How To Stay Cool During A Power Outage: The Ultimate Guide

We can relate to the reality that it can be challenging to stay cool when the power is out. It is not an easy thing, especially when its hot outside. Regardless of what season you are in it’s not enjoyable because without our electricity things can get uncomfortable. I have experience living overseas and AC is something that makes life so much better. That being said, there were air con units in different rooms where I lived. It was not the same as central air conditioning.

How to Stay Cool During a Power Outage

If you have access to ice, keep it in your freezer until you need it. If a power outage is prolonged and temperatures are high, this will be sufficient to keep food cool. If you do not have access to ice, there are other ways to keep your food cool. One way is to put your food in a cooler and surround it with ice packs. Another way is to put your food in a container and put it in a cool, dark place.


To stay cool during a power outage:
  • Hydrate! This may seem obvious but hydration is the most important part of staying cool. Most people lose track of how much fluid they consume in an average day when they can simply turn on their faucets. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water each day before and after an outage so that your body can continue to regulate its temperature with minimal sweating or heat loss from evaporation through respiration or perspiration. You should also try drinking something like Gatorade if you don’t want plain water or find yourself craving sugar solutions because of dehydration symptoms such as headaches or dizziness — although these symptoms usually go away once we drink enough fluids for our bodies’ needs again!


Find Shade

  • Find shade! If possible, find somewhere with more shade than sun exposure; this will help reduce both heat load and humidity inside your home (if there’s no way around it). In particular, avoid placing any objects near windows where they could reflect sunlight into areas where people sit down — one common mistake people make is putting up curtains made out of mesh fabric which traps hot air inside while letting light through easily!

You Need To Be Properly Hydrated


During a power outage, you’re bound to feel hot and sweaty. You need to drink water to stay cool otherwise your body is bound to heat up. Heat Exhaustion can happen quickly if you don’t drink enough water or if you start sweating excessively without replenishing your fluids. Hydration is key to staying cool when there’s no power consuming energy in the air conditioning unit.


Find Shade When The Power Goes Off


When the power goes out, you’ll want to find shade. You can do this by standing under a tree or using an umbrella (as long as it’s not touching the ground). If you’re inside your home, make sure that no part of your body is touching a window or door frame—these surfaces are usually hotter than the rest of the room.


Loose-Fitting Clothing To Stay Cool With No Power


Your clothing should be loose-fitting so that it lets cool air in and hot air out. Avoid any sort of tight-fitting clothing, such as jeans or socks. You should also avoid any articles of clothing with zippers or buttons, as these can cause irritation against your skin when you’re sweating. In addition to the obvious things like pockets and drawstrings, there are other parts of your outfit that could cause chafing if you don’t have power: drawstrings on hoods and cuffs on shirts can rub against your bare skin when wet from sweat.


Cold Showers and Wet Rags


Cold showers are great at controlling body temperature. If you have access to a shower, take it! Or if the power outage is over and you still have water coming in the house, take advantage of that. Otherwise, try to cool off with a wet cloth around your neck or under your shirt. You’ll be surprised how much this can help cool down without having to get completely doused in water (which may or may not be an issue depending on how long it takes for your area’s government to fix things).


Ultimately, the best way to prepare for a power outage is by thinking ahead. If you’re proactive instead of reactive, you will be able to be a lot more prepared if/when the power goes out.

If you are planning on taking measures to prepare for an upcoming power outage (which you should), here are some tips about how to stay cool during a power outage:


Things To Bring 


  • You should make sure to pack some water bottles in your backpack and keep them close by. You never know when it might hit 100 degrees in your area and the last thing you want is to be thirsty!

  • You should bring some snacks that don’t require refrigeration or cooking (or both). You don’t want to have all this food go bad while they’re waiting in line at the grocery store because everyone else has come up with this same genius plan as well.

  • Always remember that moving air helps dissipate heat better than just sitting still in your house with all its doors closed up tight. So open up those windows! Even if it’s hot outside, opening windows allows air circulation throughout your home which makes it feel cooler overall–especially since most modern homes tend to have poor insulation qualities compared with older homes which means they retain heat longer than newer ones do so even though it may feel “hot” outside…

Power Outages


No matter what the cause, power outages can affect everyone in your community. But by taking steps now to prepare for the worst, you can avoid becoming a statistic. 

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