How Long Can Water Be Kept In Storage In 55-Gallon Barrels? Valuable!

 Water is something that doesn’t have an expiration date. It can be contaminated but if maintained properly, water will last forever.


You may have been thinking or wondering how long can you keep water stored in a 55-gallon barrel.


Well, it all depends on how you store it.



How do you store water for years?


How you store your water is essential if you want it to not become contaminated or needing to be purified. So the easiest thing you can do when it comes to storing water in a 55-gallon barrel is to place it in a dark and cool place.


If you want to ensure that your water will stay as clean as possible you should not let any sunlight hit it. Be that indirectly or directly. If you want to keep your water in its best state.




Another key factor that people forget about when storing water. If you want this water to serve in an emergency situation or when you need it you have to think long term. The temperature will directly impact your water quality if it’s too hot for example.


The lower the temperature the better (not freezing). It will help you in determining how long your water will last before requiring purification or treatment. The less treatment the better!



Filling Your Water Barrel


The air around us plays a major role in why food goes bad and the same for water becoming “dirty”. You may or may not have experience canning food. You are always supposed to fill up your jar all the way and not leave room for oxygen. If you do leave room for air in your jar, you are inviting bacteria, and the canned peaches will spoil faster.


That’s what my uncle always told me.


The same goes for water barrels. You should fill it all the way to limit the amount of air in the barrel. 

Check For Holes Or Potential Cracks


When it comes to water barrels, like all things, you get what you pay for. You should make sure to check your water barrel before buying it if possible. If not then look it over before filling it up with water. Check to see if there are any small holes or cracks.


Small cracks can become bigger over time. You wouldn’t want any bugs getting in your clean water.



Clean Your Barrel First


Did you know that before you fill your barrel with water, you should clean it?


I hope so!


But it looks clean already, why do I need to clean a water barrel?


Because even if it looks clean, it’s worth cleaning it to make sure. There are always particles and things you can’t see with the naked eye.


Before filling it with water, clean the barrel first. I would use some soap and warm water. Give it a rinse-out, until all the soaps gone. The cleaner your barrel to start with, the cleaner your water will be! Giving it a good scrubbing always does the trick!




I use one tablespoon for a 55-gallon barrel of water. You can use more or a little less. If your water is clean, then a little less will do the trick as well.



It’s all about maintaining your water and keeping it clean in the first place. It will make your life easier if you do.


What To Look Out For?


Your barrel filled with water could become contaminated. If you store it incorrectly, it can become infected with bacteria and other microorganisms. Some common signs you are going to need to treat your water are the following:


If your water becomes cloudy, or if you see any type of brown hue. Or if you see any type of sediment, don’t drink it! This is a sign that there are harmful organisms in your water. If you find small insects in your water, your best bet is to drain it out and start over again.


Do not drink cloudy water!


When in doubt, don’t drink it.




So can water expire?


Water can be stored indefinitely as long as you maintain your water. If you want to keep it clean without having to purify it regularly or treating it storage is key. Keep it in a cool and dark place and your water will be there when you need it. In a 55 gallon barrel, waiting to be used!


You should know “how long does water stay good in a barrel?”.


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