How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property!

How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property

How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property


So you probably are having some wild pigs coming onto your property or you want to prevent it from happening. Well, we’ve got you covered. Wild pigs can be a real nuisance on any property, especially if you have small children. I have dealt with wild pigs before, and let me tell you.


They can be very dangerous.

How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property

They Have Kept Me Up At Night


A few years, ago we had a wild pig infestation on our homestead. It was not easy by any means. I knew I had to do something about them. The problem was they always came around late at night.


A real pest if you ask me!


They destroyed some of our crops and even killed one of our animals.


So What Did We Do To Get Ride Of Wild Pigs?


I did not realize at the time that our property needed to be cleaner. I built a pig-proof compost pile to prevent the wild pigs from getting into it. We cleaned up other areas that needed seeing to, that we had been neglecting.


So look around your property and see what needs to be done. A cleaner property is the best. You shouldn’t have garbage or areas that are creating an ideal environment for wild pigs.


Everyone’s property will be different but make sure it’s clean and doesn’t attract wild pigs is key.


Do You Have A Garden?


You can’t have one anymore.


Just kidding! Does your garden have a good fence to keep animals out? If it doesn’t have a fence to keep wild pigs out, you need to install one. I have put up all kinds of fences, what matters is you do it right! Be that a wooden fence or metal.


I would make sure to have it at least five feet tall, six feet would be best.


Have You Considered Buying A Dog To Keep Wild Pigs Away?


If not then you should!


Maybe you already have one. If you do not then you should get one. One that isn’t small and fragile I might add. Something that you can bond with but also can protect/ward off animals.


Two good dogs together pose a threat to most animals.


Maybe you have a dog but don’t want it to get hurt. Which is a fair point. A dog barking, even on a leash is a good warning sign to wild pigs and all animals.



Wild Pigs Hate Loud Noise


When I have dealt with wild pigs noise is a great deterrent. I fashioned a few wind chime’s in highly trafficked areas. I also put a line with string through a few cans of beans. The cans were used and empty. I strapped the string between two trees in an area where the pigs always came in from.


With the wind chimes and the can’s, noise was made if they entered my property. If I am wanting to eat some of the pigs, I will take these things down and let them find their final resting place on my property. I love trapping!

How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Wild Pigs?


I believe that the best way to really get rid of wild pigs is two ways. The first way is to shoot them, legally I might add. Make sure that you can do so where you are located and are not breaking any laws first off.


If you are able to hunt and harvest these pigs you have a great protein source coming to your doorstep. You could get into a good position and wait for them at the time they typically come around.


You will need to get infrared monoculars/binoculars/scopes or some device to see at night.


My Favorite Way To Deal With Wild Pigs!


I think trapping wild pigs is by far the best way to get rid of wild pigs. Preventing wild pigs does work. The best way however is to actually capture the animal. Once you have captured a wild pig or group of them you can either harvest them or let them go. Letting them go, should scare them enough to not come back. “I have never let feral pigs go, I might add, so I can not speak from experience in regards to that”. 


Your best option is to harvest the pigs if you can do so legally. If you can then go for it.


Why Is Trapping Better?


I have friends who are avid hunters and would disagree with me. That being said, practically trapping is better when it comes to wild pigs. Wild pigs move fast and once you fire off one round the other’s dash in all directions. Leaving you with hopefully one pig down and 20 more to go.


Plus the time it takes to actually take one down. You might wait and come up with nothing. Only to see the destruction they caused last night when you were sleeping.


A never-ending cat and mouse game! 


The Alternative


Trapping wild pigs is the best way, because it’s a passive form of hunting and dealing with pests. You want to build a fence in a circle. There are many ways and traps you can buy, such as box traps.


I know from my friends and my personal experience that corrals are the way to go. I think they are the best way when dealing with feral hogs.


You want to build a hog/wild pig trap in a circle because of how wild the animals are. They will run through or break one area of a fence when not in a circle. I have seen it happen firsthand with a square shape trap.


The circle confuses the wild pigs, and they run around and around. Without breaking through the trap.


How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property

How To Build A Wild Pig Trap?


It’s fairly simple, you are going to use utility panels are something similar for your walls. You will then put down posts with metal/wood. This will be a circle formation. Then secure the panels to the posts. You will need a gate/door so that once they are in the hogs will be trapped.


So use the same materials and create a door and a trigger for the door to clamp shut.


Bait Them In


You build it and they may not come, catching pigs isn’t always easy. So having bait is key. I would create a trail of bait such as shelled corn that leads into your trap.


The Door


I will use the same trap that I use to use with birds. I would use a cardboard box, a stick, and a rope. Then once the bird goes inside the box to eat the bait pull the string attached to the rope.


Same concept but I put the small stick in the middle of the bait. Pigs are not gentle creatures. So I will have the door attached to the small stick, with a thin rope. The pigs will be eating and will move the stick which will trigger the door to close.


I love this part because then they always freak out and run around in circles. Have a camera hooked up to my two traps on my property.


Additional Ways


You could hire someone to scare the pigs, probably with dogs. Electric fences are also another thing you could try. I have not used either of these, but I bet they could work.


How To Deal With Wild Pigs On Your Property


There are many ways you can cook an egg and the same goes for getting wild pigs off your property. If you find that you can not do one of these ways, then try another. You will be well on your way to getting the hogs off your property or onto your plate.



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