Are Preppers Hoarders? Valuable Simple Insights!

As the prepper community continues to grow, we see the same question pop up again and again: Are preppers hoarders?


Well, first off, no preppers are not hoarders! There’s a big difference between hoarding and prepping. So the first thing that we need to do is figure out what a hoarder is!


What is a Hoarder?


Preppers are people who prepare for disasters by stockpiling food, water, and other supplies in case of an emergency. Hoarding is a mental condition where people have an intense urge to collect certain items or objects.


There is a clear distinction from the get-go.


This is often done without regard for the value of these items, or how much room they take up in their home.

Prepping, on the other hand, is all about being prepared for an emergency situation that could happen at any time without warning


So Are Preppers Hoarders?


No, they are not.


Preppers have a reason for stockpiling supplies.


You could make the argument that hoarders do as well. They, however, do so for no inherent reason that ties into them gathering a lot of items. Preppers do stockpile items but not for the sake of having the item. They do so because it can serve a purpose.


Organization Of Items


Preppers are not hoarders. They are the exact opposite. Hoarders do not have an organization of what they collect, and preppers do.


One key way that preppers are different from hoarders is how preppers go about it, such as labeling items. Preppers will categorize and label items.


An example of this could be if a prepper lives in an area that is prone to hurricanes. They may have a section that is in neat rows with items that would help them to weather the literal storm. You are not going to find sections or a collection of items that serve one purpose which is put together neatly.


Hoarders Do Not Store Things Well


They are not ones to organize their items and store them properly. This is what a prepper does, which further illustrates their differences.


So next time you think that being a prepper is essentially a hoarder, think again.


Preparedness is not the same as hoarding.

Preparedness is not the same as hoarding.


Preparedness is a means of taking control over your and your family’s safety/wellbeing. It is a logical thing to want to possess.


There seem’s to be a lot of confusion about this. It is very simple to grasp as being prepared is taking back some control, in a world that is constantly changing. This control is to better your family and weather the “storms” literally or figuratively that life throws at them. They are not just collecting things randomly for no rhyme or reason.


The items are to help them in an emergency.


Hoarders, on the other hand, have no real reason for collecting items in their homes. They simply collect thems for no inherent reason. The motivations of the two are drastically different. A preppers reason is for protecting themselves and loved ones.

Similarities That Hoarders And Preppers Share


There are some similarities between hoarders and preppers. The major one is that preppers and hoarders store or collect items. That’s true. Beyond that, their differences are cut and dry. Cleanliness, organization and overall focus on what matters help to differentiate the two groups.




Hoarders tend to be messy with little to no regard for their own health or safety. Hoarders tend to have a difficult time getting rid of items they deem useful even if that’s not the case anymore. Whereas preppers tend to be organized and clean to better their chances of survival when the time comes.


A hoarder’s home is filled with clutter; whereas a prepper’s home is clean, organized and free from clutter.

A hoarder’s focus is solely on collecting things; whereas a prepper’s focus is on being prepared for any emergency.

The Look Of A House Of Pack Rat Is Nowhere Near The Same As A Prepper


The look of a hoarder is nowhere near the same as a prepper.


The reality is that preppers do not look like pack rats. And, hoarders do. There is no reason for items being in one place for hoarders. It looks like a collection of chaos not an organized, clean area in their homes.


If you see a house that is filled with clutter from wall to wall, you may have found a pack rat! Pack rats are people who collect items and keep them forever. They keep the items for some use in the future but not for one specific use, like preppers.


A pack rat does not have any space for other things or people in their lives because they are too busy collecting stuff instead!


Hoarders and Preppers


There are similarities between the two. They are, however, vastly different in how they live their lives and homes. Their priorities tend to be different as well. They are not vastly different!


Preparedness is not the same as hoarding. Although both groups store or collect items, preparedness is a means of taking control over you and your family’s safety/wellbeing. And hoarding is simply collecting things for no real reason. Preparedness is focused on being ready for any emergency situation while hoarders are only focused on collecting things. Finally, preppers are usually organized and clean while hoarders tend to be messy.

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