Quick Way To Ensure Your Baby’s Milk And Formula Will Last!

If you have a baby, you know how important it is to have milk and formula on hand in case of an emergency. But did you know that you can extend the shelf life of these items by using mylar bags? Mylar bags are made from a material that is airtight and watertight, which means that your milk and formula will stay fresh for longer. We will cover why you should use mylar bags for baby formula. You want to make sure your baby formula is are ready for any emergency!


What Not To Store In Mylar Bags


You should avoid food products that have moisture. I would focus on food products that are dry with very little to no water content. The less water the better as moisture means bacteria and spoiling. You want to ensure that the food that you store is protected. This is why you should store babies’ milk or formula in mylar bags.


Can you store baby formula in Mylar bags?


Yes, 100% but make sure to store it correctly. If you do not know how we’ve got you covered!

The Key Benefits Of Using Mylar Bags For Baby Formula Storage

Why you should store baby formula in mylar bags?


Well, it has to do with a number of clear benefits. Let me ask you a question. What is a key element that leads to food spoiling?




It is air and all the different kinds of bacteria in air. In reality, moisture and air go hand in hand with each other. When we introduce mylar bags we are providing an airtight seal that will keep the formula lasting longer. It will not spoil and stay fresh for years.


How long do nuts last in mylar bags? 



My best friend’s wife stored baby formula in a mylar bag, when they found out she was pregnant. They are a couple who always like to be ready and have a plan. Their worry was related to the economy and supply chain problems. When they stored their formula in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers’ they were making sure they had peace of mind. Ironically, it came in handy when recently there has been a formula crisis, at the time of writing this.


The Second Major Benefit of Storing Baby Formula In Mylar Bags


It has to do with the ease of transportation. The bags are lightweight and can be brought with you in case of an emergency.




Many parents decide on using mylar bags. They are clearly one of, if not the best option for storing food and most importantly baby formula. They can also be reused and resealed.


Make Sure It Is Sealed


You have to make sure that it is sealed in its entirety. If you leave even the smallest of openings can allow contaminants, moisture and other bacteria inside. I would also recommend checking on your mylar bag a few times a year to make sure everything is going smoothly.

How Long Will My Baby Formula Last?


Many baby formulas will last a few months, but if you store it correctly you are looking at years. If the baby formula is stored in a mylar bag correctly, it should last (3 to 5 years). This estimate is a result of the fat within the formula and experience with its storage.


 If you want to store baby formula correctly, then we’ve got you covered! The first thing is to put it make sure there is no moisture in the bag and remove any if there is. Then add the formula and an oxygen absorber. Once that is complete seal the bag. I would recommend putting it in a container, the size of the container will depend on how much you wish to store.


Sunlight Is Your Enemy


The place that you store the formula, must be where no sunlight can reach it. Sunlight will cause the formula to go bad and spoil at a faster rate.




When determining the location, the temperature comes into play. If you do everything right but place it in a hot area of your home or garage. You will be ruining all the steps you took to preserve the formula.

So put it in a place where there is no humidity and a lack of sunlight. These are the key steps to ensuring you have the formula that you need for your child or a loved one’s child. Either way, you want to make sure that it is fresh and ready to go when you need it!


Labeling is Key


When it comes to mylar bags and food storage, you have to know what you put in it and when. I learned the hard way once, so you don’t have to. It takes a few seconds to label the bag with the contents of the mylar bag and when you stored it. This is a must!


How long does rice last in mylar bags?


When It Comes To Baby Formula Storage, Mylar Bags Are The Way To Go


Mylar bags are an excellent way to store baby formula and ensure that it will last for years. However, it is important to take proper precautions when using mylar bags, such as ensuring that the bags are sealed correctly and storing them in a cool, dark place. Label all mylar bags clearly so you know what is inside and when it was stored. If you follow these tips you can rest assured that your baby’s formula will be fresh and ready to use in an emergency. Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful.


Do you have any tips on how to store baby formula? Let us know in the comments below!

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