Does A Basement Protect You From Nuclear Fallout? Quick!

So you’re in a basement and the bombs have dropped. The world is on fire and no one knows if it will ever be right again. But one question remains: Does a basement protect you from nuclear fallout?


Well, the answer is simply no! Do they provide a small amount of protection? Yes, the same as having a tent in the middle of a tropical storm. The tent protects you but if a branch or a leak occurs you will end up pretty wet. Just an example that I think is comparable.

What Are Basements Suitable For?


Many things! They are great when you are hiding from zombies or your spouse! Or hiding items that you know you spent too much money on. But, if we are being honest it’s not going to give you a high degree of protection. There are ways to protect yourself from radiation at home!


So does a basement protect you from nuclear fallout? It will to a degree if you plan ahead of time. That being said there are better options.


It’s better than nothing I might add.


What is nuclear fallout?


Nuclear fallout is something I pray you will never experience in your life. It is the material that is “shot” into the sky/ atmosphere and falls back down to earth. This material is highly radioactive and dangerous. This dust can be extremely damaging to human life, in so many ways.


Nuclear fallout is caused by a nuclear weapon/explosion or by a nuclear reactor accident. The nuclear bomb generates heat. There is alot of energy that is created when this explosion occurs. This then causes nearby materials to become ionized and glow with visible light. The explosion also generates intense local pressure waves that can damage buildings and breaks windows in the surrounding area.


When the explosion occurs, both radioactive isotopes and large amounts of dust are lifted up into the air by a strong shock wave generated by the explosion. After reaching an altitude of tens of thousands of feet into the air, some of this dust and debris begin falling back toward Earth which is called “nuclear fallout.”


Does Your Basement Have Windows?


Your basement is like a bunker, and you’ve got to make sure the windows are secure.


That’s because fallout is like water: it’s always looking for ways to get into your home. So when it comes to basements, the same applies. One of the major areas that can allow for the fallout to get in is through windows.


So does your basement have windows? If not, we’re really happy for you, your basement is in a much stronger position to fend off nuclear fallout. That being said, even if you have a window or two doesn’t mean you can strengthen the windows.


Plastic sheeting is your best option, with duck tape. For sealing your windows.


Does Your Basement Have Doors?


Is your basement one of those with doors leading outside? If so, you might want to consider strengthening that area of your home.


Basements are naturally vulnerable to nuclear fallout. Even more, if there are doors leading outside, then it’s even more likely that nuclear fallout will get in. That’s why you will need to seal the doors off with plastic sheeting and duck tape.


To further your basement defenses I would recommend reinforcing your basement walls and doorways. They should be reinforced with concrete, steel, or other heavy materials to prevent any possibility of contamination.


Where Does Your Basements Ventilation Come From?


When it comes to nuclear fallout, the key thing to remember is that your house is going to become a self-isolated “micro-climate”. Nothing gets in or out. The best way to protect yourself from this is by sealing off as many vents in your house as possible.


Seal Off All Points Of Weakness


If you have an air conditioning unit in one room then that needs to be sealed off. You want nothing, especially air to get inside.


When it comes to nuclear fallout and riding out the “storm” in your basement ventilation is key. If you do not block ventilation then there is no point in any of the following steps. So focus on shutting off ventilation to your basement and house as a whole. In the event of nuclear fallout.

What’s The Best Option To Protect Against Fall Out?


You might have guessed it, it’s a fallout shelter or bunker. These structures are designed to protect you from nuclear fallout and radiation. They have thick walls and a large soil barrier as well. This creates more distance and layers from you than the walls in a home.


The best option to protect against fallout is to build your own bunker.


What To Do If You Do Not Or Can Not Get A Bunker?


What to do if you can’t get a bunker?


When it comes to radiation and nuclear fall out your best bet is a bunker. If that’s not on the cards there are a few things you can do. What if you do not even have a basement?


Well, the best thing you can do is seal off windows and doors. Then move to the furthest inside your home. This room should not have windows preferably and be the innermost room from the outside world. This will give you more distance from the radiation outside.


Don’t Worry


If you are unable to get a bunker, the best thing you can do is seal off windows and doors and move to the innermost room of your home. This will give you more distance from the radiation outside. By taking these steps, you can help to protect yourself and your family from nuclear fallout.


So is a basement able to protect you from nuclear fall-out? Yes and no. A basement will offer you some protection, but there are other steps you need to take in order to ensure your safety.

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