Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse! Quick!

Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse


Yes, you have probably seen zombies in TV shows and movies. Or books. What would you do if they were real?


Think about it, what if the world had been taken over by zombies and your life was never the same? We have a few ideas of good places you should go in order to survive. You want to increase your chances if this was to ever occur, don’t you? Well, I do for one thing!

Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Island’s For Zombie Survival Location


I know that islands are a great place to go when zombies are taking over. For a few reasons!


Well, zombies can’t swim or know how to captain a boat. So being caught up with hoards of thousands of zombies, you would have far less to “deal with”. This will automatically increase your survival chances.


Fewer People


In general, you do not want to be spending time in the big cities. Only if you enjoy being eaten alive, if that’s for you then go for it. If you want to live then avoid highly populated areas. More people means more zombies.


That’s why islands are great! I know that there will be fewer people than on the mainland and you have a natural barrier protecting you.


Walls can be breached or destroyed by a huge hoard of zombies, but an ocean can not!


The Downsides Of Zombie Island Survival


In any situation island living isn’t a paradise 24/7. I know that an island can become your own personal prison. But in a zombie apocalypse not so much. That being said there are a few downsides or disadvantages.


Food and resources will be far less than on the mainland. That’s not to say that if you brought food and animals you could not deal with that problem. There will be fewer people which can be a great thing but also a disadvantage.


A zombie survival group could be a great asset as there is strength in numbers. But also could be a double edge sword. So choose wisely.


Getting Off The Island


If you have no way to get off the island, then that could be a problem. You’ll be trapped.


Other people may come to your island seeking refugee or have other motives for coming to the island. So having numbers or a group would be highly advisable.


Zombies Washing On Shore


Yes, some zombies will wash on shore. Over time you would know what area’s the currents bring them to. Then fortify that area to prevent them from spreading.


I think this is a small disadvantage, in that I would take a handful or 10 zombies let’s say than a thousand-strong zombie hoard.


The main things when it comes to survival on an island for a zombie apocalypse would be the following: water, food(animals, plants), and shelter.


What if The Island Is Already Infected?


If you are up for the challenge then clearing the island would be a good idea. Once it’s cleared you have essentially a natural fortress, which over time you can make stronger. Then you can defend it.

Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Cold And Remote Locations



The human body doesn’t do well in the cold. In comparison to a mild climate. If we do not have shelter we can freeze and even in the worst cases die from the cold.


Zombies, yes are not humans anymore but their bodies are still the same. Besides the being undead part.

So when zombies are exposed to cold they would probably move slower and freeze. You do not see zombies warming up around a fire before heading into town for a bite of human.




When I say remote, I mean remote. The more remote the better. I know that the more remote you are the less humans and zombies you will run into which as a result will increase your chances of survival.


Pair Cold And Remote Together


When you add both of these things together you have a good “natural barrier” without building a wall. Places like Canada, Alaska, Norway, Finland, and Iceland are great options.


The Faroe Islands as well.


Food For Zombies


Being in a colder environment, one with lots of snow will be great. There will be a lack of food which means more zombies will die. I say this for remote or rural areas, not a city.

Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

A Bunker For Riding Out The Zombies


I know that the first two years of a zombie apocalypse would see the most die. Every year from the initial breakout, zombie numbers will decrease most likely. I say this because there will be fewer and fewer people to eat. With no one to eat, a zombie will die.


The people who do survive will be adapted to their new reality. These people will be much harder prey for zombies, which again will affect their numbers.


Having a bunker is a good way to ride out the first few years.


A Boat 


I would say a boat or ship would be a great option. There will be risks related to being at sea, even more so if you have no experience with boats at all. They will be your own fortress against zombies. It will be essential to bring as much water and food as you can.


You could buy a water maker such as the Rainman Portable Water Maker(expensive). The downside is that they require electricity. So bringing or having alternative sources of power for your boat would be key, for the long term. I would also look into different ways to collect rainwater and hold it in a barrel down below.


A sailboat would be your best bet.


Cruise Ship


I was asked if a cruise ship could be a possible place to go in a zombie apocalypse. I thought about it and here are the reasons why it could be.


I would need to have a cruise ship that is docked and is stationary. It will be hard to breach by zombies, as they will fall into the water or try to climb the sides. All the while, being pulled and pushed by the current. Or sinking/being crushed.


Once the main entry point is closed, it becomes a very hard prospect for zombies to get into a cruise ship. The chances are that you will have to clear the cruise ship with a group of people. As there will probably be zombies on board.


Once cleared it could be great.


You Have Lots Of Options


You could bring animals and change the top of the cruise into a farming area over time. The big pools could be used for rainwater catchment. The main benefit would be its size and it is a large boat that zombies would have a hard time getting into.


You would have to use a smaller boat to get supplies on land. Then using ropes to get supplies and people or anything else you will need to survive.

Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

A Castle


A castle is built for defense. This is why they are scattered all around Europe. The ones built on a hill or rockface are ideal. You could easily strengthen an old castle if you find yourself in Europe. The ideal situation is a castle on an island.


I would say that is probably the best protection from a zombie apocalypse that you can get.


Best Places To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse


You should have a good idea of places to survive a zombie apocalypse. Keep in mind that people may be more deadly than the zombies themselves.

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