How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?

How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?

How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?


I know that we live in a world that is very unique and strange at the same time. It has so many wonderful and amazing things within it. That being said, it equally is filled with dangers. What would be your first plan of action if a dangerous and life-altering event occurred?


What would you do when a scenario that we have seen time and time again in movies and tv shows happens? The apocalypse has arrived with all of its chaos and destruction.

How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?

Don’t Trust Anyone


In a post-apocalyptic world, everything will have changed! You can only count on yourself and those who have made it with you(family, friends). Beyond that letting in new people could be disastrous to your chances of survival.


Join Our Group


You might find yourself in a situation where people ask you to join their group. If you are not in one already it could be a good idea. That being said, you really have no idea what their ulterior motives are for you. This is a roll of the dice, with your life. 



Try To Keep Your Humanity


In an apocalypse, the world will be changed and so will holding onto all resemblance to your normal life. You have to try to hold on to a little of who you were in the past. Try to not lose everything that use to make you a good person.


You will have to do things that you never would have done before. Things you never imagined you would have to do. There will be things that you did not think you would have to do to survive.


It will be a hard task with all the violence and fighting. Try to keep faith, in your religion or something. Just do not lose sight of the point of living. On what makes you a human.

Try not to get killed straight away


I can imagine that the vast majority of people will die at the start. This is because of their lack of preparation and knowledge about survival. It’s going to be hard for a lot of people to adjust to the new world.


There will be many people who will end up dying. The first few months and years will see the most death. So it’s essential you make it through this period of time. You will also have many people take full advantage of what’s going on.


Keep your head down and do not lose your head!


There will be chaos all around you. A once civilized and rational person will start acting in ways that you have never seen before. The robbing/looting and just carnage will ensue. Groups will form as a result of people wanting to gain power for themselves.


So don’t panic and make smart choices. Many people will and as a result, will die.

How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?

You Need A Weapon


It comes as no surprise but the need to protect yourself when SHTF is clear. You have to be able to protect your life and those you love. So the first choice of weapon would be a firearm. A rifle would be my weapon of choice. I would make sure you have a lot of ammunition.


Ammo can run out quickly if you find yourself in trouble.


Bows And Knives


I think having a firearm is great in a post-apocalyptic world. The major downside is you will run out of ammo. This will ultimately leave you in a vulnerable situation. When you are vulnerable in a post-apocalyptic world your chances of being attacked are higher.


So having a bow or crossbow is my recommended weapon. This would be my long-term weapon of choice in an apocalypse. A crossbow is easy to use and it can be used for protection from people and animals. It also is fairly easy to use in comparison to a regular bow.


You could use a regular bow, but in my opinion, it requires more skill than a crossbow. Plus a crossbow has a draw weight, which I think will play a major advantage. Your arrow will have a lot of force packed behind it.

The silence of the crossbow makes it a good alternative. You won’t attract attention, nearly as much as a firearm.




I would make sure to have more than one knife on you for survival. The hope is that you never have to use a knife for your protection. You want the most distance between you and an attacker as possible. The closer someone is to you, the higher your chances you don’t make it out alive.


In most situations where someone could or wants to take your life, distance is your friend.


How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?

Water And Food In A Post-Apocalyptic World


You are going to need water and food to keep yourself alive. If you have loved ones, then your going to need more. The best thing you can do is have food stockpiled and water stored ahead of time.


Rainwater harvesting is a good idea to have on hand. You can easily make your very own water filter or buy one. It’s crucial to filter your water. This water can be used for drinking and your garden.


When it comes to food your best bet is having a few types of animals. Chickens are an easy option when it comes to livestock. Sheep and goats are great as well. Cattle and the like require a lot more and may be more of a target in a post-apocalyptic world.


Aquaponics and Hydroponics For Apocalypse


These two forms of growth are amazing at utilizing a small amount of space. Aquaponics uses fish to fertilize plants and in return, the plants absorb the “manure” or nutrients from the fish. Then the water is then clean to go back to the fish.


Hydroponics doesn’t have fish but uses a closed loop system as well. Each of these can be done inside or in a bunker. It allows you to produce food and control the environment. Which makes it a great option for a stealthy and protected way of producing food.


Storing Food’s Long Term


You should have a way to store food for a long period of time. This could be in the form of canning and dehydrating. Mylar bags are my favorite but do not work well for all types of food. Dry foods do best such as flour, rice, and beans for example.


It’s a good idea to know how to dry meat and how to use the earth to your advantage. Such as a deep root cellar.


Try Not To Make Avoid Making Friends In A Post Apocalyptic World


The reality is that making friends in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t going to be easy. It’s probably one of the most dangerous things you can do. I would not try to do so and if you do it is at your own risk.


You never know what a person’s true motives are until it’s too late. A literal stab in the back could be the outcome. Or taking your supplies. So stay close with the people you know in your group, outsiders pose a major threat to your survival.


It will be survival of the fittest and you always have to keep that in mind. There will be predators in sheep’s clothing. Don’t fall prey or it could cost you and your families(friends, groups) lives.

How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?

Being Nomadic Or Setting Up A Central Base


You should know what type of form of survival you will operate in. There are benefits to being nomadic and moving from place to place. It removes the ability to be attacked in one place repeatedly. That being said you be vulnerable to attacks as you will be going into unknown territory. 


A central base will allow you the knowledge of the area as well as threats. So figure out the way in which you plan to survive. I personally will have a “central base” where all of my family and friends of my family will come together.


Learn How To Use A Compass


There will be many situations where it would pay to have a compass. If you have never used a compass with a map when camping or anything of the sort it’s time you try. It’s fairly straightforward and a good thing to know.


How To Survive In A Post Apocalyptic World?


You should have a good idea of how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Take the steps to be prepared for if this reality were to ever come to pass.


Stay safe out there!


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