How Do I Become An Urban Prepper? Easy Steps!

How do I become an urban prepper?


It all starts with your mindset and goes from there.


I’m not going to lie, I was pretty terrified when I first started getting into prepping. The whole idea or concept was foreign to me. Until I learned more about it and the importance that everyone should be prepping for worst-case scenarios! You never want to be unprepared because what would you do then?


You might be thinking: “Well, what do you mean by an urban prepper?”


Well, an urban prepper is someone who prepares themselves for emergencies or disasters in their city or town. This is someone who doesn’t live in the country or rural areas. They live in an urban area full of people some just like them.


It is a good idea what to expect and know about the first 2 months after SHTF! 


This guide will help you understand what it means to be an urban prepper and give you some tips on how to start preparing yourself for anything life throws at you!


Know Your Location!


It’s a fact: if you live in an urban area, you need to know the lay of the land.


If you do not know your way around you are setting yourself up for failure and trouble. When SHTF, you do not want to know your area like the back of your hand.


The geographical location you live in has a huge impact on your urban prepper skills. Whether you live in a small town or a large city, it’s important to know the lay of the land. This will give you an advantage when it comes to bug-out plans and maneuvering around your area. So whether you’re a newbie or an expert, it’s always good to brush up on the basics.


If you’re new to this whole prepping thing, I recommend starting slowly and learning as well as practicing new skills.


What streets are safe or not typically walked by people? Ask yourself questions such as where is your nearest grocery store?


Know the storage limits of your food items, medicines, and supplies


When you’re an urban prepper, the space in your home is a precious resource.


You need to know the storage limits of your food items, medicines, and supplies. You can’t just store everything in your basement or garage. If you are living in an apartment you may not have one. You should not “hope” everything fits, but plan it out. So you include everything you need and do not leave things out.


If you want to be an urban prepper, you have to know the space your working with. I would highly recommend allowing yourself an area that will be designated for prepping purposes.


It can be challenging, especially when you have limited space. But that can lead you to utilize and organize your space much more efficiently.

Take Stock In What You Already Have At Home First


When I first started prepping, I was like most people. I didn’t have much.


But then I realized that there is a lot of stuff you can use in your house to get started with your survival and emergency preparedness plan.


I knew that if there was ever an emergency, or if society ever fell apart, my family would be taken care of. Not for two weeks but a long time thanks to our food storage and first aid supplies.


But what about the rest of my home? What about all of the other items we have lying around? We have plenty of things in our house that could be used in an emergency situation!


Need a way to start a fire, when you are outside or on the move?


Well, dryer sheets are a great option to use!


The point is that there are tons of things you probably already have at home that could help with survival situations! So take some time today to go through your house and make note of anything that could be useful during an emergency situation!


Or steel wool can also be used to start a fire.


Stock Up On Water


You may have a basement or more space than someone who lives in an apartment. Regardless of your situation in an urban setting, you need water. I would focus on getting enough water to last for at least 3 months.


I would recommend water storage, with limited space using Waterbrick storage containers. You can put them in one area and stack them or in various parts of your house as they are small. They are great if you need to bug out.


If you are looking for larger storage I would look into the 160 Gallon WaterPrepared Emergency Storage Stackable Tank. That being said it is not the cheapest tank on the market. You could look for water barrels that can store 55 gallons each. Having a mixture of bottled water, small storage and large storage is a good idea.


Act Fast!


If SHTF, I would start filling my bathtub up right away. Your bathtub will serve little purpose when tap water stops flowing. So if SHTF, fill up your bathtub sooner rather than later.


How Will You Cook Your Food If The Grid Goes Down?


Being an urban prepper or a prepper in general you need to know how to cook your food. You will need to have alternative ways to cook your food as there will be no power. So you will need fuel.


If the grid goes down it means that there will be no electricity, which means no microwave and no oven. If this happens you will have no choice but to use gas stoves, denatured and jellied alcohol, or charcoal grills.

Charcoal grills do work but require you have alot of charcoal and space. In comparison to the other options mentioned they take up less space.


You can also use a solar cooker if there is enough sun out. They are not my favorite, but they do work.


Do Not Attract Attention


In an SHTF situation, you do not want to attract attention in an urban environment. That can bring people that normally would not have been drawn to your home. I like gas stoves because they work instantly, are quiet, and do not take up a lot of space.


They also do not create smoke as charcoal grills do.


The reason why I like these stoves is that they come in small cans that can be stored easily. Another reason is that they are easy to start and require very little maintenance once they are started.


They are more costly than denatured or jellied alcohol. One of my go-to fuel sources for cooking are Sterno canned heat.


Sterno Canned Heat


Sterno canned heat is a great source of fuel to store. I am able to stack up enough of them very easily without taking up a lot of space. In one storage container, I can fit a few months of cooking heat. If I wanted to stretch it, it could be longer.


A Great Item To Have!


If you’re looking for a great source of fuel that is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space, then this is the product for you. They do not produce smoke and there is no sound produced.


Another key factor in preventing other survivors or looters from taking an interest in your home. Sterno canned heat are easy to store because they come in cans that are lightweight and stackable.

They also have a long shelf life which is another plus!


They’re perfect for an urban prepper because they’re small enough to fit in small spaces but still provide enough heat for cooking meals and boiling water when needed.

Building A Group


It’s not a bad idea to have a survival group in place for when disaster strikes. They can be a valuable resource when SHTF. You can come together and use the limited space that you have to survive off of. 


I would take my time when it comes to forming a survival group. Do not rush into things and make sure whoever you want to form a group with is trustworthy and shares the same values as you. 


There is safety in numbers but equally can pose a great risk to your security if things go wrong. So be selective if you decide on forming a group. 


Focus on your family and home first. 


Determine your budget


When it comes to urban prepping, there are a lot of opinions out there. Everyone wants to tell you how you should do it, but really it’s up to you.


I think that the first thing you need to do is figure out what your budget can afford when it comes to urban prepping. I would not focus on getting everything right away. Take time to do your research and bite off one item/skill at a time.


It’s the same ideology of it’s a marathon and not a race. So take things in steps and within your budget. The knowledge that you learn will be invaluable in helping you survive if SHTF.


One Item May Be Out Of Budget


Then wait, till you have the money to do so. Like I said, taking small steps adds up to a lot over 1 year alone.


If SHTF You Need Power!


If SHTF, you need power. It’s essential in any situation, especially in an urban or city environment.


Power is essential when SHTF. Depending on your situation, there are different ways to get power. I focus on movable forms of power such as solar power.


No, I am not talking about putting solar panels on your roof, that’s too obvious. Everyone will see you and know you’re producing power.


A good place to start for a person in a home or apartment would be foldable solar panels. You can easily roll them out and start collecting power. They don’t work as well as regular solar panels, but they also don’t attract attention from the unwanted.


Do Not Freak Out!


When prepping for an urban environment, it’s important to consider one thing: you are going to be stressed. You’re in a situation where you don’t know what is going on around you. The possibility that a lot of people could be hurt or even dead will be there.


You can have all the items and preparation in the world but if you freak out things can go wrong fast. If you are not thinking with a cool frame of mind, you will not think rationally.


Fear Is Normal And Natural


It’s normal to feel fear, but we have to recognize it, take a deep breath, and move forward!


My favorite way to do this is through combat breathing. It is the best way to get yourself back to baseline and focus on what you need to do. When things go south only you can make them better.


Your Home Will Be Your Safest Place


The reality is that your home will be the safest place for you to go in an urban environment. You have to put making your home as safe as possible at the highest of tasks to complete.


One way to do that besides buying a firearm is having more deterrents.


A Small Dog


I would recommend having a small dog even, that will act as a warning system. It will also make potential looters and intruders more hesitant on breaking it.


A larger dog would be better but a small dog will do well. If you can not have a dog where you live then I would do other things.


Such as a sign that says beware of dogs.


Security System


If you’re going to be an urban prepper, you’ve got to be ready for anything. And that includes keeping track of your property, even when it’s dark.


An outdoor security system is a good idea for any home, but if you live in an urban area or one that’s prone to crime, it’s even more important.


I’d suggest getting at least one solar-powered camera with night vision capabilities and putting it in a spot that can’t be easily accessed by criminals or vandals.


A sign about being a gun owner is another form of keeping people at arm’s length. You have to weigh the pros and cons of any sign that is meant to ward off predators.

Bug Out Bag Ready To Go!


In the city/urban environment, you never know when you’ll have to get out of dodge. You should always have a bug-out bag ready to go.


The most important thing in any bug-out bag is water: at least 3 liters per person per day. You should also pack enough food for at least three days. You don’t want a heavy bug-out bag. It should have dry foods for energy such as nuts, protein bars, cereal, jerky, dried fruit, and the like.


You should have enough water for 3 days. I would get a camel back and place it in my bug-out bag. The next thing would be different devices to purify water!


You should have a compass, map, fire starter, cash, and many other items. One of the most important will be a firearm, as you will be exposed. You never know who you will run into when chaos is all around you.



Bug Out Location


Having a bug-out location can be a life saver. The more you know, the better off you’ll be in an emergency situation.


You should have a bug-out bag and location planned out. It is important to know a few different ways to get there. It is key to know what would happen if you had to go on foot or if your car broke down. What would happen if you had to go on foot? How long would it take? Do you have the supplies and skills to get there without your car? These are questions you should think about.


If an emergency strikes and you need to leave your home quickly, knowing where your bug-out location is will allow you to load up quickly and easily with all of your supplies.


Have A Radio


I would have a radio and a walkie-talkie. The more ways you can communicate and get important information the better! There are many solar-powered and hand-powdered radios, that make a good addition to your emergency preparedness. I would also have a CB radio if I am in a group going out to scavenge. This way we could all stay in contact with each other.


Section: This is one of the most difficult things to do. Prepping is an emotional roller coaster and you need to remember to ride the waves with patience, calm, and a sense of humor.


Put Together A Plan


You should have an overall plan of where you want your urban prepping to take you. Your prepping should focus on safety, supplies, bug-out, bugging in, and knowing how best to utilize what you have.


You should know what you are going to use your supplies for and how best to store them. This will be key when disaster strikes. 


Mylar Bags


They are one of my favorite items for food storage. They are one of the main reasons I have food security that will always be ready to go. I would highly recommend looking into mylar bags!




It’s important to remember that prepping is a journey, not a destination. There is no perfect way to do it and there is always room for improvement. The most important thing is to get started and to keep learning along the way. With patience and perseverance, you can become an urban prepper and be prepared for anything.

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