How To Stock A Doomsday Bunker For Long-Term Survival

If you’ve ever spent any time on the internet, you know that doomsday bunkers are all the rage. You’ve probably seen one video after another about how to stock your bunker for long-term survival, and even though it seems like a lot of effort, you might be wondering if it’s worth it.


That’s where I come in! I’m going to tell you exactly what kind of food you should have in your doomsday bunker, and why. In this article, we’ll cover:


  • What kinds of foods are best for long-term storage?
  • The best way to store them (in mylar bags!)
  • What happens if they get wet?
  • And more!

We Ran A Large Scale Ad Campaign Targeting Preppers


We found some pretty interesting insights into long-term food storage. It is incredible that we tallied over 50,000 votes from people who were stocking up for an apocalyptic event or other emergencies were doing. 

Contrary to popular belief, people weren’t stockpiling junk food or processed sugars, instead, they were making healthy food choices with the food they were storing.  There are many people who are not in the prepping world who would think preppers stockpile a load of junk food, which was far from the case. 

To Store Canned Food Or To Not?


I know what you’re thinking: “How can I possibly survive without my favorite canned food?” Well, it’s true that canned food is a good thing to have in your doomsday bunker. But it’s not the kind of food that will help you survive the longest. If we look at long-term food storage we have to look at food that is dry. If you include anything that holds lots of water, the shelf life of that item is dramatically reduced.


That’s not to say that canned food is not a good thing to have. It most certainly is! It just pales in comparison to food such as rice, beans, powdered eggs, and the like.


Environment Plays A Key Factor


If you do not plan on moving your supplies to their “final resting place” then make sure they are in a good environment.


While those items are great for survival situations when they are stored properly, they still won’t last forever. In fact, alot of the food items that we prep will not last long if not stored correctly. That being said, if you want them to last longer than that you’ll need to store them in an environment where they can be protected from light, heat, and moisture.


So what exactly do you need to do? Well first off you want to find a cool place where there isn’t much light or heat coming from any direction. So no windows or vents nearby would be ideal if possible. Then make sure there’s no moisture around either. This is because it will accelerate their decomposition rate significantly over time. So please try not to store anything near any sources of water either like faucets or pipes for example.

The best way to store them (in mylar bags!)

When it comes to doomsday bunker food storage, you have to do it right. You do not want to go through all the hassle to only find out your food supplies have spoiled. Or will only last a few months. This is why you have to use mylar bags.

It is the best way to go about food storage because of the experience I have had with mylar bags. I have not found anything that preserves food as well as mylar bags do.

I have been using mylar bags for years now and they really are amazing at preserving food for long periods of time. They are made from aluminum foil and plastic, which makes them able to keep oxygen out and moisture in, which helps prevent spoilage from occurring inside them. This means that when you open up one of these bags years later (or even tomorrow) after storing some food inside it, you will still find that freshness that was originally there when you put it inside!

What happens if they get wet?


The reality is that when it comes to ensuring your food supplies last as long as possible you have to consider moisture. It is by far the most common way in my experience that food spoils. That’s not to say temperature and sunlight aren’t equally as destructive.

Best Ways! 

One of the best ways to protect against this is with Mylar bags, which are designed to keep oxygen and moisture out. They’re also cheap, so you can afford to buy a lot of them if you want to make sure all of your supplies are protected against moisture!

Moisture. It’s the scourge of food. It causes spoilage, and reduces the nutritional value of your food.  Did you know that bones have alot of nutritional value in survival? That’s why mylar bags are the way to go because of their ability to remove oxygen as well as any moisture so your food will stay fresh until an emergency strikes.

The best way to stock your doomsday bunker for long-term survival is with mylar bags. They are cheap, easy to use, and will keep your food fresher for longer than any other method. So make sure you have plenty on hand before the SHTF!

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