Are Doomsday Preppers Mentally ill? Valuable Quick Tips!

Are doomsday preppers mentally ill?


It’s worth noting that the media often portrays doomsday preppers as crazy and something to be avoided. There are countless articles with headlines like “Doomsday preppers: Are they crazy?” and “Are you a Doomsday Prepper? Take this quiz and find out.” (The answer to both of those questions is no.) These pieces inevitably describe people who spend years preparing for disaster scenarios ranging from solar flares to zombies to The Rapture.


It can make you question if prepping is pointless!


Let’s not forget that there are plenty of rational reasons why someone might want to prep for emergencies. There could be an earthquake or flood in your area that makes it unsafe for you or your family members to stay where they’re currently living in. This would mean you’d need food, water, shelter, and other supplies available at home. 


There could be another emergency such as an active shooter situation nearby and people are advised by police not to leave their homes until they’ve been cleared by police officers. They can then come out of their homes once the  danger has passed. It would be very  helpful if your home had enough food and water stored inside so that everyone can stay put safely until things return to normalcy outside again..


Biased news that says doomsday preppers are mentally ill.


If you’ve ever watched the news, you know that it’s biased. The left-leaning  and right-leaning media  want want to convince you that everyone on the opposite side is crazy. This isn’t true, as the truth tends to be somewhere in the middle. This is why you have to take what you see and learn with a grain of salt. The best way is looking at both sides in order to find the truth.

Doomsday family is the reason for prepping


It is common for people to think that prepping is only about saving yourself. This is far from the case as you  you must put your family first. If you’re putting prepping before your family, then there is something wrong with your priorities. It’s commong that preppers are often criticized for being selfish and putting themselves before their loved ones. In that they think that one day they will be alone in a world where no one else has survived but them. 



This is so far from the truth; preppers know what it’s like to live without anything at all. They know how important having food on the table or being able to take care of yourself is in order to survive. They understand that sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to ensure our long-term survival.

It is important to note that prepping should never become an excuse for neglecting others. It should however, always be there as a way of helping others after an apocalypse or natural disaster strikes. To help  everyone focus on rebuilding instead of fighting over food or water supplies. This is why it is common for preppers to form groups around them, in order to protect themselves and community. There is strength in numbers when disaster strikes!



Prepping does not take over your life


You don’t have to give up your social life and stay cooped up in a bunker. The reality is that, prepping should be part of your routine, not the main priority of your life. You should still enjoy time with family, friends, and loved ones; maybe even travel! Prepping is about having some peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy life without worrying about everything all the time.


Being prepared is a good thing


It is not a bad thing in the slightest to want to be prepared. Having a plan for what to do if something bad happens is important. When you have the supplies to get through the situation with out worrying about food or water, can make all the difference on so many levels. There are other ways to be prepared without being a doomsday prepper.



Preppers tend to be concerned about having the gear that they and their families will need in case of an emergency. They don’t want to be unprepared for anything that might happen, so they aim for complete self sufficiency and safety from whatever may come their way. This is even more applicable, if it involves the breakdown of society as we know it! They believe that this level of preparation will allow them to survive anything and everything that comes their way. All the while still maintaining good mental health.



If you have a tendency of anxiety or stress in your life right now and who doesn’t? You could very possibly find yourself attracted to prepping because it gives you an outlet for those feelings while offering peace of mind about your future in general. That being said, there are many additional ways that can  help balance out those feelings without completely isolating yourself from mainstream society!

Wanting to have some control in times like today does not make you mentally ill


You may have heard that “preppers” are crazy, and you might agree. But what if they are not mentally ill? What if prepping is simply a way to empower yourself?


Preppers know that there’s a good chance they’ll never use their survival gear, but they still buy what they need as it gives them a sense of empowerment. This feeling can help make someone feel more fulfilled, confident and self reliant and reduce the chance of being manipulated by others.

Prepping does not mean you are mentally ill.

  • Prepping does not mean you are mentally ill.
  • Prepping does not mean you are a hoarder.
  • Prepping does not mean you are crazy

Prepping means different things to many people. The word can come with negative connotations when in truth, prepping is normal. We all want to be safe and survive. The desire to take some control in this crazy world in which we live is an understandable thing to do. If someone were to ask me this question I’d tell them that what a prepper is will be different for everyone. 



The reality is that most preppers are not crazy by any means but want to be prepared and ready for any eventuality that could arise. It is having peace of mind in a world where there are many things out of your control.  

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