Do You Need To Treat Rain Barrel Water? Important Tips!

Have you ever wondered if you need to treat rain barrel water?


The million-dollar answer is no! You do not need to treat rain barrel water. That being said, if your gutters are filled with debris and dirt it’s a better idea to. This should not be the case, I might add!


The same can not be said if you plan to use this water for drinking.


If you do a good enough job filtering the water before it gets in the barrel it should be relatively clean. If you are going to drink it, then putting a little unscented bleach is a good idea.


Use A Berkey Water Filter


Rainwater is a gift, especially to all my plants. It tends to be pretty clean concerning let’s say a small stream in the wild. You have animals who can defecate in it/near it and the like. The moment water hits the ground it’s subject to become alot dirtier than in the sky.


Is all rainwater 100% clean? No. But relatively speaking it is. It can have sand and other minerals. That’s why you have to have the proper filters in place.


So whenever I drink rainwater, I always make sure I put it through a Berkey water filter. This ensures that the filter is getting out anything I can’t see in the water. If the water that’s stored in your rain barrel is not for drinking the need for treatment is less. You don’t want water that is yellow and not visibly clear/clean I might add. Use your best judgment 


Proper Filtration


You should have filters and mesh in place to ensure that the water in your rain barrel is clean. That if you had to drink it untreated you would be fine. The water I collect doesn’t need to be treated, but I do so as an added layer of protection.


I keep my gutters clean, I do everything correctly to make sure that the water is clean. If you are not doing so, then yes, you need to definitely treat your water. More than once I might add, over the course of a year.


Clean Your Gutters


You should know that keeping things clean, tends to expand the life span of things/items. It also ensures a level of hygiene that prevents getting sick.


You need to change and clean your gutters regularly. That does not mean once a month. Clean them once a week and it should take you no time to clean them. It only takes a lot of time when you haven’t been cleaning them properly.


So make sure that leaves and other gross stuff are taken out. You don’t want them or any of the things you can’t see getting into your water.

Do I Treat My Rainwater Barrel?


I do because I am always wanting to prevent getting sick. I do so to maintain the cleanliness of the barrel. To prevent a build-up of algae or bacteria. I put about two tablespoons of water a few times a year. So I have peace of mind!


It also ensures that the water you give your plants is “extra” clean. If you use the rainwater barrel for your plant’s you can treat the water far less. It really depends on what you planning on doing with the water.


Clean It


Clean it up!


One easy measure that you can take to avoid having to treat your water or as much is cleaning the barrel. I would recommend cleaning it 1-2 times a year.


This way you know everything is clean and not going to get you sick. Or infect plants or animals.

When you clean your barrel you ensure that the rainwater is good to go. This simple measure is a good idea when it comes to keeping your family safe from disease.


Time Plays A Role


How long are we talking? Time plays a role when it comes to treating your rainwater barrel. It’s another factor to keep in mind. If for example, you have water that has been sitting in a barrel without any new water it could become stagnate.


If you use the water and regualry. As well as new fresh rainwater being collected from frequent rainfall. Then that changes things as well. When you keep water moving and new water is added. The need for treatment becomes less.


If you live in Nevada for example and you live in an area with little rainfall. Your water may be sitting a lot longer and will not be refilled with fresh rainwater water as often.


So where you live and how often you use the water will play a role. How often it’s refilled with new water also is key.


Is Rain Water Good For Plants?


Rainwater is good for plants! I personally have a water tank and barrel that’s only purpose is watering my plants. As well as my animals. They all do just fine drinking rainwater!


I’ve gotten asked this question a few times. If you think about it rainwater is exactly what plants need. It’s the natural way plants get watered. So yes rain water in a barrel is the same.


Obviously, if you do not filter and maintain your barrel then it could be bad for them.

Can You Drink RainWater Without Treating It?


Yes, should know now a lot more when it comes to drinking rainwater without treating it. If you follow the tips we advised you should have a grasp on drinking rainwater. With treatment and without it.

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