How Long Will Flour Last In Mylar Bags? Simple!

How Long Will Flour Last In Mylar Bags?

So how long will flour last in mylar bags? Well, white flour will last 10 to 20 years in mylar bags. It could be longer in some cases, I would not be surprised at all. You have to store mylar bags correctly if you want the flour to last decades.


I have a good friend who has 4 old bags of flour that are 16 years old(stored in mylar bags). He wanted to test one to see if it had gone bad. Well, he opened one up a few months ago.


Do you think they went bad?


It was completely fine, and he told me about it when having dinner with his family. The bread that his wife made with the white flour was great!



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Pest Resistant Mylar Bags


Flour is a staple in many kitchens. It also can go bad quickly if not stored properly. It could spoil if you do not use ways of preserving it such as using mylar bags.


A key attribute that makes mylar bags great for flour is the protection from pests. Flour is prone to infestation by insects and rodents. Mylar bags act as a layer of protection from these kinds of pests.


Mylar Bags Block Out Air


Want your flour to last decades? Keep it in an airtight environment.


That’s why mylar bags are so great for storing flour long-term. They block out all the oxygen that would otherwise cause your flour to go rancid.


All you have to do is add a few oxygen absorbers, seal the bag and you’re good to go!




First of all, mylar bags are water-resistant, which is essential in keeping your flour safe. That being said, don’t expect it to do well siting in water or in a humid environment.


Where you place your flour in the mylar bags is another thing to take into account. The place where you put the mylar bags filled with flour should be cool, and dark.




When you’re storing your flour for the long term, it’s important to make sure that it’s protected from light, heat and moisture. In addition to keeping the bags in a dark, dry place, I like to use buckets to add another layer of protection. It prevents the bag from being punctured or damaged by any light that might get in around the edges.


It also keeps everything nice and airtight, which is important if your goal is longevity for your white flour. If you want to keep your flour fresh for as long as possible, there are no shortcuts. You have to protect it!


And when it comes time to stack these buckets up on your shelf, it looks great!

Now You Know How To Store Flour For Long Term Storage!


I can’t speak for other types of flour, as I only have knowledge of storing white flour in mylar bags. They are really one of if not the best ways to store flour long-term. They are not hard to open and if done correctly give you food security.

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