How Long Will Pancake Mix Last In Mylar Bags? Quick!

Have you ever wondered how long pancake mix will last in Mylar bags?

I have, and I’ve done the research to find out.


The longest I’ve stored pancake mix in mylar bags was 3 and a half years. When I opened up that bag, the pancake mix was just fine!


So I would say that pancake mix will last from 3 to 5 years. It could last longer. But that’s what I would estimate it would last.


Dry and Powdered Foods


The reality is that the best food’s for mylar bags are dried or powdered. This is because they have little to no water content. Which makes them prone to lasting longer in general.


The less water content the better!


Then when you add in mylar bags that protect them, you only increase their life spans.


This means you can buy one bag of food, and not have to worry about it going bad for a very long time.

Pancake Mix Could Last Longer


Pancake mix on its own will have a long shelf life, but when you add in mylar bags it only goes up. It can easily go past five years!


I have not gone past five years but I bet you could.


Temperature Temperature!


If you want to keep your pancake mix fresh for as long as possible, make sure you store it in a cool location where there isn’t direct sunlight. This is the best way to store any type of food in mylar bags. If you want long-term food storage that will last you have to store it that way.


Benefits Of Storing Pancake Mix


Storing pancake mix in mylar bags is a great way to ensure that it stays fresh for as long as possible. There are many benefits to using mylar bags in general especially when it comes to storing pancake mix. It’s always a good idea to have food stored that won’t go bad. If times are tough or a deadly virus were to occur you would have everything you need.


The key to storage with mylar bags is sealing them correctly and keeping them out of direct sunlight as well as heat. You can store these in a closet, basement or garage without any problems. Just make sure it’s away from any moisture or heat source that could cause damage over time.

How Long Will Pancake Mix Last In Mylar Bags?


You should now know that they will last 3 to five years if stored correctly! That’s if you store them in a proper location. If you store them in a hot or humid place in your room, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your efforts. So take the time to store your mylar bags in a cool and dry place. 


You want to make sure you have your supplies ready to go at a moment’s notice. It could make all the difference when SHTF.


Stay safe out there and always prepare!

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