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How Long Should It Take To Bug Out?

How long it will take to bug out is going to depend on a few things.


The first one being what the scenario is? Such as an EMP attack or a pandemic? Or a deadly virus or terrorists. It could be zombies as well.


So know what the situation is or plan for the one if not a few.


The second thing to think about is where you are located. If you live in an urban area then getting out on foot could be your only option. Going by car could be problematic in an urban setting, for traffic.


We have many factors to cover when it comes to determining how long it should take!


In a disaster, every moment counts.


Every second counts, when SHTF. It can make all the difference between getting out in time or not. Avoiding chaos and getting to safety or being in the thick of it. In an urban setting that will be even more important, is the need to get out fast. You do not want to get trapped in a place, you know is not suitable long term.


Factor in things such as the weather conditions that are common in your area. So you can prepare and act accordingly in a crisis.


How quickly can you leave your home in an emergency?


I would test myself and my family to see how quickly we can get out of your home.


It’s also a good idea to have a set limit of time for how long it will take for everyone to get out of the house. They should know or have a bug-out bag ready to go. This will eliminate the need for looking for essential items.


It’s a good idea to have a buddy system in place, especially if you have a large family. Means everyone has one person they need to make sure gets out with them. This way no one is left behind in the heat of an emergency.

How Long Should It Take To Bug Out?

What Is Your Route?


You need to know where to go when SHTF. There should be your main location and always have a second. Just in case you can’t get there or something unforeseen happens.


The first step is to figure out what your route will be. You should have a predetermined route on where to go. The route should be safe, as well as easy for you to remember and follow. If your path takes you through large crowds of people, then you may want to consider a different route.


Then estimate the amount of supplies you will need to reach the location. I always estimate having extra if things change. So make sure you have enough food and water for yourself and your family.


More Than One


You should always have a backup plan in place. So if something happens to your primary route, you can use your backup. It’s essential that you have more than one way to get you where you need to go. All, family members should know more than one way to get there in case you are split up for some reason.





In your route to get out of your house and to safety you have to plan for obstacles to arrises. The chances are high that you might encounter them on your journey and you have to be able to handle them.


One example could be you see a large crowd of people in front of you. The best thing to do is go around them or any other way that avoids a large group.


In an urban area, you will be using your car to get out. In most situations, your car is your best bet, for moving fast. You have to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams that you can’t get out of. There could be rioting and other dangerous things occurring in an urban environment. So keep that in mind.


Physical Endurance


One area that is often forgotten is your physical endurance. You should be in good shape, meaning you should be able to run. It would be wise to determine how long it will take you to reach your bug-out location on foot.


If something happens to your car, you need to keep moving to safety. This can be hard to do if you are out of shape and have not been exercising regularly. The last thing that you want is for an emergency situation like this one to cause you additional problems due to poor health or lack of exercise.


How Long Should It Take To Bug Out?

Do You Have A Bug-Out Bag Ready?


You should be able to answer these questions with a resounding “YES”!


If not, then you should start taking the steps to build a bug-out bag for yourself and your family. The speed it will take you to get out of your house and bug out to safety will be affected, if you have a bug-out bag ready or not. So make sure to have one.


It should contain essentials, in food and water. Followed by warm clothing, first aid, and a firearm. Any other items should be added as well.


Then estimate how many people with be traveling with you? Each person should ideally have their own bag.

You shouldn’t have to do a lot of thinking when bugging out. Things should be ready and planned ahead of time.


The Age And Amount Of People


The age and amount of people that will be bugging out with you will be a major factor. If for example, a few family members are older, you should estimate things could take longer. Or if there are any medical issues as well. Take these factors into consideration with how long it should take to bug out. Every person’s situation will be different from the next.


How far is it to get to your bugout location?


The distance from your location to your bug-out location is going to be a major factor. You should know and have gone to your bug-out location many times. So record the time of how long it takes you to get there on different routes.


The further the distance the longer it will take.


Would you have trouble finding the item if your life depended on it?


You should ask yourself the question of “can you find your bug-out location during a crisis?”. If you can’t then you need to know how. It should not be difficult for you to find when things are chaotic. That being said, it shouldn’t be so easy that anyone with eyes can find it.


Times To Bug Out Will Vary


If your bug-out location is close by then your time will be alot faster. For example, It’s 50 miles away from your main location. It shouldn’t take long at all.


If it’s hundreds of miles away it will take longer, as you have more ground to cover. That will make things more dangerous but equally the location may be more remote. There are pros and cons to both approaches. Where you are located will play a major factor in this.


The Further The Way The Better


When SHTF, people act like their heads have been cut off. You would do best with staying clear of people. A normal person who use to act in a respectable and socially accepted fashion may change before your eyes. When a crisis happens, people really do go crazy.


Your Transportation


Your best option for getting to safety will be by vehicle. The reality is that going on foot will be the most dangerous. If you run into trouble getting far away will be alot harder to do. It will allow you to move fast and get away from danger.


How Long Should It Take To Bug Out?

The Time It Will Take To Bug- Out


The reality is that each person’s time to bug out will be different. The situations will be different for each person. If you are ahead of the curve before a crisis or get out the minute the news breaks you will be ahead. It can take a few hours, to days, or even weeks to fully bug out. It’s going to come down to your location, plan, and the other factors we mentioned.


Most Dangerous


Bugging out is one of the most important aspects of being a prepper. That being said, it’s arguably the most dangerous. As you will move traveling area’s that could present unknown danger’s. This is why having a dialed-in plan is essential if you want to bug out quickly.


How Long Should It Take To Bug Out?


You should have a good idea of the different factors that will play into how fast you should bug out. It really will depend on your location, skills, number of people, and other factors. So plan accordingly.

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