How Do I Protect My Family From Civil Unrest? Simple Tips!

The reality of SHTF and things going south is always a possibility. In today’s world, things are changing all the time. You can easily find yourself in a situation where civil unrest is all around you, which puts you and your family in harm’s way.



Whether it’s because of an economic collapse, natural disaster, or any other reason, you need to be prepared for anything that may happen in your community. There are many ways to prepare yourself for the worst, but one thing that should be considered is what measures you can take to protect your family from civil unrest.

Self-Defense Techniques For Civil Unrest


If you find yourself in a place where civil unrest is running ramped, it’s best to get out of the way. If you are prepared to stay put then do so. Regardless of what you decide you should have the knowledge and training to protect yourself.


Yes, you should have a firearm to protect your life. What is equally important is knowing how to defend yourself hand to hand. The ability to know how to hold your own in a fight is so important.


You may be thinking that this is not something that will happen in your neighborhood or city but let me tell you, it can happen anywhere at any time. If we look back through history we see that there have been many instances where people were left defenseless because they did not know how to defend themselves against their attackers.


We want everyone to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones when they need it most!

Practice Situational Awareness


Are you ready to “read the room”?


You might think that this is a silly question, but it’s not. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, your environment will have many things going on very quickly. In a civil unrest situation that will be clear as day. You need to be able to “read the room” of what’s going on around you.


Dangerous Situations


If you see a possibly dangerous situation, you should avoid it. Situational awareness in a civil unrest scenario is to spot the danger and act accordingly. You have to balance out the risks of getting involved in the situation and getting away from it.


The worst thing you can do is find yourself the target of a mob. The scary thing about mobs of people taking action on their own. Then one person’s actions start to create and influence the mob in replicating that behavior. People think differently when they are in a mob than when they are on their own.

Stay away from windows


When civil unrest is occurring, buildings and homes are always easy targets. The first thing that is broken are windows typically. They pose one of the greatest points of weakness in your home in this happing.


Use Ply Board


If you have any window-type openings on your property, it is important to cover them immediately. If you have a garage door or any other type of opening, it is imperative that you seal it off as well. You can use duck tape or cardboard. The best way is to board up your windows with plyboard.


You should also be sure to stay away from windows during times of unrest because they are often used as weapons by rioters and protesters against police officers and other individuals involved in these types of activities.


Have a Plan


Having a plan is key so that if a civil unrest situation occurs you are ready. This plan will consist of different parts. One area of the plan could be where would you go if your home becomes to unsafe. Or making sure you have the basics to hunker down.


It’s important to have a plan for all situations that may arise in life, but it’s especially important now more than ever because we are living in such uncertain times. We can’t control what happens around us. That being said, we can however control how we react to it and how prepared we are for whatever comes our way.




One area of planning that is essential is having enough food and water stored up so that if something were to happen. So that you will have the supplies you need to get you through until help arrives or until things return back to normal (if they ever do).


This will make you have less stress, and have the knowledge that you are better equipped to weather the “storm”. You can focus on other areas, instead.


Essentials And Gathering Supplies


This relates to what we just mentioned. You should have enough water and food to get you through this. That’s not to say you only have items just for stay hunkered down. There should be items put aside if you have to get out of dodge.


This leads us to our next topic.


Grab Bag


This is not a bug-out bag in the sense of surviving off of it for an extended period of time. It is more in the lines of short-term survival. You have enough supplies that will last you for three days.


This bag will have water, food, a foldable solar array, a compass, a firearm, and the like. It is meant to give you the basics to get you to safety. Having one prepared allows you to not have to collect these items which can take time. Plus you may not have them when the time comes. It allows you to get out quickly without having to go to stores or other high trafficked areas, where a large number of people will be.


You want to move further away from large groups of people, not closer to them!


Create Family Safety System



A family safety system is a way to plan for what will happen in the event of an emergency. This will be a part of your overall plan as a whole. It will be a specific part that will be geared toward different possibilities. Its focus is on your family. What would they do if someone were to be separated or to get lost? Is there one or two areas where the family will meet if they get separated?


First Step


The first step in creating your family safety system is identifying two or three places that are safe and comfortable for everyone to meet up if they get separated. I would have them within walking distance of each other, which is key. You need to have different points of exist if you have to leave suddenly.


How The Group Will Communicate


This will be the way you will get in contact with each other. Either through texting, calling, or other forms of communication.


You could have a family group chat that could only be used if an emergency happened.


So this should include the following things:


– The location of safe zones (where will you meet if you get separated)

– The location of emergency supplies (where are the water bottles, flashlights, and first aid kits)

– A list of important phone numbers (friends/family, police, fire department, etc.)


Check With Authorities


If you’re caught in a civil unrest situation, it’s important that you check with local authorities to find out what areas are unsafe.


You can also reach out to your local news outlets for information on the situation or even ask a police officer for advice.


If you feel like it’s time to get out of Dodge, do so sooner rather than later.


Don’t Try To Be A Hero

When SHTF, you can help people and be a good member of your community. That is great, but remember don’t try to be a hero because in the real world things do not always go well for them. Think rationally when in a situation such as this.


These are some tips that should help you keep your family safe in case civil unrest comes to your area. It is important to be prepared for civil unrest by having a plan and supplies in place. You should also check with authorities to stay updated on the situation and avoid any unsafe areas. Remember to stay safe and not try to be a hero if the situation does arise.

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