How Do I Secure Windows From Looters? New Tips!

Wondering how to keep looters from breaking into your windows? We’ve got you covered.


There are a few ways to secure your windows from looters, but we’re going to focus on the best ones: boarding them up, having bars on your windows, and stronger glass.


Boarding Up Windows


This is a reactive approach to securing windows from looters. I prefer to be proactive but regardless boarding up windows, works. It works in hurricanes and storms.


The same can be said for people who try to get into your property.


So what should I use to board up my windows from looters?


The easiest material to use is plyboard as it’s cheap and doesn’t require any experience to install. You buy a piece of plyboard and use a small hand drill to screw in nails.


Boarding Up Your Homes From Looters Is Different


Boarding up your home during a tropical storm or hurricane is different than boarding up your home from looters.


In a tropical storm or hurricane, people will put plyboard on the outside of their windows. They will screw them in place on the outside. The nails will keep the plyboard in place. The problem with doing this with looters is they can unscrew them.




You’re not dealing with mother nature, but mankind in this situation. In this case, they could easily still get inside your property, with a screwdriver or another hand drill.


If I was worried about my safety/property, I would focus on putting up plyboard on the inside first. This way they can not unscrew them. Then I would put a plyboard on the outside of the window. So now there are two layers of defense for your window.

Window Bars


Window bars are a great long-term solution to protecting your windows from looters or intruders. They come in a variety of shapes and designs.


So you can choose the ones that best fit your home’s aesthetic. The bars provide a mental layer of defense between your window and a looter. Which I personally think is great to have especially near windows that would be vulnerable.


Window bars are commonplace in Europe. I have lived abroad and feel safer with them on. They’ve been proven to be effective at preventing burglars from breaking into homes through windows. As they make the prospect of conducting a home invasion through a window as an undesirable endeavor.


They prevent and secure a home greatly!


Security Camera’s


It is more likely that people will not commit crimes if they know they are being watched. Or if there are deterrents in place. One of those is security camera’s which act as your eyes 24/7.


They can prevent your windows from being broken and having looters invading your property. No one wants a home invasion and having cameras will indirectly protect your windows.


The same thing can be said for signs.




If you have signs that make it known that there are dogs and surveillance camera’s you are being proactive. The best offense is the best defense. Especially if you in fact do have these forms of deterrence in place. That is visible and can be heard.


So have signs and security cameras near the windows!


Stronger Glass


You could also buy armored glass as normal glass will not last long for a looter or burglar. There are various types of security films you can place on your glass.


This is a cost-effective way to strengthen your glass without having to buy more expensive glass. Buying glass made for taking impacts is going to be the best. In my opinion. So having armored glass is a good idea.

Shatter glass film is a great way to combat a looter!


One thing to keep in mind, with the film is how it affects the glass. Meaning it should not majorly affect the light that passes through the window.


Check Your Window Locking


Are your windows locked?


You might think you’re safe, but you don’t want to be caught with your pants down. If your windows can be opened by force, someone could break in and take all of your stuff.


If your window locks aren’t up to par, it’s time to get new ones! You should not be able to open a window by force. If it wiggles or looks like with enough force it can be forced open, you need to address that ASAP. You want a strong window lock!


Window Break Sensors


When it comes to a good security system, you should have window break sensors. They are a great layer of security to have. In case a looter broke your window, you would immediately know and be able to call the police.


Additional Forms Of Deterrence


The more forms of deterrence the better! You do as much as possible to prevent a looter from attacking your property in the first place.


So having a dog for example is a good idea. They offer a loud form of alert and can scare a lot of people off. In the back of their mind, they will have to face a dog or multiple dogs. This is a reality that most looters would not want to explore.


Looters want easy targets! Things that do not require a lot of work to loot. That is why stores that are covered in windows are easy targets. It makes sense because they are filled with valuable things. They can be seen and are protected by a security system as well as glass.


So use a combination of these things to make your windows more protected from looters. 

Windows Are Easy Targets


You should first address or analyze the areas of your property that are easy targets. The areas that are points that any logical looter would attack. The windows are the obvious choice. If you have to choose between which windows to strengthen in their security measures focus on the weakest ones.


Maybe you have a two-story home. In that case, it’s a good idea to focus on your front ground-level windows first.


Every home is different, so think about what windows would be the most vulnerable. Then make them the strongest windows!


Stay safe!

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