How Do I Secure My Home When SHTF? Important And Fast!

When the SHTF, you want to make sure your home is secure. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about how to secure your home when SHTF.


There are a few ways to do this, but we’re going to cover a few of the most important ones. They range from things such as buying blinds to installing a security system. What you have to keep in mind are the more options you have the better. The more secure your home will be when SHTF.


What does that mean to have a secure home really? It means you have a secure enough home to protect yourself and your loved ones. You do not want anyone hurting or taking advantage of them. We are going to cover some ways to do so!


Let’s get started!

Buy Blinds


Blinds are the easiest way to protect your home and car from intruders.


If you have your windows open or no blinds people might be able to see in. If you can see into your home from the outside, so can an intruder. This is pretty straightforward and an easy thing to do for most people.


A major reason or incentive for criminals to break into a car is to steal it. But even more so if there is something valuable in plain sight. The same applies to your home.


It’s an easy thing to put up and takes little time.


Install A Security System.


When I say a security system, I mean a comprehensive one. It should have a few different key features. One of which is an alarm if your home is broken in. There should be sensors for the windows and doors so they can’t be opened without your knowledge.


There should be at minimum two cameras. One in the front and one in the back, but more is better. If SHTF and the grid go down, your next best bet is solar-powered cameras that don’t require any external power source except for sunlight.


This way you can keep an eye on everything from anywhere with internet access (or a satellite connection).




There are many different types of flood lights. They offer a great deterrent to possible intruders. It puts an intruder on the spot with the light glaring down on them. Compiled with your cameras, there is nowhere to hide. I like the combination of security options in place.


I know it makes people think twice before they try to break into your home. You should be mindful of your neighbors if you live very close to each other. So be tactful with choosing your lighting setup. I would recommend motion-sensor flood lights.



There are many types of flood lights from large companies such as Ring and the like. They are great to have as they use solar and are ready to go regardless if there is power or not.


Doorbell Cameras


In an SHTF situation having a doorbell camera is a good idea. It will act as another form of eyes when your awake and asleep. They are also easy to recharge. I love having a doorbell camera! 


If you have solar power, you can easily charge them. So the need for powering the camera will not be a problem. You do not even have to have a roof covered in solar panels.


A few simple solar arrays either foldable or movable are great. If you have a backyard you can place them outside and start generating power. I think doorbell cameras are a must!


I have four camera’s one, of that’s located at the top of my house. It’s inconspicuous and lets me see the lay of the land in the front. The doorbell acts as a closer-range camera. The same goes for the back of my house.

Know How To Use A Firearm


Firearms are one of the most important means of keeping you and your family safe. As such, you should know how to properly use them and teach your family how to use them as well.


I have and know people who are not big into guns. I know many who are as well. They play a role in protection that can not be argued on.


When SHTF and you need it most, a firearm is the only thing that will protect you and your family from someone else who has one.


The fact is, if you are the only one who knows how to use a firearm, then you are doing your family a disservice. Take the time to teach your family about firearm safety and how to use them so they can protect themselves if necessary.


Install A Strong Fence



A strong fence goes a far way in making the prospect of getting into your home a lot harder. Fences are the first line of defense when it comes to defending your home. Yes, you can have deterrents but a strong fence is a physical barrier.


The stronger the fence the harder it’s going to be for anyone to try to hurt you. A 6-8 foot fence is a good height. I would not have a see-through fence.


If you live in an apartment building, you can still get some benefits from having an iron door installed on your balcony or patio door. An iron door is a good thing to have in all situations.


What’s The Best Door That You Can Have?


When it comes to making your home safe, you want to consider all the options. There are two main points of entry for any home: the doors and windows. A strong door is crucial in keeping intruders out of your home. I would have a steel door installed for my house. As there are no better options than this when it comes to security.


So I would have a strong door, a steel door is the best! Think of how easy it is to break a wooden door. It’s not hard with the right tools and force.


A steel door is much harder to breach than a wooden one. Which makes it more difficult for burglars to enter your home easily. The average person can’t easily break steel doors as easily as a wooden one.

Another great option is a steel gate!


Steel Gate’s


Do you know what’s great about steel gates?


They’re like an extra security measure for your door


Steel gates are great for protecting a normal or common wooden door. They act as a strong steel barrier between you and an intruder. Plus if they manage to get through the steel gate then they have to get through the wooden door next.


It creates two barriers to breach before they can get in. At that point, you should be prepared and alert to what’s happening.


Steel gates come in all types, from simple ones, to ones with designs. The fact is they offer a layer of protection that’s a good idea to have.


Windows Are Such Easy Ways To Break Into A House


Windows are such an easy way to break into a house. They are made of glass and can easily be broken. The way to counter this is with window bars. There are so many different styles and designs that look aesthetically pleasing.


They do not have to be an eye sore. They offer a metal layer of protection. So even if the window is broken, they are going to have to get through metal as well. Which makes the ability to get in through windows, ten times harder.


Have A Dog


Dogs have always been used as a form of protection. They act as an alarm and defense if someone comes into your property. I would have a dog, as they make coming breaking into your home a more challenging prospect.


My dog acts as a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking into my home.


There is a certain level of fear that dogs instill in most people. They can be vicious and tear apart men in minutes. The intruder has to think if calling the wall, and not getting attacked by a dog is worth it. I have floodlights which will also shock and stun most people.


So if they make it to my steel door, they will have made it through a lot to get to that point. I will also know what they look like in size and physical appearance.


Then add, in a firearm and they have truly entered the thunder dome.



Use Your Geography To Your Advantage


Where your home is located geographically plays an important role that can be overlooked. Such as if your home was on top of a hill or elevated. This would be a good place for seeing the terrain and any threat coming to you.



You should know the terrain and topography around you. The best way’s to utilize it and how to adapt to it. If you live in a valley I would definitely make sure to have a fence. I would have one already but if you are home is flat or level with other homes that put you at a disadvantage.



Obviously being even a thousand feet or more from your neighbors is better for your security. It’s true that being or living in a remote location has great benefits to your home’s security.

Know The Exits And Entrances


When SHTF, you want to be able to get out of your house as quickly and easily as possible. So make sure you have more than one way to do it!


You do not want to find yourself trapped in your own home. When SHTF, every second counts. I would have a fire escape ladder and alternative means of escape.


So make sure to have an exit plan with your family. It’s always a good idea to have a plan in case, things end up going bad.


Have A Professional Check Or Install New Locks


If you haven’t done so, I would hire a locksmith to check your locks. To see if you need new ones and what type of locks he would suggest for your door and situation. 


Your Homes Layout


Your home’s layout is a lot like a map: it helps you know where to go, and how to get there safely.


You should have a plan in place for each point of access. The main two will be your front and back doors. If you have any others then those should be added to the plan as well. You should do so so that if in the unfortunate event one of these points are breached, you can still get out safely. This way, there’s no crossfire that could end up hurting someone you love.


So have a plan in place for the worst, so you don’t have to think about it when something goes wrong.


Don’t Attract Attention


When SHTF, you do not want to attract unnecessary attention! You want to make sure you have deterrents in place but not warrant being attacked. So do not have valuable things visible.


Just do not attract unnecessary attention with valuable things in plain sight or things like that. Less is more when keeping your home secure!


Like-Minded Neighbors


Neighbors can be a major liability and weakness when SHTF. They can also be a major strength. If you are on good terms with your neighbors that is a great thing. Especially if you share common values and beliefs. If SHTF, they may help you in return for the same support. There is power in numbers.


Even if you aren’t close with your neighbors, try to be friendly or approachable.


So these are a few things I would do to make sure my home is secure when SHTF. I hope this helped you!


Stay safe!

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