How The Super Rich Are Preparing For Doomsday New!

How The Super Rich Are Preparing For Doomsday!


The super-rich are preparing for Doomsday in unimaginable ways!


You may think that they are only buying bunkers and stockpilling canned goods. Well, your wrong! They are doing those things but even more than that. The thing that you have to remember is that they are rich and with money comes options. When you have options you can easily be prepared when most people can not.


Why Are The Super Rich Prepping For Doomsday?


You may be asking, why would they be prepping for doomsday? Well, because they bleed just the same as anyone. There is an inherent part of what it means to be human and that is to survive. That’s a part of everyone, wanting to survive.


One major reason is the fear of a global financial collapse or nuclear war.


The difference is when you have the money you do not have to worry about surviving in the same sense. You have the ability to “live” and that includes your family and friends. All of this comes into play when thinking about prepping for doomsday!


Breakdown In Society


Or a people’s uprising/anarchy.


There is a fear of the breakdown of society as we know it. During times of unrest, there is violence and danger. Your security detail can not take down hundreds or thousands of people. Who wants to take what belongs to you.


Think if you had become wealthy and people wanted to take that all away. This has happened throughout history and could be another reason as to why there is a need to have an escape plan. 


War, Food Shortages, Cyber Attacks, Mass Migration, Viruses


War, food shortages, cyber-attacks, mass migration, and viruses. These are a few of the many things that could warrant a need for the super-rich to become preppers.


It’s just common sense: if you have the money to do so, why not prepare yourself for when disaster strikes? There is always going to be war as long as mankind is around. The reality is having a safe haven to escape to is a desirable thing for all people, especially those with money.


They’re buying up land in New Zealand


When it comes to where they are buying New Zealand seems to be a popular spot. This has been earmarked by many wealthy individuals as a place to weather out an apocalyptic event.


The location of where New Zealand is located makes it ideal. You can easily buy land and build a substantial bunker that can sustain life for a very long time. The weather and the fact that it is an island also make it more appealing.


Is New Zealand The Only Place?


No, New Zealand is not the only place that super-rich are buying. Some people who are not wealthy are buying land in New Zealand as well, and others are not.


Some are focusing on the attributes of New Zealand and finding other comparable locations. A country similar to New Zealand would be Australia. There are major differences, such as the large desert area that makes up a large percentage of the country. Which New Zealand does not have.


If you are looking for a different option that provides similar benefits I would look into would be Sweden. It is a country I have not mentioned before.


Why Sweden?


The major reason would be the level of remoteness that you can have in the country. You can live far away from most civilizations. This will be a benefit when SHTF. There is also a low population density.


Islands and more islands!


Sweden has so many islands that its kind of ridiculous. There are so many!


Sweden has so many islands which make it ideal for surviving an apocalypse. There are so many!


The country has tens of thousands of islands. There is really no shortage of places to bunker down or hide out during an apocalyptic event. Think of a virus that was as deadly as the plague swept through. An island would be a good place to be that is far away from people.


Bunker’s Are Always In


It’s hard to argue with the fact that bunkers are always a good option. They provide protection and a level of safety that is hard to match.


Bunkers always have been and always will be a go-to choice for preppers, especially when it comes to an apocalyptic event. You can stock years worth of food and even produce food underground. Knowing you and your resources are safe, make it worth it. That’s if you have put it in a good location and it is concealed.


No wonder, it is a go-to choice for the super-rich and for many. They provide protection and a level of safety that is hard to match.

Hydroponics For Super Rich


Bunkers are a convenient way for the super-rich to escape from the world and its problems. But there are always elements that can be added on to create a self-sustaining environment.


Aquaponics is another element of many bunkers that the super-rich purchase or build. You want a way to sustain life if you run out of food eventually.


Aquaponics takes little water and produces food year-round. It could be snowing like crazy, but you will be unaffected. It is a controlled microclimate that keeps on giving.


Chickens In A Bunker



If you’ve ever wanted to know how to keep chickens in a bunker, then you’ve come to the right place!


Yes, chickens need food, but not to the same degree as other livestock. You can easily keep producing chickens with an incubator, so your hens are always producing. Think if you average 250 eggs or more depending on the variety per hen yearly. That’s a lot of eggs.


One Way Of Producing Food Indefinitely In A Bunker


Over time, those numbers will reduce. So you create more chickens that will replace the mother hens. This can be done easily above ground and below ground.


In a well-designed bunker, you can create a closed-loop system that supports itself. You would allot a percentage of your plants to the chickens and growing crickets. The crickets would be in a cage and when large put into a blender. The protein of the crickets with the greens would feed the chickens long-term.


This is one of many ways to sustain life for the long term.


There are many reasons why Sweden and New Zealand would be a good choice for surviving an apocalypse. The countries have a low population density, which would be beneficial in the event of a deadly virus sweeping through. Or other apocalyptic events. Sweden has tens of thousands of islands, which provide plenty of places to bunker down and hide out.


Bunkers are always a good option for preppers and the super-rich. You can grow food year-round in Sweden using a greenhouse and New Zealand is even better. The ability to raise livestock like sheep in New Zealand would be ideal, which you could do in Sweden as well. These are two great countries for sustaining life in the event of an apocalypse.

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