How Do I Turn My House Into A Fortress? Fast & Easy!

The need to be able to protect your home from a home invasion is so important! You are most likely thinking “How do I turn my house into a fortress?


And rightly so, you should a stronghold and citadel ready to weather any attack. You want a bastion of defense and we will help you get there!


Lighting It Up! Nowhere To Hide!


You want to make your home impenetrable from intruders. The first step in doing so is removing their ability to hide. Think of where castles were located. They were put on top of hills and area’s where they could see everything around them.


Your home need’s to be able to see everything around itself. The major way to do that is with lights. Motion-sensor floodlights and the like are a good choice. I know that an intruder is going to want to hide and make his way into your home covertly.


The less ability to hide the better. If there are many places to hide on your property that’s not a good thing. If someone runs up to your house at night, for example, they should have a light shine down on them.

Get In Their Head


You set the tempo of what’s going to happen. Not the other way round. So having proper lighting that will light up an area is a good idea.


The intruder/criminal has an idea in their head of what they are going to do. When they know they’ve been spotted, they have to determine if they want to continue.


Strong Doors


If you want to protect your home, it’s best to start with the basics. You want doors that are going to be able to withstand impact. This all starts with the type of door that you have.


I would recommend having a check of all your doors locks and ensuring that they are strong enough to withstand a break-in attempt.


I would check to see what the door is made of. If it’s solid wood or hollow. Hollow doors are may bounce and when impacted be kicked open. Solid wood is much harder to break down. Steel doors are the best against intruders. Either way, check what kind of door you have.


Steel Gateways

Steel is a great option for your home’s doors, and it can be used in so many ways.


There are many options from steel security doors to ones that have unique designs. Having steel as a layer of protection for a solid wooden door is a great thing to have.


It fortifies your home, greatly. If you want to build a fortress for a home you need strong doors.




If you don’t have a deadbolt on your door, you’re just asking to be robbed.


A simple lock can easily be broken, but a deadbolt, that’s another story. It makes it a harder prospect for an intruder to get through your door with a crowbar or other method. This will hopefully give you the time to get help, get ready or escape. It will give you time to call the cops as well.


The point is you should have deadbolts on your door because they work!


I think deadbolts are great because they make a strong connection in the frame of the door.


What’s An Alternative To A Deadbolt?


I would recommend a mortise lock because of how strong they are. They need a thick enough door to have one of these locks. There are various components that make it a great alternative.


The area that is needed within the door frame to fit a mortise lock is larger. Which means an even stronger connection to the door.


I have a deadbolt lock and a mortise lock on my door. Then add in the steel, and I have a front and back door ready to take an attack. I want to feel 100% safe when I enter my home, which I turned into a fortress.


I Focus On Windows Next


When building a home that is a fortress in its own right you have to focus on your windows. I would follow the order of lighting and doors first. Then look into your windows.


Identify the windows with that are most prone to being broken. If an intruder was going to come into your home. I would look into putting shatter film on your window. Make sure it does not affect the light and visibility of the window when put on.


My favorite option is putting up bars on my windows. There are many nice designs you can get for windows that have bars. They cost more but look aesthetically pleasing and are not an eye sore. It’s a personal preference, but the bars I have are a design, not plain bars on my windows.


Fire Extinguishers


I would make sure to have more than one fire extinguisher in your house. If you have more than one level then you should definitely have two. One for the bottom level and one for the second.


Security System


You have to have a solid security system that puts you in the driver’s seat. It should have at least 2 cameras in the front and back of your house. The more the better.


You want more eyes on your property and what’s around you than less. Think of the fortresses thousands of years ago. They had men patrolling the walls keeping an eye out. In today’s world, we have cameras to do the same thing.


I would also recommend having a type of glass break alarm.




I have a dog, and it’s another form of security for my fortress of a home. They are just another form of deterrence and protection.

A Firearm


If all else fails and someone gets into your home, you and your loved ones are at great risk. I would have a firearm to protect myself as the last line of defense. It’s the great equalizer regardless of how big, or small you are.


Regardless of who you are, it evens the playing field!


When You Go Out Of Town


I would not let people know that I am out of town. This could invite a burglary. You could have a family member or friend come spend some time there when you are away.


If you can’t have someone come check on your house I would do a few things.


1. I would not tell anyone I will be away

2. I leave my living room tv on. Not on a loud setting but enough that if someone came close they would hear it.

3. I also leave, one light in my living room as well.

4. Parking in the driveway is another good idea.

I want to create the picture that someone is home.


If you can have someone you trust help out, maybe they could pick up your mail when you’re gone. You don’t want your mailbox filling up, it’s an easy sign that someone is gone.


Stay safe!

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