How Do I Build A 3-Month Food Supply? Quick!

So you want to know how to build a 3 month food supply? 

It’s important that by the end of the article you will know the answer to How Do I Build A 3-Month Food Supply? This will be down in a few simple steps. This can be seen in the following:


  1. Number Of People

  2. Take Things One Step At A Time

  3. What You Already Have

  4. Make A list Of What You Need

  5. Buy Things In Bulk

  6. Use Space Wisely

  7. Organization


The Number Of People


The number of people you have in your family or people you expect to support will play a key role. You can not expect to survive 3 months in an emergency without estimating the number of people.


The more people you have, the more food and water that you need for survival. The more food and water that you need for survival, the more space is required to store it.


If you are alone for example then it will be far easier than if you have children. You want to make sure you have a sufficient amount of food stockpiled ahead of time. For the allotted amount of people.




If you only have plans for supporting let’s say 4 people for 3 months then stick to that. The minute you add another person that 3-month time span is shortened. So keep that in mind. I always estimate for an extra person.


We have a list of food items that are easy to store! 


Take Things One Step At A Time:


You’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to stocking up on food items.


It’s common to become overwhelmed with the number of items you will need to stock up on. You don’t want to find yourself in an emergency without what you need. That being said, you are already ahead of the game because your reading this.


So take action, and take things slowly. Not all at once, but adding food items one at a time. For example, this week you buy a bag of rice. The next week some powdered milk. And so on. It’s all about starting and not getting overwhelmed!


What You Already Have


There are so many things that you already have in your home that can be used. I would take stock of the food you already have and what could help you in your goal of having a 3-month food supply.


Be Realistic


You have to be realistic about this. You can’t buy everything you see and think “I’m going to use it eventually.” No, you’re not. You need to be aware of what you already have in your home and make a list.

It’s important so you do not buy things you do not need. Or forget items.


It’s important to make sure things are added you need. This will help with you staying organized.


What Not To Buy


I would not buy items for a 3-month food supply that are easily perishable. That makes no sense! So figure out what you need and make sure you focus on food items with long shelf lives. Things that are canned, freeze-dried, powdered, or dehydrated.


Buy Things In Bulk


When you’re building a 3-month emergency supply of food, you want to do it smartly. And economically. It’s not just about saving money; it’s also about getting more for your money. Don’t fall for the trap of buying an overpriced four-pack of bottled water when you could get 24 bottles in one big box at Costco. Just an example.


But that’s not all! Buying things in bulk has another advantage: it speeds up reaching your 3-month food supply goals. You can have a full pantry in no time at all!


Use Space Wisely


Stacking is probably one of my favorite ways of maximizing my space. It’s an essential part in that is making sure you are utilizing the space that you have.


Always look for ways to add more food storage


I like to store my cans of vegetables and fruits on top of each other. The same goes for my mylar bags that are in buckets. It really takes up less room and I can see what’s in stock easily. Without having to take everything out.


If you have a tall pantry, use the vertical space by stacking boxes on top of each other. There are many things that will stack well, such as oatmeal and rice!


Another thing I like to do is place empty containers on top of each other in order to save room underneath them. Always think of how to best maximize the space that you have.




If you’re going to be storing your food for a long time, you’ll want to organize it the right way. You are probably going to have a lot of food in one place.


Right Way?


There are many ways to make your food last as long as possible. Foods with long shelf lives are essential. As well as keeping them in a cool, dry place where they can’t get too hot or cold.


You’re probably wondering how to keep it organized so that you can find what you need as fast as possible.


The answer is simple: labels.


Labels are your friend when it comes to your food storage. That way, if something expires, you’ll know exactly when and where it’s gone bad. You’ll be able to replace it right away!


Focus On Nutritional Value And Taste


You have to make sure you actually like what your buying. It will help when or if you use your 3-month food supply. One of my favorites is powdered milk. I think powdered eggs are another great item to have. Anything that is powdered is a great option for last a very long time.


Just focus on things that last a few years and stock up on them. This way you are setting yourself up for success! Hope this helps!


Stay Safe Out There!

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