How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity?

How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity

How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity


I have been there, when it comes to having no electricity to keep your house warm. The power going out was never fun, especially in winter. It could have been worse, such as in a snowstorm. It’s important you know how to keep a house warm without electricity. It’s easier than you think, once you know how!

How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity

Closing Off Rooms


I grew up having extra rooms, not because we had money. But because I lived in a rural place. One of the best ways to conserve heat when we didn’t have electricity and when we did was to close off rooms.


The reality is that every room that you heat is using more electricity/energy. The fewer rooms you heat the easier and cheaper your bills can be. Not if you use central heating, but using space heaters.


The problem with rooms you don’t use when you have no power is they create a colder home. If these rooms are not used they should be closed off. This way you can conserve heat in the most important rooms. The bigger the space the harder it is to keep warm.


Doors And Windows


You are going to want to close all windows and doors from the outside. I would also put draft blockers on my doors and windows. You can use blankets/towels to accomplish this. The main thing you are trying to do is prevent cold gushes of air from coming through.


Our homes “breath” and air gets inside. So preventing air from coming in, when you want to keep it warm without electricity is key.

How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity

Rugs Can Keep A Home Warm Without The Use Of Electricity.


If you have carpeting in your home then chances are rugs will not be as important in keeping your home warm. There may still be areas that are not carpeted that could benefit from rugs. They create a barrier between the floor and you.


I have found that they also are great at trapping heat. I lay one near my door to trap any cold air and keep warm air in. It’s something my grandparents always did and I do as well. I also always have some kind of draft blocker for doors. There is so much heat that is lost through our doors. So a rolled-up towel would work just fine.


How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity

Exercise Inside


This is something I always use to do growing up. I wanted to stay in shape for sports but also made my room or the room I was working out in warmer. When you exercise you give off a lot of heat. This heat can contribute to combatting a cold house.


I would focus on working out in one room to maximize it’s effectiveness. If working out doesn’t seem like what you want to do there are many other options.

How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity

Candles Are A Great Way To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity!


I know that candles are a great way to warm a home. They are a great alternative when you have no electricity. Using candles to stay warm is not a new concept, but it works. I have used candles many times to warm up a room. Or take out the cold chill of a room.


Use your best judgment when dealing with candles for heat. If you are warming up a smaller room two candles would work well. In a larger room four candles would be a better option.


I use to always do this trick when growing up. Obviously, be safe when dealing with any type of flame. This is what I have done in the past. Please be safe. I do not want anyone’s house burning down.


Room By Room


I would close of rooms that I use, initially in order to heat them up. There were still rooms we just closed off altogether, that would not be heated. So I would put two candles in my room and two in my mother’s. One in the bathroom and two in our kitchen. Our living room was a separate room that we could close off if needed. I would close the doors to each of these rooms.


Then after two hours, I would open the doors up. I did this as it was always easier to heat up one room at a time. Then the warmer air from each of the rooms would combine. This was always my trick, especially before bed. When the sun goes down, it’s always the coldest!


PSA: When using candles make sure they are not near anything that can catch of fire.


Curtains For Keeping A House Warm


I am a big fan of curtains for their appeal in a home. Beyond that, I like that they keep a lot of heat inside. They serve two purposes of being decorative and practical at the same time. It’s known that curtains are great at blocking cold drafts from entering your home.


They can also keep your house cooler by blocking out the sun. Another good way to keep your home warm without electricity.

How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity

How To Stay Warm Without Electricity


One of my favorite ways to stay warm without electricity is layering. The reality is that if you find yourself in a situation without electricity it can be challenging to stay warm. In general, when you layer your clothing you will be warmer.


The reason why having layers of clothes on keeps you warm is it creates barriers. Warm air is trapped between these layers and maintains/retains more heat. When I grew up I would layer my clothing if I was still cold. If you get hot then take a layer off until you are comfortable.


How To Keep A House Warm Without Electricity?


You should know easy ways to keep a house warm even when there is no power. It can be stressful when you do not have electricity and it’s really cold out. The best thing you can do is implement some of my tips. This will help make sure your home is as warm as possible even without electricity!

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