict. Will it happen this year or the next? Probably not. Over time things change and so does the power of nations. I do not know the future, no one does.


Would Russia Play A Role?


Yes, as they would ally with China. The nations that oppose the west will come together as will all the countries of the west.


Would Russia be a match in comparison to the United States? No, it would be no match. China is stronger than Russia 100%. If you look at the war in Ukraine you can see this.


The Major Advantage Of The West


The speed and inventions that the west comes up with are unrivaled. I know it’s a result of the differences in the viewpoints on individual liberties and freedom. Now, I am not saying everything is going amazing in the west but when it comes to the creation of new concepts and ideas it is.


China dominates when it comes to manufacturing and being able to roll out an idea/startup in a matter of weeks.


Space And Elon Musk


Whatever your opinion on Elon Musk you have to know one thing. He will and is currently the biggest asset that the United States has. Elon Musk is leading the world to a new future and with it new discoveries and breakthroughs.


This will be the major area that China falls short on. The space race is firmly in the United States’ advantage for decades. I know how crucial this will be in the future when dealing with war.


Technology and who controls it, is the biggest battlefield there is. And that will be the major difference between the two countries.

If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?

China’s Strongest Military Branch


China’s Airforce would be their strongest military branch. It still isn’t of equal standing today as the United States. But still poses a major threat.


It Will Be A Conflict And Not A Full On War


I believe a war between China will be a “conflict” or put in that light. In order to avoid nuclear war. It will be over disputed areas and key points such as Taiwan and other things. It will be a battle at sea and in the air. As well as cyber warfare.


If China Goes To War With The USA And Our Allies, Who Wins?


As it stands, the United States would win a war with China. It would be bad news from an economic side for the entire world. On the military side, the two countries do not compare at this time. A decade from now, that could be different. Only time will tell.

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