How Long Do Sprouting Seeds Last In Mylar Bags?

There are a lot of things you need to know about in order to be a good prepper, but how long sprouting seeds last in a mylar bag is a good one to know. You can’t beat the taste of food that is grown by your own two hands!


Having sprouting seeds prepared for whatever happens is essential. You should store them in a mylar bag and keep them in your food storage area so that you can always have easy access to them to produce food fast.


If you want to know how long sprouting seeds last in a mylar bag, keep reading!


How long do sprouting seeds last if stored correctly?


The reality is that sprouting seeds if stored correctly in mylar bags will last for 3 to 5 years.

Correct Storage


When it comes to storing anything in mylar bags the first and most important element is the environment you are storing them in. If they are stored in a hot or humid environment you are putting your stored supplies at risk of spoiling. So make sure that your storage area has good air circulation and minimal humidity levels. Also, make sure that there is no moisture buildup in your storage area as well. This is needed for storing rice in mylar bags as well !


If they are kept in a cool, dry area they will last for years.


The other thing to keep in mind when storing seeds is how long before you plan on using them. If you’re just planning on holding onto them for a few months then you can use any kind of container and they should be fine. If you’re planning on holding onto them for years then you need to invest in a good storage system.

Like Mylar bags or another vacuum-sealed container that will keep out light and oxygen from ruining your seeds.


Sprouting Seeds Contain Bacteria Reducing Shelf Life


In the past, we’ve heard some people say that sprouting seeds contain bacteria that can reduce how long they stay viable. That’s true, but it’s important to remember that this is only true if you’re trying to keep them viable for an extended period of time. Seeds are meant to germinate, and as such, they have a higher risk of spoiling than other resources stored in mylar bags.


Sprouting seeds are best used within two years of purchase. If you’re planning to use them in the near future, then expect a few more years before they go bad.


Being Exposed To Air


A major aspect as to why sprouting seeds can spoil faster than other resources stored in resources comes down to two things. The first one is that they are inherently meant to germinate. The second is that in the air, there are so many types of spores and different types of bacteria that can infect seeds.


That being said, in mylar bags you are taking that same exposure to oxygen out of the equation. When you do that it gives them a longer shelf life. If you did not, there is a higher chance of spoiling. It can easily lead to mold spores latching themselves onto the seeds.


Ensure No Moisture Before Storing Them


It’s important to ensure that your seeds are completely dry before you store them in a mylar bag.

When you’re preparing for long-term storage, it’s important to make sure that there is no moisture around your seeds. If there is, it can cause mold or mildew to grow inside the bag, which will ruin the seeds and may even cause them to spoil. If you plan to store nuts the same can be said. 


So by simply checking your seeds for moisture can prevent alot of headaches. The reality is that even the smallest amount could create havoc inside the bag and cause mold or mildew to grow.




I know it’s hard to believe, but time really does play a factor in your sprouting seeds’ ability to perform optimally. After two years, they should still be able to germinate, but their germination rates tend to drop over time.


If you’ve got some old sprouting seeds that haven’t been doing so hot lately, there’s one thing you can try: soak them longer. If when you open your mylar bag after three years for example and are struggling to get them going I would do one thing. I would soak them longer than usual.


Indoor greens


Sprouting seeds are a great resource for SHTF situations. You can deploy them to produce food in an emergency or hunkering down type of situation. When SHTF you need the ability to produce food, and sprouting seeds are a great way to get high levels of nutrients, in a small amount of space.


This is why I have always kept different sprouting seeds on hand, as well as the lights/equipment needed to do it. I also have indoor hydroponics set up for growing nutritious greens that I have deployed in the past to practice in the case of SHTF.


Many Options For Sprouting Seeds


I like the diversity of different sprouting seeds that I have stored, in mylar bags. There are so many different types that are available. I have well over a hundred pounds of all kinds. One example of a sprouting seed that I enjoy is chickpea sprouting seeds. They are packed with so many essential nutrients that our bodies need. There are so many, and they are easy to grow and fast!


Chickpea sprouting seeds are one of my favorite types either to eat in salads or raw. They are great when added to another dish. They taste great and provide some amazing benefits for your body. One such way is by helping your liver detoxify itself by cleansing it through its natural ability to produce bile. This has the potential to flush out toxins from your system making you feel healthier overall while also helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This helps to prevent cravings which will be a great thing to have in an SHTF situation.


Mylar Bags And Sprouting Seeds


If you store sprouting seeds correctly you will be happy you did. They are a great prep food resource to have. In today’s world, you can never be too prepared. It can make all the difference in having peace of mind. So don’t wait and add sprouting seeds to your prepping items!

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