How To Preserve Meat By Drying For Survival

Have you ever wondered how people preserved meat before the days of refrigeration? One method is to dry it out. There are many ways to preserve meat, but drying it is one of the oldest and simplest methods. By drying meat, you can keep it safe to eat for long periods of time, even in hot weather. In this article, we will teach you how to dry meat for survival.


Meat is a valuable food source, but it can spoil if it’s not preserved properly. One way to preserve meat is by drying it.

Why Is Meat Preserved?


Meat preservation is an essential skill for any prepper. Not only does it ensure that you have food on hand when you need it, but it can also be used to stretch food supplies during times of plenty. There are many different methods of meat preservation, but the two most common are drying and smoking.


Drying is probably the oldest form of food preservation. It involves removing moisture from food using heat or air. The most common way to do this is to dehydrate it. Dehydrated foods can be stored in a variety of ways, including in bags or boxes, in a cool, dry place, or in a dehydrator.


Dehydrating meat is useful for preserving both fresh and stored meat. Fresh meat can be used as is, after being dried.



What is meat drying and why is it important for survival situations


Meat drying is a process of removing moisture from meat by evaporation. The result is a dried, desiccated jerky that can last for long periods of time.


Meat drying is important for survival situations because it allows you to store large quantities of food without having to worry about it going bad. It’s also a good way to preserve food if you don’t have access to an oven or stove.


The benefits of drying meat over other preservation methods


Drying meat is has been around for thousands of years and will still be used in into the future. The benefits of drying meat over other preservation methods are that it:


– Keeps meat healthy and fresh-tasting;

– Reduces spoilage and the need for refrigeration;

– Is easy to do without much know how.





So let’s say you are in the woods and have just taken taken down a big game animal which is central to you or your families survival. The worst thing that could happen would be if animals or insects got to it. If you do not have other means of preservation such as a freezer, which not every homesteader has. The next best option would be to dry or smoke the meat. 


Insects especially flies love to get themselves into your hard fought meat. You dont want to have your meat filled with fly eggs and spoil right before your eyes. That is why drying the meat out is so essential for long term wilderness survival. 


The problems of drying or smoking meat


The major problems that can come about are the fact that it will smell. This can attract animals or people. So it is important to keep this in mind when preserving your meat. 


If you live or plan to live outside an urban environment in a rural area/wild then you might have a dehydrator or oven. 

You do not need a dehydrator or oven but if you do that will speed up the process dramatically. That being said, dehydrators and ovens require alot of energy. A key thing to keep in mind if you plane to go down this route. 


How to dry meat using a food dehydrator or an oven


There are an abundance of ways to preserve your meat. One of the most favored methods is using a food dehydrator or an oven. Dehydrators work by using heat and air to break down the moisture in the meat, while ovens work by heating the meat until it can no longer be cooked, and then allowing it to cool.


The advantage of dehydrating meat is that it is a fast and easy way to preserve food. All you need is a dehydrator, meat, and some time. The disadvantage is that dehydration can cause food to spoil. To avoid this, make sure your dehydrator has a temperature control setting that allows you to store your meats at different temperatures so they can slowly reach their proper storage temperature.


The energy that is required is the main thing to consider!



Tips for storing dried meat and rehydrating it when you’re ready to eat it


The easiest of ways for storing meat is by hanging it. Just make sure if you decide to hang it, ensure that it can not be eaten by animals! When you want to eat the dried meat you can easily eat it as jerky or rehydrate the meat.


You can rehdydrate the meat by soaking it in water, by boiling it until it’s soft, or by cooking it over an open flame.



Recipes for dishes that include dried meat as one of the ingredients


My favorite go to dish to eat with dried meat is beef stroganoff! There are many other dishes you can create!



What Are the Benefits of Drying Meat?


The first benefit of drying meat is that spoilage is prevented. When wet, meats are at risk of developing harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning or even death. By drying the meat, these bacteria are prevented from multiplying and causing problems. This is particularly important if you’re storing the meat in an environment where moisture levels are high (like in a humid basement).



Any time you are storing meat for an extended period of time, dehydration is a key factor in preventing the growth of bacteria. And remember, preserving meat doesn’t have to be limited to emergencies – it can also come in handy when you find yourself with a bumper crop of wild game or want to stock up on your favorite cuts of beef before they go on sale. So don’t wait – start learning how to dry meat today and be prepared for anything!


Drying meat is an age-old preservation technique that can help you ensure your food supply in any survival situation. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can make sure that you have a safe and reliable source of protein even when all else fails. So don’t wait – start drying meat today and rest assured that you will be able to put nutritious meals on the table no matter what comes your way.

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