Different types of preppers and what motivates them

We will explore some of the different types of preppers and what motivates them to prepare for disaster. A lot of people have an idea of who preppers are. The common mental pictures that people think of from the start regarding preppers are paranoid and unhealthy. In truth, there are people in all different types of groups, be that in religion and so on. There will always be the few that do not truly represent the entire group.   You might have an experience with a bad teacher, but that doesn’t mean that all teachers are bad.




There are many different types of preppers and they have different motivations for why they prepare. This blog post does not cover all the types of preppers. It only is to give categories of where many preppers fall into. Many are a collection of a few of these types and some do not fall in any of these. So please keep that in mind.




Every Prepper Has A Reason Why They Started Prepping



One friend of mine who is a prepper was motivated to start prepping because they saw firsthand the devastation that disasters cause. I started because of the life I have had and the experiences of when SHTF. There are so many different methods and reasons why people start prepping.




The Doomsday Prepper


People tend to look down on doomsday preppers. They think they’re fear-mongers or just generally paranoid. That being said, the world has changed. It’s become more fragile, more unpredictable. It’s not only pandemics that we have to worry about. There are all sorts of possibilities, all sorts of things that could go wrong.




A few years ago people said a pandemic was something only “crazy” doomsday preppers think and prepare for. It was a shock to the system for many when that “unlikely” reality became reality. Will there be more deadly viruses? The answer is most likely yes.




“Unlikely” Realites Can Become Reality In A Second 


The point is, that doomsday preppers want to be ready for anything and everything. The world has changed and with that change comes a certain responsibility to be prepared for anything. To look down on those who think of all the possibilities and then take steps to rule out as many as possible is shortsighted. So it’s not fear that drives doomsday preppers, it’s awareness.




An awareness of how quickly everything can change, and how important it is to be prepared. Doomsday preppers don’t want to live in fear, they just want to be ready for anything and everything. The more prepared you are the less fear, anxiety, and worry are part of your life. Their preparation gives them peace of mind. And honestly, isn’t that something we should all be striving for

The Survivalist Prepper


They are focused and unwavering in their commitment to being self-sufficient. This can make all the difference in the world, when a disaster strikes. But it’s not just about being ready for the big things. Survivalist preppers are also ready for the small day-to-day challenges that life can throw at them.


They how important being self-sufficient is in everyday life and when SHTF. As a result, this type of prepper is unshakable in their resolve to be ready for anything. 


Survivalist preppers are always prepared and ready to change with the times. This is such a vital skill to have because when disaster strikes, it is exactly what you need to possess within yourself. It makes you a stronger person because you are less affected by what is going on around you. You can keep your head up and focus on what is important, which is ensuring your survival. 


The Third Type Of Prepper


The emergency prepper is an individual whose focus is on prioritizing being prepared for an emergency. They understand that in an emergency, every second counts and can make all the difference. The fear of the unknown is a key driver when it comes to this type of prepper.


It could be a natural disaster, economic collapse, and so on. The point is that believe that being prepared is the best way to protect themselves and their loved ones. This leads them to want to acquire new knowledge and stockpilling supplies that they may need.


They are focused on improving their overall emergency preparedness, through gathering supplies and knowledge. They are an asset to society because they had the foresight to be ready ahead of time.


The Fourth Type Of Prepper


Think of all the things that have happened in the last few years. You know how in times like these, more and more people are wanting ways to become more self-sufficient. They want to be less reliant on the outside world. This leads them to one answer, and that’s homesteading.


Homesteading preppers focus on being able to produce what they need to live off the land with their own two hands. This ability to live off the land comes in different forms such as growing crops, and livestock as well as, using solar and wind power. They use the combination of these elements to become completely off the grid. What this does is allow them to be unaffected by power outages, natural disasters, and other disruptions to the outside world.


Less Affected By Outside Factors


They can still be affected, but they have reduced the level of exposure in comparison to someone who relies on the grocery store. Homestead preppers are often able to produce enough power and food to sustain their families without the need for purchasing goods.


The ability to live off their land and provide for themselves and their family is at the core of a homesteading prepper. They are a combination of a survivalist prepper with the addition of farming/off-grid living.

These are a few different types of preppers. That being said, there are many different types that I have not listed. You could be a combination of a few. The main thing to remember is that no one prepper is the same as the next. What works for you will not work for someone else. So make your prepping plans suit you and your particular situation. Please stay safe out there!

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